What fashion to choose?

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The amazing Japanese fashion is impetuous and merciless. It has no rules or boundaries. Today, Tokyo is considered one of the legislators of the world fashion on a par with London and New York. It is from the “street fashion” get their ideas such famous Japanese designers as Yohji Yamamoto, Junya Watanabe and Mihara Yasuhiro.

In such densely populated megalopolises like Tokyo, young people seek to stand out from the crowd in any way. Japanese fashion does not remain on the sidelines. Put on more things, by means of cosmetics to make the facial features similar to European or change the skin color to dark brown, to dress the costume of the favorite anime character – these are just some of the techniques that are used by Japanese fashionistas. The mix of Japanese and European styles is found at every turn. No matter whether you have bought your clothes in the expensive boutique, the second-hand or have taken up the sewing machine and sewed it on your own, most importantly it should look flashy, bright and stay memorable.
Japanese street fashion is usually called the style of “Fruits” or “fruit fever”. Inspired by the variety of colors and images of Japanese fashion, the famous Japanese photographer Soichi Aoki in 1997 created the journal “Fruits”, where he printed all his images made on the streets of Tokyo. With time, this magazine has gained worldwide popularity and now you can find it in almost every major city of the world. All the people, who follow the fashion, want to see the Japanese fashionistas. From the pages of this edition take a lot of new ideas the modern fashion designers.

In the upcoming season, the world designers make the special emphasis on Japanese fashion – silk skirts, dresses and gowns with oriental patterns, as well as shirts and jackets of kimono-like cut. At the shows the oriental style of clothes can be seen in the what fashion to choosecollections of such well-known brands like Prada, Vivienne Westwood, Cacharel, Mulberry, Chloé, Emilio Pucci, etc. Thus, some designers have presented gowns and dresses embroidered with delicate flowers and prints, resembling the Japanese painting, as well as short loose trousers and kimono jackets. In addition, the designers have taken care of business women by offering them to try the classic shirt in the kimono style, as well as the original business suits in oriental style.

How to create an image in the indie style?

Most people at first sight unlikely to be able to distinguish indie from hipster. These directions are not just similar, they are related. The only difference between them is that the hipsters tend to brands, while indie strongly emphasize their independence from external influence. So, if you are going to create an image in the style of indie, you have to completely abandon the use of expensive things.

  •  If in your wardrobe there are no matching things, then you should go to stores with democratic prices. The indie clothing is characterized by the slightly shabby look.
  •  The indie’s favorite piece of clothing is the narrowed jeans or leggings. The color can be different: all shades of blue, gray and black. In the warmer months, girls can wear short shorts and skirts.
  •  As for the top, it is the classic combination of T-shirt and shirt. Sometimes the shirt can be replaced by the jacket in the appropriate style. T-shirt should not strap the figure, but neither should it be a few sizes larger as it is inherent to, for example, hip-hop style.

what fashion to choose 2The indie clothing is also characterized by the presence of the T-shirt. However it should not be just an ordinary piece of clothing; it should reflect your views and carry some meaning. On the surface of the T-shirts can be the print with the image of the famous indie band. Or you can make your own print – by using special paints you can write something on the T-shirt. Perhaps it will be the quote from the favorite song or book.

To complete the indie image the girls take sufficiently large and roomy models of bags. The bags of genuine leather – it is too much luxury for the indie Kid.

The world-famous Korean fashion.

The Korean fashion is full of quirks, good instincts and artistic style. Fantastic veteran and young designers struck the catwalks and their products produced the sensation. Although the Korean fashion industry is not very developed and does not have its history, the models of South Korea can walk shoulder to shoulder with the international.
In order to support the fashion and tourist the designers organized the unique festival in Seoul. Wearing the traditional costumes, the participants created the characters of the popular folk tales. As a rule, the quiet yards in the palace were transformed into the podiums and for the hundreds of models sounded the modern club music.
Under the signboard “The Korean fashion” before and after the 2000 the designers presented their collections. The Korean fashion is represented by the Association of Korean fashion designers, which includes more than 20 well-known designers as well as the young talents. The leader of this association became the well known designer Pak Yong Soo. More and more often one can hear about the Korean fashion online.
Korean Fashion Week – it is an attempt to create an arena for the new local show business and give the chance to entrepreneurs to collaborate in the creation of the more private collections.


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