What dresses choose celebrities?

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When you look at photos of the stars of show business, it always seems that they do not follow some general rules, when choosing evening dresses, and wear what they like and in what they look good. However, this is not the case.
The unspoken rules for the selection of celebrity evening dresses really exist and they are very strict. Moore over, largely thanks to their compliance the celebrities manage to demonstrate to the public the same “star” delicate taste and sense of style!


  •  Let’s start with the fact that the “correct” evening dress – the floor-length dress. For extra special occasions stylish stars always choose only long dresses and never take cocktail dress for the evening dress, how beautiful and fashionable would not be the first. Even Mademoiselle Chanel said that women do not have to open their knees. Look at celebrities, whom designers compliment for their good taste: to appear on the red carpet, they prefer to wear mermaid dresses, dresses with trains and other models of long evening dresses.
  •  The second rule of a good taste says that the celebrity dresses should not be too open. This does not mean that you need to hide tightly your perfect figure under something completely impervious. Quite appropriate are moderately transparent fabrics, elegant décolleté, exquisite lace details and other hints on playfulness, but nothing should be too much.
  •  Bright “screaming” colors are not suitable for the celebrity dresses. However, this does not mean that you should choose black. Celebrities and fashion critics like evening dresses of calm dark, sometimes pastel shades. They choose red or golden color, if they want to wear something brighter. More often the dresses are monochromatic, but sophisticated combination of several colors of one color range is also acceptable. You can combine several colors that harmonize with each other, but this must be done very carefully.
  •  Clear silhouette – this is another axiom of celebrity evening dresses. If this rule is not observed, the celebrity risks just to get lost in the background of her dress. Hence the restriction of the decorative details of evening dresses. If the dress is decorated with sequins, its cut has to be as strict as possible. If the flower on the shoulder plays the role of the main decorative element, then the sprinkle of rhinestones will be already too much. The exception, perhaps, are only vintage clothes, which decor emphasizes style of the dress and does not distract the attention.
  •  An evening dress – is in itself a decoration. If the dress has any decorative elements, the celebrities do not wear garish jewelry: they avoid combination of several accents. To such a dress it is better to pick up earrings or a ring, which will emphasize the advantages of dress. As you can see, rules for choosing the evening dresses are simple enough. Strictly criticized are only those stars who neglect them.

What dresses choose celebrities?
Luxurious, long, made of expensive fabrics, created by the most famous world designers, celebrity evening dresses always attract attention – and it is not surprising that every more or less important event in Hollywood, any award ceremony becomes truly striking and memorable not only for the fans of Hollywood stars, but also for lovers of fashion.
Although, celebrities dress – is, without exaggeration, one of the most conservative categories of clothing. Current trends on the cut, color and style of the stars’ evening dresses, constantly changing each other in the fashion world; they have no less influence than any other clothes. The influence of fashion on evening wardrobe is evident in every small detail. For example, just a few decades ago, almost the only variant of the evening dress for Hollywood divas was a classic lush ball gown, so now, an absolute celebrities’ favorite became much more frank and seductive slinky evening dresses with provocative neckline or open corset top.
This variant of the evening dress really has no age. Similar evening ensembles wear and rising Hollywood stars, and the ladies of age, who has already won a worthy place at the Hollywood Olympus. For example, at the beginning of 2012 in the last Movie Awards ceremony “Golden Globe Awards”, similar dresses chosen forty-eight years old supermodel Elle Macpherson, actress Julianne Moore, who has exchanged fifth decade, and the young actress Mila Kunis.
84-th Academy Awards ceremony 2012, which took place in the building of the cinema Kodak, amazed the audience with its scope and was no worse than previous ceremonies. Of course, the audience was impressed not only by the show but also beautiful celebrity evening dresses, this time they attempted to look really chic.
What color became the favorite of the Oscars 2012? It is white color and its variations. On the red carpet one could meet not a few stars in white dresses, including Milla Jovovich in a dress by Elie Saab, Gwyneth Paltrow in a stylish dress from the brand Tom Ford, Sheylin Woodley in Valentino Couture, Rooney Mara and others. Celebrity also chose beautiful pastel shades in their evening gowns, such as peppermint, sweet pink and blue. Many of the stars’ dresses were shining with all possible rhinestones, sequins and stones, and it’s not surprisingly, it’s Oscar, therefore the dress brilliance should simply reads off scale.

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