Prom dress 2013. What to Wear?

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Prom – this is a time when young girls become really beautiful adult women. This is time of admiration of their young age and good looks. Therefore, beautiful dress is an important and indispensable feature for the prom. And those girls, who leave home in the coming year, are already leafing fashion albums in search of the coveted dress. To become a prom queen, girls need to be carefully prepared.

Of course, the prom is a kind of “headache” for the whole of the female half of society. This concerns not only the newly made graduates, but also their mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmothers. Sometimes curious incidents occur, because clash of generations is inevitable. But do not forget that the choice of a dress should an enjoyable experience, not a prolonged scandal.

So, we have a challenge. After all, shops, boutiques and markets offer a huge selection. But first you need to take a sober look at your strengths and weaknesses. You have to understand, if the figure is overweight a regular style dress is needed, mainly from lung tissue. Slinky dress will show only all your flaws. Your friend is – striped fabric. Vertical stripes visually reduce the volume, and in combination with the dark color they remove one or two sizes. Or vice versa, the bright color of the fabric and horizontal stripes can accentuate and increase where it is necessary. If you are the owner of a slender figure, small waist and approximately equal to the width hips and shoulders, then almost any style of a dress will suit you.

If you want to impress your classmates and the entire teaching staff, and most importantly – give yourself a real celebration, you need to buy a prom dress in advance. First, note that the ideal can only be called a dress that sits perfectly on the figure. Then the most fashionable clothes will look even more attractive. A short cocktail dress, made in bright colors, will emphasize benefits of your form. It must be noted, that every year, which is very important, the fashion for prom dresses changing. Let’s recollect what prom dresses were in fashion in 2012!

2012 was a year of continuous improvisation, play of colors and textures, extravaganza of colors, as well as a huge choice of prom dresses with plunging neckline, sometimes strapless. Drapery and asymmetry found new expression in the collections of the last season. Very stylish and luxuriously looked prom dresses with high waistline – in the Greek style. Curvaceous ball gowns were also relevant. One of the winning options for prom dresses 2011 was a dress with an asymmetrical bottom or, for example, the lush short skirt. As for the fashionable colors of the season – it’s blue, purple, hot pink, yellow. And, of course, do not forget about the ultramodern design emphasis, which was especially honored last year. Embroidery, sequins and rhinestones always give your image a special stylishness, luxury and glamour.

what to wear to prom2012 proposed new prom dresses tendencies! Choice of a dress for prom 2012 depends on many parameters – where the prom will pass, in what form as well as on your personal tastes. However, designers unanimously declare that there is no better dress for prom than a dress. Elegance, femininity and style dominate this season, which has been reflected in the prom dresses. Designers offer dresses with delicate silhouette of “hourglass”. Corsages and belts will help to underline fitted silhouette and emphasize the waist. As for the length, it can be totally different. From fashionable Olympus not go mini-dresses, which are ideal for young graduates. Length to the knee and below is also in fashion. But the most chic will be a luxurious floor-length dress. Retro style is ideal for the 2012 prom dresses. If you want to be a prom queen on the ball, then pay attention to the luxury dresses in the spirit of Hollywood divas. Refined models with high slits and deep front and back V-neck will not leave you unattended.

For girls seeking to lead, and with a strong personality, the best choice will be a brand new 2012 prom dress with multilayered skirt. The same multilayered models suit elegant and tender girls. They are made of tender silk. With the irrepressible imagination of designers and a wide choice of fashion trends, prom dresses 2012, are simply a masterpiece of fashion. Prom dress with multilayered skirt, never look the same.

As for the color selection, it is better to choose a dress of classical shades – black, white, gray or beige. Bright colors are also relevant – orange, blue, yellow, red, purple, gold and silver. The combination of orange with pink or red, blue with gold looks wonderful. In fashion are also various figures, such as peas, strip, floral motifs and geometric prints.

Some stores will soon get new arrivals of prom dresses from different designers which will be in fashion in 2013. Moreover, the graduation dresses will be fulfilled with the fashion trends and traditions so called “prom fashion”. If we examine the fashion catwalks, we will notice that in fashion in the upcoming year will be different styles of prom dresses 2013. Long graduation dresses are feminine and romantic. Fitted silhouette that emphasizes the waist is one of the most popular styles. This can be a prom dress with high waistline and A-type skirt that fits the girl with any figure, or fitting a mermaid style dress or a dress with a fluffy skirt “princess“. Relevant will remain and short dresses for graduation evening: cuts with fitting silhouette, bustier dress or style straight cut, with divergent skirt. Many graduation dresses have sleeves – another fashion trend in 2013. Often this sleeve is made of a transparent material. Very interesting are fashions in retro style, including vintage, for example, prom dresses in the style of the 50’s, which beckon with long multilayered skirts and midi length.

A distinctive feature of the prom dresses 2013 will be its expensive look and decorations. Regardless of the material, as always, they will be richly decorated with stones, embroidery, sequins and fashionable designs. If you decided to follow fashion trends in 2013 entirely, complete the final dress with fashionable accessories. One of them – are the gloves. The length of gloves can be different. The most important thing is not to overload the entire image. If the dress is monotonous it is better to wear gloves with a pattern, decorated with embroidery, stones and glitter. If the prom dress abundantly decorated with decorative elements and prints, you can opt for a black and white pair.

Hats in 2013 are at the peak of popularity. A small tablet or any other elegant hat adds to the overall look stylishness. Wide belts and thin straps – all alike can decorate graduation dress. This accessory is made of leather or fabric – your choice. Or instead of a belt you can add a bowknot to your prom dress, knotted at the waist. And of course, fashionable shoes with heels and a small handbag will complete the whole image.

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