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Women’s pants it is both – practical and stylish. It is much greater freedom of movements, than in a dress or skirt. This part of clothing for a long time and surely got accustomed and settled in the modern fashionista’s wardrobe. Especially indispensable are the pants in cold weather. Still, it’s nice that they are not only comfortable and practical, but also fashionable. So, what pants will be the most fashionable in the coming season? 

There is not a single doubt that the fashionable palm of this season  confidently holds the short pants. And they can be wide or narrow – it does not matter, the main thing – it is their length. Of course, the short pants are in almost all the new collections of famous fashion houses. Let’s start with them.
Narrow shortened pants can recommend to lovers of romantic and classical styles. This is a great variant for everyday tasks and for an evening outs. Any tight short pants  look elegant and stylish, as you can see by looking at them in the new collections of fashion brands.
This year in vogue will be wide-cut pants-sails and palazzo-pants, which are extended from the hips. The designers used such fabrics as satin, silk, chiffon, organza and other flowing tissues. These pants look extremely feminine, casual and elegant. Platstso-pants should necessarily accentuate the waist. Actual colors of pants – beige, lilac, green and others. Very popular will be the models with floral prints.

Still in vogue are long pants with the length up to the ankle. Now fashionable will be the models of pants with the classic waist, simultaneously with the low and high seating sexy pants are not excluded. Skinny models are especially popular among the youth.
Bright pants of juicy shades set the tone for the whole suit; the other parts have to be chosen very carefully. The main rule in this case – do not wear more than three colors, not to look like the clown. The basic shade can choose in accordance with the eye color. Pants of the bright color should be combined with the rest of the clothes, accessories and eye color. To brown eyes it is better to choose blue, green, yellow, orange and cobalt shades. The beauty of green eyes can be highlighted with pink and purple pants.
sexy pantsWhen choosing this part of the wardrobe, do not forget the type of your figure. Thus, to the owners of the straight legs it is better to wear narrowed down pants of very bright colors. To balance the top, choose straight cut jeans or slightly flaring of the lighter tones. To visually narrow the legs, pick up the dark pants of the saturated deep color. Very bright and hot pants, on the contrary, will attract the attention. Cropped jeans will help visually lengthen the legs.

Pay attention to the style of the pants. Ideal variant is the denim-stretch. The tabs and fasteners should not be placed on the hips as this cut looks not very good. Back pockets should not be too big in order the buttocks do not seem wider. Before buying always try on the pants to precisely make sure that they fit you.
There is nothing that can paint the gloomy autumn day as bright cropped pants. Such a promising conclusion was reached by several designers and they did not hesitate to embody it in their new autumn collections. The shiny fabric and striking prints make the pants even more stylish and fashionable.
The trend of the 80’s – the banana-pants, are again in vogue: tucks at the waist and narrower bottom pent legs. Of course, the fabric and accessories were changed. The flowing silhouette, mixed fabrics and rich colors make bananas pants the new relevant trend of the season.
Pants-sails and palazzo-pants have taken the place of ultrafashionable in last season Afghani or Aladdin pants. The advantage of flowing from the hip models is to demonstrate the natural length of the legs and mask the small thigh’s defects. Thanks to narrowed from calf to ankle trouser leg, the legs look elegant and graceful.
From fashion trends did not go and favorite pants that look more like leggings. The only difference from previous years is that the fashion pants  have a simple, laconic cut and minimum of décor. The length of the stretch pants is not dogma, very democratic styles up to the calf or slightly lifting the ankle is very popular, as well as the standard length.
Designers do not disregard, and all known capri pants. In this season in fashion are direct models of the capri pants, of the slightly flared style or tight, as well as the pants with the mid-calf length or a little above the ankles. Be very attentive when choosing these short pants.
sexy pants 2Donna Karan in her collection offers fashionable trousers  with the high waist, emphasized by the wide belt. She thinks that it is better to avoid leggings pants and purchasing free, slightly cropped or broad elongated trousers. The designer gives preference to the classic dark black and blue colors. Have not been deprived of attention and the fashion models of the last season – the combination of black – the so called office fashion.
Today, a lot of the fair half of mankind has in their wardrobe modern baggy trousers that look good in combination with tunics and short jackets, lacy tops, chiffon blouses and long scarves. But before buying, you should carefully consider the model, because in some cases, women’s baggy trousers are in an unfavorable light show the figure drawbacks.
Thus, to the owners of “cool hip” the designers recommend to purchase black baggy trousers and wear them with airy white blouses. One should avoid knitted tops and baggy shirts. The experts advice the women to pay attention to not too broad models of trousers strongly tapered, and, as the footwear it is best not to choose leather boots but the pair of high heels.
For several seasons from the fashion catwalks do not go harem flowing sexy pants – three-dimensional in the hips, which, thanks to the cuffs going in soft folds around the ankles. Some baggy trousers narrowing down, others have the same width along the entire length, and there are very long baggy trousers, as well as shortened version.
By the way, we have some good news for those who do not like visiting the trendy boutiques or to pay tribute to fashion by instantly buying fashionable delights. Do not be upset, you can surely find the cute pants, which at one time were worn by your old relatives – grandmother, for example.
The most fashionable color of pants of the summer season  is white. Popular is also gray, beige, black, brown, at least – complicated red. Among the young fashionistas popular are bright pants of saturated colors. Squeak of a fashion is the floral print on the summer pants. In vogue are large floral patterns and embroidery. Super trendy is the arabesque floral print with the contrasting patterns. Solid pants are also relevant, however, as always. Less frequently is used the strip.
In the attire there should not be more than three bright colors, otherwise your image will be screaming. You can pick up two related shades, such as sky blue and royal blue. Narrow green pants look great together with a print of a neutral shade. Bright pants match well with tweed top and bright-colored bag.

In fashion are pants with lots of holes. And you should not be afraid to be misunderstood. World designers offer an abundance of such models for every taste, from light scuffs to huge holes throughout the length. Also on the fashionable Olympus there are pants, on which the holes are covered with the finest lace or caproni. This gives the image elegance and sexuality.
This year the riding breeches will be again at the peak of popularity. These sexy pants would help you to create an elegant and luxurious image. Pick up to such trousers the tweed jacket of neutral color (for example, shades of gray, sand or red) and high dark brown boots with heels. Be sure to complete the image with matching accessories – leather gloves, belt, sunglasses, scarf, the bulk bag to match the boots and stylish jewelry.


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