Women’s harem pants. What is it?

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In the early twentieth century French fashionistas first heard about the existence of women’s harem pants. Famous dancer and mysterious woman Mata Hari brought them from the East, but her first appearance on public in such frank and seductive oriental attire was not approved by the public. But still, despite the hype, perhaps after this hyped scandal many Parisians have expressed the desire to have in their wardrobe this unique little thing. Wide trousers were sewn from a variety of fabrics and colors – airy, semi-transparent, but an invariable attribute of these trousers was an ornament in the form of eastern embroidery. Naturally, this model has not been used by ladies as everyday clothes and sewed for home gatherings, closed to outsiders.

After the mysterious Mata Hari turned out in dungeon, women, for a while, had lost interest to this caller thing. But in the middle of the last century, the famous designer Paul Pure decided to remove the “unwritten” ban on women’s harem pants and offered his own version of the tapering trousers. Hollywood stars, including Gabriel Réjane, Sarah Bernhardt, were the first who appreciated the designer’s idea. Paul, seeing how popular the «new» pants are, created several collections of on the eastern motifs.
Today, a lot of the fair half of mankind has in their wardrobe modern baggy trousers that look good in combination with tunics and short jackets, lacy tops, chiffon blouses and long scarves. But before buying, you should carefully consider the model, because in some cases, women’s baggy trousers are in an unfavorable light show the figure drawbacks.

Thus, the owners of “cool hip” the designers recommend to purchase black baggy trousers and wear them with airy white blouses. One should avoid knitted tops and baggy shirts. For low ladies the experts advice to pay attention to not too broad models of trousers strongly tapered, and, as the footwear it is best not to choose leather boots but the pair of high heels.
For several seasons from the fashion catwalks do not go baggy pants – three-dimensional in the hips, which, thanks to the cuffs going in soft folds around the ankles. Some baggy trousers narrowing down, others have the same width along the entire length, and there are very long baggy trousers, as well as shortened version.
Raising or lowering the cuff, you can vary the length of the trousers. The choice of fabrics is also diverse: for fancy trousers – silk, velvet and chiffon, for everyday wear – cotton, jersey and viscose. Accordingly, you can wear these harem pants anywhere, even on the celebrations.
At one time harem pants were very popular in the eastern harems, as their loose cut did not hold down the movement and the style allowed hiding some figure flaws and still showing “outstanding” body. Today, the modern women of the East and the West also appreciate baggy trousers for these qualities.

Types of harem pants:

  •  Aladdin. It can be also called the skirt-pants. Length – up to mid-calf or floor. Purse line is below the knee, if the model is long and at knee level, if the model of the short cut.
  •  Trousers saruel. It is the pants with a slightly lowered purse line. Solid models are suitable for a classic image. They are universal in wearing
  •  Afghani – trousers with a purse line at the knee and fitting trousers
  •  Eastern baggy trousers – voluminous wide pants with cuffs and a wide belt. Classic length – up to the floor

Harem pants and your figure.

women's harem pantsBefore buying harem trousers you should carefully examine yourself in the mirror from all the sides in order to understand what model it is better to choose. So:

  •  If you have narrow hips, then baggy trousers it is exactly your choice, volume in the hips – they will give your forms roundness and appeal. You can choose as the light-colored baggy trousers of warm colors, and baggy trousers of tissue with the large invoice. It is very good to emphasize the waist with a wide belt.
  •  To owners of the broad hips baggy pants are also recommended – they visually counterbalance the proportions and accentuate the waist. It is better to give preference to cool colors.
  •  For ladies with forms it is better to choose trousers of tissues that hold the shape, for example, cotton, velvet and thick viscose of dark and cold colors. Wide belts, large print and an abundance of decorative details would be inappropriate here.
  •  High heels will be indispensable companion of the wide trousers for slender girls. Also welcomes the well-defined vertical in tissue drawing.
  •  If you have above-average growth, you have to choose shortened (or raised through elastic cuff) knee-length baggy trousers. Choose baggy trousers of the warm colors and cross-pattern fabric, with large and colorful ornaments, for example, a large cell. Your image would perfectly complement a wide belt.
  •  Well, if you are the owner of the model figure, feel free to experiment with any cut, textures, colors of harem trousers and accessories – everything will look perfect on you!

