Whether to buy shoes in the online store? Advantages and disadvantages of such purchases

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Online stores have long ago steadily stood up in one line with the traditional tops of sale and it is not surprising. Many goods are willingly bought with the help of this virtual method what can not be said about the shoes, but the expediency of such a purchase is still being questioned. To get rid of doubts and form the correct view positive or negative would help the account of all pluses and minuses of the internet footwear trade.

The modern woman at work and at home has to carry a huge number of deals. It is very difficult among them to find time on watching fashion magazines or a going to the boutiques. It also happens that the shoes still retain a decent look but they have already went out of fashion, and their owner does not know about it, because she has no time to follow the trends. In this case, the online stores are very good helpers.

The range is regularly updated, according to the latest fashion trends. It is enough to look through resources pages and make a few clicks to place an order, to walk through life in a fashionable shoes keeping up with the times. Thus, substantial saving of precious minutes and hours, which is never enough, is the first obvious advantage of online shops.
The second advantage is the saving of money. The cost of goods in the network is 10-15% lower than in traditional department stores and other retail outlets. This is caused by the lack of necessity to pay for the rent of a trading hall, utilities and spend money on staff online storesalaries. In addition, many online stores sell goods in small quantities, from the three pairs, for example: shoes, sandals and sneakers. Such cheap shoes online in quality do not differ from retail, but are sold at a special price discounts.
A trip to the usual shopping center accompanied by a certain nervous strain: there are always too big crowds of people or the seller may be impolite. In the virtual store you can be the only one client, no one pushes, and the consultant is always on duty on the phone and is ready to answer all your questions. It turns out that if you would prefer a virtual way of shopping, you can save a little bit of nerve cells.

However, the popularity of online shopping, despite the rapid growth of this industry leaves much to be desired. If you have concerns about the quality and the size of the purchased shoes, it is better to contact the online seller. By entering into a search the request – to buy cheap shoes online or online shoes store, in most cases you would come across the convincing arguments of various online store2companies which assure that they are the official representatives of the famous brand. However, how to check the correspondence of these loud statements? The most effective way is to read online reviews about this online store.

 Instruction on buying shoes in the online store:

  1.  The choice of the internet-store and the correct shoes.
    So, you have more than an hour clicked on websites of the Internet shops searching, watching, asking prices and now finally have chosen. By your standards, this pair of shoes a mind blowing in every way and you need to buy it now but do not be too fast.
    First of all, look for information about cheap shoes online, where you would like to buy good, in your view, shoes. Read reviews about its work and the quality of the proposed goods, in order to not tear your hair out because of wasted money. Do not just  earn the reviews from other people about the shoes you liked as the administrators can delete negative comments, but find comments posted on forums, independent or objective opinions in blogs. You may ask – Why all this? The answer is very simple – in order to learn the truth about the quality of the shoes and do not get inadvertently trapped. If almost all the reviews are positive, then you can trust this online store and thus safely buy shoes.
  2.  The registration.
    Now it’s high time for registration. Pass all the registration points on the site and then activate your account pointing to a post office box. To your e-mail would be sent the confirmation to activation, the letter will include a link. Go on this link and your account would be activated.
  3.  Determining the size of shoes.When buying cheap shoes online you may have some problems with the size, because in many countries there are others markings. You need to correctly identify the size of your shoes, guided by your own size and the size chart listed on the website. For example, your size is 38th and then on the European dimension table it will be 39, by the U.S. – 7, and if the shoes from the UK – choose 5.5. Do not be in a hurry at this stage. You should carefully determine the size or later you would have to exchange this pair on another time. This procedure would take time and your nerves.
    How to determine the size of your feet? Keep in mind that it is better to do measurements in the evening, when your feet at least a little but still swollen. Of course, it is desirable that someone would help you in this process, but if there is no one, it is better to do it sitting. To do this, put on the floor in front of you the paper and place on it your leg. With a pencil or a pen mark out around your foot its contour. The pencil should be kept straight and you should follow the pencil touches your foot. Then, according to the most exposed points of the obtained drawing, measure the length and width of the foot. Error can be 5mm or 0.2 inches. By the way, you can measure the parameters of the foot in inches as well as in centimeters. To convert the obtained size from inches to centimeters you should multiply its number on 2.54.
  4.  The choice of the fullness.Some manufacturers, including American and British, inform the potential buyer of the fullness of shoes, indicating the description of the corresponding significance. For example, due to the American scale the fullness of the men feet ranges from AAA to ITS, and for women this limit SS-WWW. As for the British scale of fullness, here the designations are in the border of the C-H.
  5.  Sending shoes in virtual shopping basket.Making sure that the shoes fit you the best, so send it to the virtual basket – it will be indicated in your account. Click the virtual basket, located next to your chosen pair of shoes, or click on the title “buy”.
  6.  The method of payment.After purchasing cheap shoes online you have to find out how to pay for the goods in the online store. In majority of online stores you can make payment through PayPal, other virtual stores accept payments with MasterCard and Visa. As a variant you can pay for the product when receiving it.
    There are also a growing number of liquidation sites and discounts that offer branded and of good quality, fashionable clothing from 50 to 80 percent off. Discount retailers also see significant opportunities to promote their goods by volume. When buying on any Website, be sure to learn about the return conditions. In many on-line shops there is a reasonable return policy, not to miss a potential customer. You can also contact the Better Business Bureau for any claims and ratings.
  7.  The delivery.The last step is, of course, related to the delivery. Foreign and native online stores would send goods to your address; they can arrange delivery directly to your home, office, or to the nearest metro station.

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