What color of pants to choose and with what to wear?

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In your wardrobe there is a new bright detail – the red pants, with what to wear, where to wear and how to choose the shoes for them? A great number of questions appeared. In fact, they can be solved. Finding the answers, you’ll be happy to wear these pants creating new and new images.

If you have chosen red color of pants, it says more about you as the bravely, relaxed and self-confident person who is not afraid to be in the centre of men’s attention. After all, red pants in any case will attract glances. Red pants should be chosen by slim girls, because the red color makes fat. This is worth remembering.

One can wear red pants on many occasions, but still they create the image of unusual, holiday. Therefore, the formal gatherings, business meetings and in offices where there are rules of the dress code, you run the risk to look out of place and stupid. But for meetings with friends, for parties, outings, meetings and any daily activities red pants are ideal. You can look playfully in them, provocative or elegant; depending on what image you create and with what will be these pants combined.
One can say that very much in the creation of the certain image depends on the model of pants. With the help of the classic trousers it is very easy to create elegant and business image. To do this, put on a shirt and jacket, court shoes with heels and choose accessories to match the pants. With the tight fitting red pants look great high-heeled shoes as well as high boots, elongated tops or vice versa, short tops and cropped jackets. By adding the large accessories: bracelets, chains and earrings, you will manage to create self-confident image.
For the romantic image it is better to choose red trousers of the lighter material and free cut. When creating the image, add the flying free top or tunic, wide-brimmed hat, shoes with low running and thin bangles. As you can see, you can create many interesting and attractive images.
As for the color combination of elements of clothing, we should not forget about the shade of red trousers. If your pants are of bright, saturated color, the other items of clothing should be of the same saturated colors. For example, with the bright red or scarlet color perfectly match the deep black and white; these neutral colors are suitable for almost all the other colors. Also with the bright red color will well harmonize sunny yellow, bright green and blue tops. The special place takes the gray color. The combination of red and gray is considered as classic. In addition with the rich red color can be combined beige, coffee and brown. You should avoid the combination of the bright red with orange, pink, pale blue and pale lilac. Never put on the red top with yellow pants – this combination looks very funny and too flashy.
If your pants are of not so deep red, but more muted, quiet, modest, then the top to these trousers should be chosen in such calm tones. For example – deep purple, dark green, dark blue, camel, brown, olive, and of course grey. One should carefully choose the pale so the subtle shades will not jam and get lost in the red.
Red color is natural, that is why it is better to wear with red trousers tops of natural colors of various shades of yellow, blue, green and brown. Remember, that black color in combination with red makes the image more strict dramatic and aggressive. With the white the red color creates an optimistic and joyous mood. With the beige shades the red can create a very elegant and noble image. With bright yellow, blue and green, the red would look playful and brightly. While gray and brown colors mute the aggressive red making the image calmer.
color of pantsBrown is probably the most suitable color for trousers. But depending on the cut, style and with what to wear, the brown pants create completely different images. It is worth mentioning that the brown is one of the base colors. Such items of clothing as pants, skirts, coats and shoes of brown color have long taken the place of the classics. This color in some degree is unique because the brown dresses are perfect for the office, as well as for special occasions. Brown color has a lot of shades – they are deep, rich and beautiful. Brown color likes quiet, even-tempered people, who value comfort and luxury. In addition brown trousers are very practical.
Brown is the natural color so, it best harmonize with the same natural colors: red, orange, green, blue and yellow. Many things in the selection of clothing to brown pants depend on the style of the pants. Let’s try to figure out what to wear with them.

If you have brown riding breeches so, it is very easy to create an elegant and luxurious image. Pick up to such trousers the tweed jacket of neutral color (for example, shades of gray, sand or red) and high dark brown boots with heels. Be sure to complete the image with matching accessories – leather gloves, belt, sunglasses, scarf, the bulk bag to match the boots and stylish jewelry.
If you have shortened fashion baggy pants that came to us from the east, you should create the substandard image, bold and bright enough. To these baggy pants will harmoniously fit the milky blouse, beige cardigan belted with a brown belt. Pick up the gold sandals and take the flirtatious handbag in tone. From accessories you can choose the scarves, thin metal bracelets and chains.
With classic brown trousers one can easy create the business image. You can wear white, cream, color of coffee with milk, blue, yellow, coral blouse and on top put on the brown coat. If you want to look less strictly, put on the jacket of the contrasting color: grey, red, sand, forest green, as well as neutral black or white. High-heeled shoes and bag, stylish watches and glasses would perfectly complement the image of the stylish business woman.

Not seldom women are wondering whether to buy the gray pants as they are impractical. Where you can wear them and with what to wear? But actually in wardrobe of every woman should be a pair of light-colored pants.
Why are gray trousers so nice? No one will deny that, in light trousers that fit like a glove, highlighting the seductive women’s forms, are combined with the overall outfit, so the woman looks very impressive. White color will always attract the glances.
Therefore, light trousers should be worn by women who are confident in themselves and in their charming, accustomed to catch numerous glances and very uninhibited.
Every woman knows that light trousers are clothes, which is not often worn. Yes, they are not practical and very quickly got dirty. So, it is better not to wear this thing in slushy weather or during the walk in the wood. You will be more worried about how not to dirty the pants.

