Trendy down coats for women

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Any modern woman’s wardrobe can not do without the coat. In contrast to casual style, spring coats  are characterized by femininity and originality. Designers use the whole arsenal to create unique spring images: color, shape and blend fabrics. In fashion are interesting, though, not the most practical spring down coats for women and ultra gorgeous fur coats.

Style and fashion.

Among the fashionable styles in fashion collections are direct and sports models, medium-length and short, form-fitting coats, down coats, parks and asymmetric coat. Different models of down coats will be fashionable the coming spring. They are relevant not only for a weekend in nature but in the city. Women’s quilted coat, form-fitting and straight, with a belt and without, very short and mid-thigh – women’s down coats  very diverse. The couple of models of these coats in the cloakroom will create the images for all occasions.
Jackets and sheepskin coats are the stylish and warm spring-autumn wardrobe items 2013. Shortened style, fur lapels, fur strips at the seams, uneven edge, asymmetrical zipper and patch pockets and large buttons – all popular items of trendy sheepskin.
Short models of coats in combination with short sleeves create romantic and elegant silhouette and are one of the key trends of spring season. Coats with the short sleeves are ideally combined with long gloves. Volume is another fashion trend. With fluffy fur, thick fabric and filler, you can create direct, geometric silhouette, and with the belt – feminine silhouette “hourglass”.

Suitable materials.

Among the most typical fabrics for women’s down coat: leather, fur, suede, wool, tweed and knits. Elegantly look coats from boucle as well as the fur collars deserve special attention.
Fur women’s coats do not loose their positions. They can be of sheared or fluffy fur, fur combination of different lengths and textures, furs of natural color and dyed fur, with animal or geometric prints. The coats with fur trim are also very relevant women’s clothing. The hit of the season is the coat made from scraps of fur. Very well this model is shown in the collection of Roberto Cavalli. The coats down coats for womenare sewed of colored and from plain materials. The fur can be of the same type or patchy.

Leather is no less popular material. Spring models of leather coats for women are decorated with fur: large inserts of fur, fur collars, linings, appliqués. In the combined models the designers used: matte, patent leather, quilted, embossed or embroidery. Fashionable women’s leather coat has a length up to the waist, but in the collections of some designers can be found and variants of short cuts. In biker style there is not a very large number of coats but they are characterized by originality. Many zippers, pockets, rivet to personalize a stylish, flexible, dynamic and self-confident woman.
Popular are women’s sheepskin coats. This spring the women’s clothing is not only fashionable but also practical. The down coat would perfectly protect you from the wind and cold. The color scheme of these coats is quite diverse, ranging from simple classic colors to bright and saturated. So, sheepskin coats may have original, stylish detail, for example, an asymmetrical collar, unusual clasp or diagonal zipper.
As before, in fashion are women’s coats of knee-length. The designers chose such materials: the combination of leather and fur. Good models of down coats are represented in the collections of Burberry and Kenzo.

Popular length of the down coats.

Trendy, but not too practical is a very short coat. Typically, this is quite direct and free models; however this style can not protect its possessor from the cool wind. The designers advise to combine trendy coats with tight skirts, shorts or short pants. When composing the image you can safely mix the different styles. Another fashion trend of the season is the volume. With thicker materials, fluffy fur or down filled the designers create feminine silhouettes.
Of great popularity are spring-autumn fur down coats for women – they can be seen in almost every collection. For their creation is used smooth and fluffy fur. In addition, you can see the artificial or natural color, the combination of different lengths of pile or animalistic geometric drawings. Also fashionable considered to be winter jackets with fur lining. Relevant can be called bulk or thin down coats, made of smooth or quilted material. In addition to coats tissue in the collections can be also found the leather, texture or down coats for women2the coats materials and knitwear.

The variety of women’s clothing presented by the designers on the fashion catwalks can confidently assert that any fashionista can choose the beautiful and warm coat – this will allow her to look stylish, confident and free.

The variety of colors.

The most popular color of down coats for women is certainly black. But there are also other fashionable colors: navy blue, emerald green, wine, olive and mustard. Coats with prints – geometric, abstract and animal, models with metallic shimmer are in vogue. For all who want to remove the symptoms of beriberi is proposed the model of the winter bright, cheerful colors – lemon yellow, orange, red and light green.

What down coats wear the stars?

Hollywood stars, in contrast to ordinary people are undemanding people. They can put on the down coat to the store, or when walking with children in the park and simply, without makeup, in a knitted cap with a backpack. But they can wear this comfortable women’s clothing not only on household needs! And at the airport they will not be ashamed to meet the paparazzi in the down coat and to go to the production companies with documents and to get from work to the hotel.
Fashionable down coats are in wardrobe of the top stars – Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Emma Stone, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Marion Cotillard. Of course, the stars use them to warm, to run, to the gym – so at different times, were seen Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Elle Macpherson. And on the set, especially in the cold season, the actors in a centralized manner are given “official” jackets – so the fragile star body do not numb in between takes.
Reese Witherspoon was photographed on the set of her new movie with a charming smile and a wonderful down coat, one of the most famous Hollywood blonde chose the brand Moncler. By the way, down coat, in the collection of Reese, is obviously not one.
Angelina Jolie with her large family always gets in the paparazzi lenses. The actress does not change her tastes. She is often noticed in the long baggy coats of dark shades.
Rachel Bilson adores down coats, into her collection, probably, can be found a few dozen. The actress occasionally appears as in the coats of well-known brands as well as in the down coats, the origin of which is not possible to determine. Miss Bilson often combines coats not only with casual ensemble but with cocktail dresses and clutches and always feels comfortable.
Another fan of comfort and feather is Naomi Watts. The actress every spring is seen in the new models of fashionable down coats and, despite her age, she is not going to give them up. Singer Kylie Minogue is, as well, the big lovers of comfort, at least, in the cold she prefers warm and comfortable down coat of famous brands.

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