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The variety of styles like the winding ribbons was combined in a single image undergoing many changes. Through trial, error and experimentation appeared the new style, quite unlike any other and at the same time has incorporated the best. As the loving mother, fashion gave this style its own name. Thus was born the style “casual” – the urban clothing. The British love to give their titles throughout most interesting and unusual. The English language did not pass and this new style.

Peculiarities of the urban style.

What the urban style includes? What are the features of precisely this image? The basic principle of this style is the freedom and relaxedness. Initially, this style of clothing was created for going outs in the town. Over time, this style is more and more intertwining with the most popular fashion trends. As a result appeared the most relevant, popular and comfortable style, not only dictating fashion trends in clothing, but also the way of life of its adherents.

The peculiarity that makes this style unique, in principle, unlike all the others, is the complete lack of any framework: the clothes are chosen according to their own feeling of the world. The urban clothing is specially designed to very from others, to demonstrate the individuality and uniqueness. It is not annoying to following this style – each person has the right to wear exactly that clothes in which he feels most comfortable, simple and cozy.
One more distinctive feature of this style is that its supporters no longer have to buy expensive clothing. The chosen clothes should urban clothinghave the print of personality and character and not to cry about the wallet. So, no matter what others say, no matter what views have not thrown in the trail, remember only one thing: casual style has to create the image that is fully consistent with the inner world of the man!

What is the difference between the urban style of clothing and the rest?

Its characteristic feature is the absence of any restrictions. The main principle, which the contemporary urban style promotes, is to dress up in accordance with the sense of reality. In other words it means to be yourself and unique, even in everyday life. Urban style of clothing is often compared with another, which in the fashion world sounds like “the usual”. But in reality – it is nothing but the weaving of two styles – everyday urban and sporting style of the everyday clothes.
Actually casual style varies in expensive brands of clothing. These are, above all, stylish men’s and women’s clothes. Urban style can be divided into business and output, the so-called urban chic style. To the first one can be regarded not only expensive suits and maxi dresses. And to the second – the evening dress and the fitting pullover with tight jeans and high boots. You can safely experiment both in color schemes and in combination of street wear that are normally considered incompatible. Precisely these features attract the attention of the vibrant urban youth in different countries.

Let us turn our eyes to the nature as the summer – it is always the violence of paints. Let us follow the “natural” tendencies: fuchsia color dresses, bright yellow T-shirts and tops, mint-green jackets and turquoise shirts, coral trousers and skirts with floral prints.
urban clothing 2Even in the office one can use this summer “pop”, however, during the meetings or strict dress code you can a little “lubricate” the brightness of the usual blue or gray skirt or the strict straight trousers. This style will charge you with this solar energy and good mood, even if your vacation in this year happened in another season.
Classic cruise clothing is always in fashion: white and blue with a splash of red color, silver or gold accessories. Real chic is to blend the classic stripes with floral print or, for example, to wear the jacket in the marine-style with a lace dress. But you should always keep in mind about the balance and combination of colors!
In France and Germany the urban style represent the pants or skirts, or the feminine form-fitting dress combined with a beret and original scarf.

Japanese fashionista for a long time could not express their individuality because of the strict set of frames in the clothing. It was connected with the national traditions and customs. But it was time of the Cultural Revolution, through which the streets of Japanese cities have turned into a real celebration of life with asymmetrical ragged haircuts, short plaid skirts, form-fitting jackets and skinny jeans.

The English also do not left out of urban fashion trends. Many elderly citizens, even after the several decades, can not get used to the youth in torn jeans, jackets, black leather jackets and military-style boots. More progressive young people prefer cardigans, leggings, skinny jeans and bulky sweaters and T-shirts.

Casual – it is the most common style of the office fashion!

The basic wardrobe consists of the blouses, shirts, turtlenecks, sweaters, tight jeans and wide trousers of the dark colors. When choosing the urban clothing you have to prefer light beige, caramel, mustard, brown, gray and blue, which will increase the working capacity and result in the approval of the colleagues! Other traditional style attributes of the casual style are the scarves, closed leather shoes: sneakers, ballet flats, as well as accessories in black and white color scale. In democratic companies the casual style of clothing is allowed throughout the week, but other conservative employers allow wearing it only on Fridays.
The main elements of the ensemble of the city fashionista are the comfortable and practical steady heel boots – leather in winter and from delicate lace in summer, narrow skirts midi and maxi, lightweight coats, plain blouses made of natural fabrics: silk, cotton and linen – that’s really where in all its glory can be seen the “grandfather” of the urban style.

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