What are the fashion handbags?

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The women’s handbag is a special accessory, which in addition to its direct functions, can be the final or most striking accent in the image as a whole. The fashion handbags at all times in the best way allow the ladies to attract attention and to emphasize their exquisite taste. At the same time, the bad choice can immediately ruin the impression about the stylish handbags, which are annually offered by fashion designers in quite a wide variety, but almost all the models combine selection of natural materials and respectable look.

The size matters.

The stylish handbags, presented in the new collections, have only the single handle. These bags are of small size and are the perfect alternative to the traditional clutches. They are made in the classic style, will never go out of fashion, with the use of black, brown and beige shades. Similar accessories as well as possible will complement the image of successful business woman. The girls accustomed to the bags with two handles and the more impressive dimensions, in the new season will also be able to choose the decent new thing, although in general the size of the bags became smaller than in the last few years.

Autumn falling leaves.

However, the so-called shopping bags, distinguished by the greater storage capacity and the mild form, are also not gone out of fashion and were well represented, particularly in the collection of the brand Tote. In addition to the black and brown colors, the fashion bags fashion handbagsare made in white, gray, terracotta, yellow-orange and ocher colors. One of the hottest colors of the next season, which is presented in virtually all the elements of women’s wardrobe – imitates the color of leopard skin. The most preferred are the matte, smooth texture and about lacquered handbags it is better to forget.

Closer to the nature.

The materials of the new stylish handbags are mostly of natural origin. First of all, we should mention the natural leather. Much less relevant are imitation leather, suede and textile. One of the most popular ornaments of the bags is the fur, both natural and artificial. It can be in the form of separate inserts, or the bag may be made out of it entirely. For clutches and miniature evening handbags the designers, for example – Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes and Lanvin also use leather of reptiles, such as snakes, crocodiles and lizards.

The free geometry.

The form of the fashion handbag must match the correct geometry. In general, the models of the new season are quite conservative and restrained. The brand Kelly Bag Hobo offered brighter than the other designer’s accessories, which will suit for young girls, who are not shy to express emotions and individuality in clothing. In fashion are still the stylish knitted bags, perfectly combined with the free knitted sweaters and coats. However, in comparison with the last year’s collections, they became more voluminous and their colors – darker.

An updated classic.

fashion handbags 2The domination of the classics and moderation are less affected, perhaps, the clutches, although in this category the decor will not be as extravagant and daring, as for example, in the collections of the previous season. The stylish evening bags acquire less elongated form, resembling the square. The colors may be bright enough and varied, but the most interesting variants are considered metallic shades. Such models are decorated with belts, numerous chains, patch pockets and decorative buckles. The most actual trend of the evening fashion is the miniature handbags, wallets, which are, tied on the wrist like the bracelet.
In the new season, there is no place for too baggy accessories. The spring dictates it own rules and demands simplicity and even a kind of frivolity. The large bulky fashion handbags went out of fashion. Now, on the podiums in the hands of small models are clutches and feminine portfolios. The stylish handbags – it’s first of all the new materials, glamorous decorative elements and at the same time the great practicality.

The most current trends of the season became:

  •  rectangular models with short handles;
  •  small bags with long shoulder strap;
  •  small-sized long clutches and handbags-purses;
  •  briefcases and bags-folders;
  •  small and comfortable backpacks.

The stylish handbags, which can be found on the designers’ websites and in the catalogs of online stores, in this season are made of the most relevant materials. It is first of all are:

  •  the imitation of reptile skin;
  •  velour;
  •  textiles and jeans;
  •  knitting;
  •  textured fabrics.

They also differ with their unique décor. This are: embroidery, perforation over the leather, rivets, pearl finishing, the chain instead of the standard strap, ethnic motifs, painting with flowers, bright prints and animal coloring.


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