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In everyday life we often hear the use of such term as “vintage”. We use it in such word combinations as: vintage style, vintage clothing, vintage photography and vintage furniture. What actually means the word “vintage” and why the vintage clothing is so popular in modern fashion?

The first meaning of the word “vintage”, which can be found in any dictionary, says that these words refer to the wine that was made in a certain year in a particular locality. Thus, the term “vintage” was borrowed from the winemakers and came in active use in the field of fashion in the late twentieth century. The word “vintage” means fashion which came back from the past and the vintage clothing – clothing, which was released in the twentieth century and has gained its relevance in the context of fashion during the twenty-first century.

Vintage clothing has the right to be called in such a way if its age is not less than thirty days and not more than sixty years. Prominent historians of fashion and fashion stylists call the vintage clothing – “actual vintage”, which is the clothing that is popular at this time and enter the time frame of the last fifty years. It is interesting that the vintage clothing – not just old, worn clothes, but clothes that were stylish up to date at the time. Thus, each vintage thing is the “thing with history” and it should be compulsory criterion.

Fashion designers and stylists conventionally divide the twentieth century into four periods, by which it is easy to determine to which of the periods in the past this or that vintage clothes refers. Thus can be isolated the fashion of the forties, fifties, sixties and vintage clothingeighties.

The direction of the forties in fashion is characterized by the four plain shoulders in dresses and blouses thus making the shoulders wider. The wide sleeve in clothes and various applications on dresses were also very popular. In the trend were silk products of the delicate flowers and their length was almost to the very leg bone. The fifties are popular by not too long dresses (the long things were covered the knees). This period is characterized by the presence of desires hosieries.

The Sixties are conventionally divided into two currents, namely, the flow in the style of Audrey Hepburn, represented by narrow contoured dresses, and the style Mini. In the sixties was very popular the overestimated waist. The linen was used as the basic material. Popular was the geometric pattern on the clothes which by the way, is popular and today.
It is interesting that today the most popular direction from the past is the period of the eighties, which is strongly expressed with a high-waisted things and also things with different prints: polka dots and small flower.

Vintage clothing is very popular in our time, but the experts in the fashion industry are warning that in the dress or the image there should be no more than one vintage thing.
Vintage things should necessarily be original and reflect the fashion within the decade in which they were created. Vintage is not the consumer goods of their time; it is the things that was unique and expensive still then, for example, designer or brand.
Today, this clothing can be easily purchased in almost every major city in any country. In America and Western Europe the sales of vintage clothing are engaged in specialized stores.

The vintage clothing can be also purchased at such retail outlets as second-hand and the so-called “flea market”, which is also the vintage clothing 2product of the West and is the very popular form of the sales outlets. But, when buying the vintage clothes it is important to remember that it is not just the old clothes and the clothes which carry the “echo of the actual past”.

Vintage dresses possess the special value in the fashion environment. First of all, the probability of finding someone in the exactly the same dress is reduced to zero. Secondly, the vintage dresses are of high quality and are often made from rare and sometimes non-existent tissues. Thirdly, wearing the vintage dress you have an opportunity to touch the history of fashion.
The vintage clothes are always older than 20 years. And despite the errors, it is not just any old worn dresses but those that reflect the style of their era and continue to be relevant to this day. Especially valuable are the dresses of famous designers – Chanel, Balmain, Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent.

Vintage clothing can be divided into two groups:

  1.  Original vintage – the old things that have been sewn by the known fashion houses which had their own brands. Do not confuse the vintage clothes and just the old things. There are several signs on which you will define the true style:
  • age – the clothing older than 20 years;
  • popular fashion clothing of the XX century;
  • strongly pronounced style, originality.

2. Imitation of the vintage style – copying of the vintage style and decor by modern designers, sewing and making the clothes from vintage materials. For today the designers use different ways to achieve this type. They use the vintage clothing patterns, designs and patterns of clothing of past years. However, you can determine the authenticity of things by the age of the thread from which they are sewed.

Vintage dresses.

Vintage dress is the valuable part of clothing of our time. Bright prints of the 70’s and the style of the 60’s return us the retro fashion for vintage dresses. You can appreciate the unique quality of the fabrics, rich patterns and the handmade embroidery. Mostly natural fabrics were used for dresses of 60s: silk, chiffon, velvet and crepe. Many designers of that time produced them from expensive fabrics. The elegance of this dress is in that there were lace, feminine cuts and ruffles. The things were basically sewed for owners of the small waist – “hourglass” silhouette. This style has its own history. Vintage dress can tell a lot about the preferences and the nature of the women. By purchasing this rarity piece of art, do not forget to think where you will wear it. Evaluate the quality of fabric and condition of the dress. If it is your size, be sure – this is what you need!

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