Why do wedding dresses cost so much?

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For most women, a wedding dress is the most expensive thing they ever bought. But is it reasonable? Everyone knows the statement “Not fine feathers make fine birds.” After all, the bride at her wedding will be the most beautiful and unique no matter what dress she will put on.
So why spend half the wedding budget for a dress that will be dressed only once and then hang the rest of its life in the closet? But how then, and most importantly where to choose a beautiful and inexpensive dress? The first variant is to sew the dress; it will cost less than buying.
And it’s a great possibility for the bride to express herself as a designer, because the space for creativity is simply endless, and you can not be limited only to white color but choose the one you want. And for those who have no time or desire to invent the dress, one of the variants is to take the famous designer dress as the basis, and then you can sew the dress that costs for about 20 thousand dollars just for a penny, the main thing – to find a good master. Another plus is the fact that you can sew the dress for bridesmaids in the same atelier. Thus saving time you will get the bridesmaid dresses cheap.
The second variant is to rent a dress, but in this case there are more minuses than pluses. As the wedding is a big feast, you can easily bedraggle or tear the dress; in this case it will cost you a lot of money, because you will have to pay the full cost of the dress.
The third variant is more appropriate for modern girls who do not think stereotypes. After all, a wedding dress does not have to be big, bulky, with rings and corsets, but can be an easy, elegant, practical and inexpensive. Cheap wedding dresses are made from the same materials as expensive. Furthermore, these dresses will meet the same requirements of contemporary fashion as expensive dresses. The difference between an exclusive dress and inexpensive wedding dress is only in the tailor who sewed it. Inexpensive wedding dresses are made in various silhouettes, for example, empire or ball gown. After all, you can decorate an inexpensive wedding dress with bright accessories!

Why do wedding dresses cost so much?
Shoes – here is a complete freedom of choice, the main thing is that it have perfectly balance with the dress. And still do not forget that in these shoes you will spend the whole day, will have to walk, stand and dance. Therefore, it’s better to stop the choice at a convenient model, and possibly reduce some of the desired height of the heel in favor of the convenience.
The bride can decorate her hair with flowers or even to wear a hat – it’s quite possible, as well as the presence of shawls.
Do not forget about jewelry, different bracelets, pendants, watches. This will give your image more glamour.
Quite recently everybody admired the wedding of Mark Tsukenberg and specifically his bride Priscilla Chan; she was in a very romantic and elegant dress that coasted only 4 thousand dollars. It is pretty ridiculous sum for the American billionaires, especially if consider that the estate of Mark Tsukenberg estimated in $ 20 billion.
Priscilla proved once again that to look good you need not to spend on a wedding dress fabulous sum of money; it is enough to choose a beautiful dress, put it on a pretty girl and finally will get the most beautiful bride in the world.
Thanks to modern technologies and internet you can buy wedding and bridesmaid dresses cheap. Is it worth saying that buying a dress online is much cheaper than purchasing a dress in shops? By the way, you can find in virtual stores the models that you liked in the salons of your city. Look at the difference in price!
When buying a dress in the online store, be sure to ask your consultants about delivery terms and repayment. The virtual try-on, unfortunately, is not yet available and the dress is not always suitable. Even if the consultants will provide you with all the detailed measurements of the chosen dress, it is hard to guess how this model will suit you. Therefore you have to buy the wedding dress in the online store in advance, to have some time to return and get a new one.



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