And of course, in order to look great in the light trousers, we must successfully select the model on the figure and according to the situation, as well as intelligently combine them with other things in your wardrobe. The peculiarity of the light pants is that they can be worn on a variety of activities – to the office with a blouse and jacket, on walks with a knitted sweater or cardigan and a party with a shiny top. Light is the neutral color so, for example, with pink pants can be combined almost all the clothes.

While creating the image, selecting the attire in combination with light trousers, one should remember some of the selection rules:

  •  If the pants are of the classic style without various assemblies and other decorative inserts, the top of the dress should be of brighter colors, it can be with different ruffles, jewelry, clips, folds and decorative inserts. If the model of trousers in itself is already unusual, the top should be very simple without the frills.
  •  Dense fabric of the light pants will allow picking up the top of the dress of any tissue density. And if the light trousers are of the lightweight material, the top should be chosen unhurriedly: lightweight tops, sweaters made of thin material or airy blouses. However, even with the summer light trousers can be remarkably combined jackets and short denim jackets.

If to speak about the color, so, with the light-colored pants, as well as with the red pants, look best the one-colored tops. For color of pants 2example, with the white pants you can wear narrowed loose sweater of bright juicy colors: red, yellow, green, blue or black and the high-heeled shoes in tone. Do not forget about the white plastic or glass beads and bracelets. It will look stylish, beautiful and tasteful.
If you will combine the light trousers with orange, blue, purple, pink and brown colors so, the tops of these colors should be of unusual cut. Let them be supplemented with flounces, buckles, ruffles or drawing. After all, in themselves these colors are not as bright and in combination with white can completely loose the whole effect.
With the light trousers will look well the colored tops, especially if there will be white color. If you have decided to wear with the light trousers the top of soft pastel tones, be careful – against the white these colors may seem dirty and shabby. So, be careful selecting the color.
If you still have not decided with what to wear the light trousers – just walk up to the mirror and experiment. Combine with white trousers everything you can find in her wardrobe, so you will surely find the good combination.
Bright pants of juicy shades set the tone for the whole suit; the other parts have to be chosen very carefully. The main rule in this case – do not wear more than three colors, not to look like the clown. The basic shade can choose in accordance with the eye color.
Pants of the bright color should be combined with the rest of the clothes, accessories and eye color. To brown eyes it is better to choose blue, green, yellow, orange and cobalt shades. The beauty of green eyes can be highlighted with pink and purple pants.

When choosing this part of the wardrobe, do not forget the type of your figure. Thus, to the owners of the straight legs it is better to wear narrowed down pants of very bright colors. To balance the top, choose straight cut jeans or slightly flaring of the lighter tones.
To visually narrow the legs, pick up the dark pants of the saturated deep color. Very bright and unusual trousers, on the contrary, will attract the attention. Cropped jeans will help visually lengthen the legs.
Pay attention to the style of the pants. Ideal variant is the denim-stretch. The tabs and fasteners should not be placed on the hips as this cut looks not very good. Back pockets should not be too big in order the buttocks do not seem wider. Before buying always try on the pants to precisely make sure that they fit you.

In the attire there should not be more than three bright colors, otherwise your image will be screaming. You can pick up two related shades, such as sky blue and royal blue. Narrow green pants look great together with a print of a neutral shade. Orange pants match well with tweed top and bright-colored bag.
If you want to focus on jeans, look for shoes, accessories and outerwear of the calm and neutral shades. Along with the bright pants look great leather shoes of the natural beige and brown shades on the thick heel. The blouse of bright colors with elegant buttons will complement the spring image.
To the bright colors of breeches and shorts will fit the sandals with laces that can cover the entire length of the caviar. You can shade the acid tone of the pants with platform shoes of metallic color. Do not forget to choose right accessories to match the jeans.
To correctly combine the bright top and the bottom, be careful choosing the shades of clothing. Thus, the green looks great with pink and turquoise with orange. You can pick up cardigan or sweater several sizes larger than your, it will also looks good with bright and tight jeans.

Do you want to wear something no less flashy but at the same time fashionable as bright pants? Try the blouse with bright print. This combination will be simply irresistible.
Yellow color combines well with almost any bright, from rich pink to red and cobalt. You can wear yellow pants with the bright top to strengthen the color effect, or add the bright yellow accessory such as handbags or shoes.
You will never go wrong if you wear bright pants with the white top. In combination with the classic white shirt, yellow trousers will acquire fashionable and professional appearance at the same time. Or add other wardrobe items in white, for example, the white leather jacket in order to little shade the bright jeans.

Not so long ago the bright pants with a black top considered to be too old-fashioned kit. But not today! You can boldly combine bright pants with the black leather jacket or a simple black cardigan. But do not rush to mix yellow and orange colors with black. Don’t you want to look like a bee or a holiday pumpkin for Halloween?

Another way to mute the attention on bright jeans or trousers – is to combine them with the neutral-colored top. So, neutral jacket of the male cut in pair with bright trousers may be suitable for work, with a white jacket – it is the set for the weekend.
Orange pants are very well match with the tops of even more vivid colors. Orange and pink, cobalt and yellow – all in your hands. It is better to choose the bright top of the same color intensity as the pants, for example burning bright pink and orange.
What is the ideal partner for bright pants? Of course, it is the combination of black-and-white. Almost any combination of bright colors – lemon, coral, cobalt, red and hot pink – with black and white (including bars) is the classic.

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