The used fabrics.

women's harem pants 2There is a great variety of fabrics from which the parachute pants are sewn. In the stores one can find baggy trousers of silk, velvet, chiffon or rayon, cotton and jersey. Moreover, these “flying” pants are suitable for both everyday and for special occasions. In these pants every young girl would look very airy and easy, it is important to know a little about with what to wear these trousers.

With what to wear women’s harem pants?

It is better to combine baggy trousers with a short top, preferably of he simple cut, as the baggy trousers are themselves very bright and striking clothing. Ideally match the fitting tops, one colored variants are also preferable. The great addition of the ensemble can be massive jewelry, pendant or bracelet, which will give the image of the “harem” chic. You can also choose several bracelets in ethnic style. Stylish look to the costume can give a trendy belt, the original belt or a hat. It is better to choose high heels or platform shoes.
However, the fashion designers constantly complement and even change the requirements of this style, as well as with what to wear trousers. Thus, making the trousers one colored, they suggest, on the contrary, decorating the top of the ensemble with print. Quite remarkable can be jeans models. There are even variants of business clothing where can be used harem pants. See photos in magazines, create similar variants or offer your own trousers, as you can see, one have a lot of opportunities.
Despite the most successful variants of combinations of these pants with other clothes, the designers constantly come up with the variants with what to wear baggy trousers. Modern stylists advise to have in the wardrobe of every fashionista jeans baggy trousers and for business women the designers have even invented the classic model of the trousers that can be worn in conditions the office dress code.
First of all, you should always remember that any extravagant details of the image are allowed. But only with the ideal, the “model” figure. In all other cases, classic will help you and it is better to leave “fashionability” to a thinner girls.

Stylish detail of the summer wardrobe.

Traditional for the eastern women model of the trousers came to taste and to European ladies. Free cut, which good hide the fullness, and cuffs at the ankles, which make them more elegant, are unquestionable advantages of the harem trousers.
All harem pants are comfortable and practical. It is no wonder that these women’s trousers became so popular with the fairer sex, leading an active life. Harem trousers do not create discomfort when walking fast or during the running, excellent hide the minor “flaws”, favorably emphasize the waist and generally make the figure more proportionate and feminine. Very often women wear these trousers during the pregnancy, as thanks to its free cutting they easily hide the roundness of the belly and during the last months provide comfort the expectant mother and the baby.

The women’s harem trousers are the perfect clothes for oriental dances. The women’s dignity here are not so important, but very essential. First of all, the cotton and knitted trousers do not prevent to perform the most complicated elements and provide hygiene. Secondly, it is much easier to enter into the image wearing the special pants for dancing rather than dancing in tights. But already bright and showy parachute pants would easily replace not only training clothes, but the costumes for performances.
The parachute trousers would certainly become the absolute hit of this summer. All the young fashionistas would certainly like the slightly pulled down model of pants that open the beauty and slenderness of the figure.

Where can one wear the harem pants?

Thanks to the variety of styles and fabrics, one can wear the women’s harem pants as exquisite festive toilet or just as casual wear. Modern designers offer to wear such clothes even in the office – for this approach there are strict onecolored models. Dressy harem trousers are made of velvet, silk, chiffon, and for the manufacture of everyday variants are used more practical materials: viscose, jersey, cotton, etc.

Accessories for women’s harem pants.

Harem trousers look great with the original belts and the bulky jewelry: bracelets in ethnic style, pendants and beads, as well as scarves and stylish hats (for example with berets).
As you can see, the harem trousers are very democratic clothing, which can be worn on weekdays and holidays. This thing allows you to show imagination, creating new and original images. And since the wide trousers are not going to leave the podiums so, you can not be afraid to fall out of fashion jet.

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