What dress to choose for a New Year’s party?

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Looking forward to the New Year holidays involuntarily start thinking about what dress to choose to celebrate the New Year 2013. For us women, it is extremely important, because as they say, in what you will meet the New Year, you will spend in it the whole year. This task is not that simple, because each of us would like to look great on this holiday.

Of all the abundance of female outfits we recommend to focus on the choice of an evening dress. Why – you may ask. Because the dress – it’s always elegant, stylish and tasteful. No man will remain indifferent, seeing a slender woman, with perfect shapes in the luxurious evening dress.

But what dress to choose for the New Year 2013? Trends autumn-winter 2012-2013 will help you.

What color of a dress to choose?

New Year 2013 – the year of the Black Water Snake (for the Eastern calendar), so you should take care to please its patroness. Based on the fact that the snake is black, we can be sure that the coming year can be met in the black cocktail dresses. If you want to add brightness to your image, it is recommended to add to your evening dress variety of accessories and decorations.
How to decorate black evening dress for the New Year 2013? A great solution will be a combination of several types of tissue. For example, make the contrast, using the duo velvet gown and transparent inserts. Or, for example, a dress with feathers made of light fabric and lace with chiffon. Such model can be seen in new collection of Bottega Veneta.

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Beaded evening dresses will look also very beautiful. You can decorate it with various stones, crystals and sequins. If you like embroidery, then look at the collection of Dolce & Gabbana, exquisite designers embroidered the black dresses with gold.
Black dress with white elements and combinations will be perfect solution for the New Year 2013. Oscar de la Renta has already taken care of that.
If you’re a fan of more colored gamut, then take a look at dresses with a touch of green (in this season – the emerald), and blue, bright yellow, gold, or choose the classic white dress, along with orange, red, silver and gray.

Bright prints will make your evening dress even more colorful and luxurious. Do not know what to choose? In this will help you again Oscar de la Renta. His autumn-winter collection 2012-2013 the best shows what needs a girl with good taste.

What model and style of a dress will suit the most in the New Year 2013?

Considering the fact that the coming year is the year of the Snake, you can already guess what fashions of dresses will be popular in the New Year 2013. After all, our patroness has an elegant figure, and therefore the dress should match it.
Long adjoining dresses that adhesive the qualities of your body – that would be a great solution in choosing the model of your dress. Focuses on the shimmering fabrics – they look very appropriate in a pair with gold, blue, green, white, silver and pastel shades.

The leading designers of the world, except beaded evening dresses that strongly tight the figure, recommend the slightly form-fitting dress or a dress with a short fluffy skirt, the dresses with tulip skirt also deserves attention. Evening dresses with a low waistline are also good for the New Year 2013.

Cocktail dresses for the New Year 2013

Glitter and abundance of colors – this is the best for those who are fans of cocktail evening dresses. Mini length, all kinds of corsets, deep necklines and open shoulders or one shoulder dress – all this, whatever you choose, will be relevant for the celebration of the New Year 2013. Beaded evening dress with mini length and an open back leaves no one indifferent.

Dresses for overweight women in the New Year 2013

Case-dress with shades of black, dark green, dark gray, blue, purple or brown is the best solution for women who have a curvy shape. If you prefer bright colors, feel free to use them as well. Pastel colors are also in trend.

Dresses for a corporate party

Many companies arrange for their employees corporate parties and celebrations in honor of a holiday. New year 2013 is among them. So you should make sure in advance what you’ll wear in the New Year night. Models and styles may vary. Fabrics made of snake skin or with snake coloring with shimmer and glossy shine perfectly fit the format of your party. At the fashion show fall-winter 2012-2013 Versace has already provided such a collection.

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