Trendy purses and handbags 2013

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Purses and handbags can say about its owner more than anything else. The problem is that the appointment of different models, as a rule, is narrow. Therefore it is necessary to correctly choose the desired design. By common parameters, all the purses and bags can be divided into categories of destination.

Thus, there are models of the purses whose design is specially invented for going to the party or a club. These variants have the compact structure and the sections for 1-2 cards, but no more. These solutions are designed for accessory does not take up much space in the women’s handbag or pants pocket. In this case, the appearance of such models should be catchy and unique.
Strict models may badly match the club’s clothing. But some women’s purses 2013 are especially designed for stylish moms and housewives, conversely focused on maximum functionality.
In the next year will be especially popular the full set of features: the purse, the housekeeper and the slot for an organizer in one set. But the volume of this symbiosis is going to be small – the designers have tried to organize the space in such a way so that items can be harmoniously distributed across the surface of the accessory.
It is hard to find a business woman, who does not love stylish bags. Perhaps that is why many designers in this season have paid particular attention to the creation of appropriate models for business women. In the new collection Fendi presented the capacious rectangular bag with short handles and of muted colors. Donna Karan also allowed herself step back a little on the strength and add a little coquetry and sophistication.
The most popular form of the women’s purses and handbags is the rectangle. Most models have zipper or flap on the button. Continue to be in vogue miniature handbags-purses. Missoni, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo, D&G and Lanvin offer three-dimensional models of women’s purses, which can be used as an evening bag.
Among the business women especially popular are the new versions of the rigorous models. Now the cards and visiting cards will be placed outside for more convenient use. But the design of the classic models was not changed. So, do not worry, that the usual simplicity and functionality of the models are gone forever. In fashion still remain dark monotone coating which means the business approach and the rejection of undue attention.

Tiny handbag, which more resembles the purse, will be in demand in the coming season as well. They are not as functional as the big trendy pursesbags, but are ideal for the night out, for example. Among the most popular materials for fashion handbags spring-summer 2013 it is necessary, first of all, to mention the matte, patent leather and reptile skin. Suede and textile will also be relevant. Trendy decor of the bags will include metal chains, buttons, rivets, zippers, appliqués and decorative stones.

Among the fashionable materials for women’s purses are : smooth and patent leather, suede and velvet, reptile skin, fur, short-haired, tissues, waxed canvas, plastic, wood and plastic. In addition to the traditional black and brown, for women’s purses 2013 is relevant red, burgundy, pink, green, emerald green, beige, gray, mustard and various shades of “metallic”. The interior part of the women’s purse can have the bright contrasting color.

Separate attention is deserved to graceful feminine purses handbags and extensive, universal model of the women’s purses. Designers experiment with forms, materials and decoration, turning the fashion accessory into the work of art.
Fashion bags for the evening events are usually quite small, sometimes even more like the purse, and richly decorated with beautiful prints and bright colors. In the next season, Alexander Wang suggests wearing small bags of elongated form. Dolce & Gabbana surprised the fashionistas by the new collection of beautifully decorated, elegant and stylish handbags. The fashion world Emillio Pucci also pleased with their tiny handbags of colorful tones, which are traditionally worn on the shoulder.

Large handbags rapidly gain the popularity. Especially appreciated are the spacious bags which at the same time will not look at your fragile shoulders as trunks. Practicality and beauty – it is the ideal formula for the bags. Depending on how you prefer to wear your mini luggage – throwing the straps over the shoulder or in your hand – you need to choose the bag with short or long handles. The most common choices are the adjustable handle which allows depending on the situation to adjust the desired length. However these trendy purses_2bags have a few drawbacks. For example, this is so familiar and yet each time wildly annoying situation – the small things like flash cards or chewing gums are always lost somewhere in the bottom among the a variety of things so you can not find it. Moreover it often occurs at a time when lost in the “depths of the sea” object is needed at this very moment.
Many women choose the large bags because they are very functional and roomy without losing its stylish look. The perfect large bag for the spring-summer 2013 is of pastel shades, decorated with exquisite embroidery, decorative stones or chain.
The hit of the coming season will be the large bags but with short handles. The most common form of this bag is the rectangular with rounded corners. They can be found in the new collection of Burberry Prorsum. Such bags are made mainly of textiles and leather but there are a variety of options and no limits.

The basic rule for men purses 2013 is minimalism.

Accessories made of fine leather are still the most fashionable trend in this segment. Therefore the club versions of these items will have only one slot for the card. Fasteners and clippers in the new models will disappear completely, thereby reducing the thickness of the purse. These models are specifically designed to ensure that its presence in the pocket of tight pants were as possible imperceptible and there will be no discomfort during the wearing.
Business models have changed a little as well. Now the cards and visiting cards will be separated from the purse. This change is caused by the increased attention to the new electronic business card with access codes. So, the fashion for stylish business card is again in trend.

Business purses for men will now be simplified to the extreme. The main task of the new models will be the maximum organization of the money and easy access to them. Therefore, these variants will be equipped with several slots for different bills the opening of which would not require the opening of the entire purse.
Leather models once again will become black and dark brown. But the daily needs will best be met by the use of the special version of the family purse with external access to the keys.
Fashionable purses and handbags 2013 will be equipped with slots for a variety of cards, notes and photographs. But all this will retain the general direction of minimalism. So, the keys will be stored in the outer pockets of the purse and the cards will be placed next to the slots for the money.


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