Why do girls wear jordan sneakers?

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In early 2012 appeared a new trend in fashion world – Air Jordan sneakers. Created exclusively for the professional basketball players they become popular among girls. African-American ladies were the first who began to adopt Jordan sneakers into the women’s image. A little later appeared various communities of lovers of these sneakers. This trend is not yet spread to Europe and other countries and is popular only in the United States.
The Jordan’s company produces sneakers from 1985. Just then Nike persuaded NBA star Michael Jordan to sign a contract on releasing the sneakers with his name. By that time Michael held talks with another brand, but Nike managed to grab a star and sign the contract. New sneakers were created under the name Nike Air Jordan, like the majority of models which begin with the word Air.
Nike did not regret. The end of the 80’s and early 90’s were the most vivid in the career of Michael Jordan and also grew the popularity of the sneakers Air Jordan. The first game in Nike sneakers was nearly spoiled because the bright red sneakers very different from the normal white sneakers in which had to be the basketball players NBA. Fortunately, by that time were ready several colors of sneakers and Michael managed to change them quickly. There are no such strict rules in the NBA anymore.
Each new release of Air Jordan sneakers is fundamentally different from the previous one. A team of designers and technologists work on the creation of the best sneakers for basketball players. From the second release of Air Jordan 2 disappeared swoosh – the Nike logo, and on its place came the winged Air Jordan label with two embroidered wings. Now, the sneakers with this logo are a rarity. At the next release of 1988 Air Jordan III appeared the famous logo with a silhouette of Michael Jordan in a jump – Jumpman. Thanks to this silhouette we recognize each new model of Air Jordans.
Despite the fact that identity Nike disappeared from sneaker immediately after the second release, only after 10 years the name Jordan stood out as a separate company. Using such an opportunity Michael Jordan acted in commercials as CEO of the company Jordans, where one of his major tasks is personally check every sneaker which comes down the assembly line.
For more than 20 years history of the brand Air Jordan sneakers were perceived all over the world as exclusively professional basketball shoes. Contracts on promotion the sneaker were signed with different players of NBA – Chris Paul, Ray Allen, Carmelo Anthony and many others. The only woman – Maya Moor, the player of the women’s league appeared in the team Jordans only in 2011.

why do girls wear sneakers air jordan
To wear professional basketball sneakers just for walks or celebrity parties began in 2009. Perhaps it was a planned marketing trick of Jordan Company, and the friend of Kane West – Amber Rose wore a Jordan just to promote this brand among the girls. But knowing the extravagant personality of Amberit one could assume that it was her own style. Moreover, at that time Kain, just for the money, promoted the model Air Yeezy. This pair looked cool in sneakers.
Later on the fashion on wearing the massive basketball sneakers was taken up by other black women: singers, TV leadings and actresses. Already in 2010 in the Air Jordan sneakers one could see Ciara, Teana Taylor, Kim Kardashian, Cassie, Jennifer Lopez and others.
Oil into the fire poured the release of retro model Air Jordan III. It should be noted that all the models of Air Jordans have a serial number. Rerelease of models from previous years means that the sneakers would be on sale with the mark “retro”.
Of course, the photos of celebrities in sneakers directly lead to the imitation of the fans style. In 2012 the trend on women’s fashion images in the Air Jordan sneakers was the most popular. A huge number of blogs with Air Jordan pictures appeared. And the traditional societies “Girls in Sneakers” began actively displace once popular Adidas and high Nike Air Max. These women societies recommend wearing high sneakers with tight jeans or leggings.
One of the main disadvantages is that the official release of women’s Air Jordan sneakers is a bit behind the new trends. Therefore girls have to buy children’s sizes of classical basketball shoes. Indeed, the most popular are classical models released until 2000. But the models of Air Jordan XV and the entire noted above are still popular only through professional basketball players.
It is impossible to buy female models of Air Jordan in Europe and Russia. Official stores sell only men’s sizes. But you can look for children’s sizes, the ladies in States do so. In the women’s street fashion grows the popularity of high sneakers. But this need is compensated by some models of Nike Air Max, Reebok Pump and some experiments of Adidas Originals.
The first experiments with women’s Air Jordans running shoes dated to 2001. The first female model Air Jordans 11 were sold only in a limited number of shops and in limited edition. Female sneakers are lower in price and produced in its own color – citrus and metallic. This experiment turned out to be very successful. Many male fans of the brand were disappointed that there is no such color in big size models. Therefore, the version of the metallic color was immediately extended to all sizes.
Already in the following 2002 were presented the second female model on the basis of “six”. Air Jordan 6 Low «Coral Rose» was also released as a limited edition. There was no male version.

In 2004 the model of sneakers for girls Air Jordan 12 was re-released. It was high sneakers with a white surface and blue inserts on the sole.
In 2005 was released the model of lowered sneakers Air Jordan 13 in the blue and white coloring. It was marketed as female model. But as a result it was bought and also by guys. As a result, these sneakers became unisex models and all because of its coloring. No pink and yellow inserts to treat these sneakers as footwear for girls.
In 2006 the world saw the seventh version Air Jordan for girls. The most popular and bright coloring Air Jordan 7 of male models were taken and released a series of sneaker in women’s sizes. They do not even reduce the sneakers in height.
We have mentioned above about the iconic Air Jordan III. The first female version of these sneakers with the insertion of gray “elephant skin” was released in 2007. White sneakers with blue soles were not very popular, only after 3 years the rerelease of retro models Air Jordan III has become one of the most successful releases in the history of Air Jordan.
The classical coloring grape is a combination of purple and light green. This rerelease of Air Jordan 1 was in 2008 and these sneakers were sold very well. Classic is always popular.

Retro release of the first Air Jordan 1 for girls took place in 2009. It was Red Hot coloring in combination with gray base. The retro sneaker, as well as released in 1986 the original model, has the old logo Air Jordan with two wings.

One more female version of sneakers Air Jordan 13 was released in 2010. It was high sneakers of black color with pink inserts along the sole. The most re-release are the first, third and seventh models of Air Jordan.

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