What clothes to choose if you are big and tall?

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How to dress the big and tall men in order to look stylish? It is not the simple matter as it may seem at first glance. The answer to this question will provide our guidance for big and tall men, who are not sure that they are properly dressed. First, let’s consider the general advices for both men’s types and then will dwell in more detail on each.

The most common problem for big and tall men is the choice of the clothes that would match their body type and style. The first thing to do, if you are faced with this problem, is to find any celebrity with a good sense of style and approximately of your physique. A good example for the tall guys could be LeBron James, Will Smith or Tom Brad. An example for the big men could be Cedric Antonio Kyles also well known as Cedric “the Entertainer,” Michael Knight from the American reality show “Project Runway” and Joey Fatone.
It is also very important that you were not afraid to try on different clothes, although many do not like it, but it is simply necessary if you want to look your best. Plan your shopping trips in those days, when there is less of the people, it will allow the sellers pay more attention for you.

Pleated trousers and pullovers with vertical stripes are great for men of large physique. Also the great clothes for full boys are: cardigans, dark jeans, vests, jackets and suits with side slits.
for big and tallA few tips for choosing the suits: always choose suits with side slits and pleated trousers. It makes your buttocks smaller, which is particularly important for men with wide hips. It is very unpleasant to see the big and tall guys in tight suits. Pleated pants give more space to the hips and make the body more proportional. One can wear the pants without front pleats, if he is moderately full and his belly is relatively small, and sometimes it even gives the slimming effect. Spend a little money and order the suit of your size, believe me it’s worth it.

Pleated pants give more opportunities, especially for your hips. If you do not want to make the double folds, make one, but please, if you have the large hips or belly, stay away from the pants without front pleats.
If you have the large hips: if the major part of your weight is on the lower part of the body, you need to know a couple of things to balance the figure. Wear the following combinations of clothes: dark bottom and a textured top, dark bottom and top with the pattern. This will distract the people’s eyes from your hips on the top clothes.

If you have the big belly: basically you need to do the opposite things. Wear combinations with dark top and a textured bottom, for example, velvet, or dark top and light bottom, for example, khaki.
Are you tall? Well, our congratulations – many men are often dream of being at least a couple of inches higher. The main problem for the tall guys is the fitting of clothing. The main problem area is, as a rule, pants or shirt, because they are often short, and even if they fit your style, too often they are large or disproportionate.

As it was mentioned above, the main problem of the big and tall guys is the short things. Some tall guys have the long legs and short torso, some vice versa. You have to determine your proportions and do not wear too short or long shirts and jackets. These items should be the basis of your wardrobe and all of them, except for the vest and cardigan, should be tailored to your size.

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