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Fashionable cocktail dresses in the traditional sense are a shortened version of an evening dress. They are dressy, but not too flashy and flamboyant. Usually it is plain outfit, which do not have a collar and sleeves, what makes it informal. Similar dresses are not burdened with all sorts of draperies and embellishments. For its sewing very expensive fabrics are used: chiffon, silk, satin and velvet.

The history of creation.

The name “cocktail dresses” appeared in America. In the early of the 20th century, during prohibition, for entertainment were organized secret cocktail parties with dancing. In such a short dress it was very comfortable to dance, as it did not hold down the movements. Modern cocktail dress is a shortened outfit, which is usually worn on formal events, which begin up to 19 hours. Such dress is a compulsory element of the women’s wardrobe.

Coco Chanel – is a creator of the cocktail little black dress. She created her legendary outfit in 1926. The model of a black dress was very simple: laconic silhouette, long dress covering the knees and no decoration in the form of ruffles, collars and buttons. Since its creation, the little black dress glorified Coco Chanel and become an eternal bestseller.

Cocktail evening dresses 2013 are presented by designers in different styles and colors. This are bright, studded with rhinestones models for women who want to stand out, and gentle, romantic dresses with ruches and lace, which are suitable for a romantic dinner with candles.

The legendary cocktail dresses.

The Hollywood actress of the sixties Audrey Hepburn was a big fan of cocktail dresses, she even appeared in a little black dress in the famous movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” In this film Holly Golayti, the heroine Audrey Hepburn, was dressed in a simple black dress with a necklace of pearls, which became the most legendary outfit in the world.

How to understand that it is a cocktail dress?

Trendy сocktail dressesCocktail dress is an elegant but practical dress, the length of which can be up to the knee or slightly above. The cost of the cocktail dress is usually lower than the cost of the evening dress. But cheap cocktail dresses usually do not concede both in quality and design. This dress should be in laconic black or any neutral color, with simple cut and without unnecessary details.

When to wear?

Official and corporate events, goings to the elite restaurants and clubs, parties and, of course, cocktail meetings always require a certain dress code. In the above situations the most suitable clothes for the woman considered to be the cocktail dress. Every modern woman knows it. Therefore, self-respecting ladies have immaculately follow the fashionable tendencies, selecting the most relevant and charming outfits.

Which to choose?

When it comes to choosing a cocktail dress, it is better not to follow the fashion blindly but choose among the offered variants and trends the most suitable.
Cocktail dresses have to combine the elegance and comfort, as you will not stand still the whole evening, it is necessary to have time to go there and there. If a cocktail dress does not allow moving much, the event can turn into a boring pastime and torture. Cocktail dress should compel attention to you, and do not hold down. Cocktail evening dresses are especially popular on society receptions, parties and romantic dates.

Fashionable trends.

This year retro style is again in fashion. World fashion houses presented dresses in this style decorated with various flounces, bows, ruffles and fringe. The designers also have not forgotten about crystals and sequins.

At the peak of popularity are the model with close-fitting top and a fluffy skirt.

The owners of magnificent forms should pay attention to these styles with a deep V-neck. In this dress, you can easily get into center of attention at any party. For several seasons, the models with A-form silhouette not lose its ground. To the dresses of this style the designers decided to add asymmetry – so, on podiums appeared models with strap on one shoulder.

Classic style always was and remains in fashion. Such statement does not spared and cocktail evening dresses. Simple lines, pastel or traditional black and white colors, length above the knee – such models successfully underline the benefits of the figure and look very elegant and stylish.

Lace during the last seasons remains in trend. Guipure cocktail dresses differ in tenderness and grace. The designers presented dresses fully made of guipure and with lace inserts.

At fashion shows by Chanel one could see luxurious dresses of velvet, in the form of an hourglass with interesting sleeves and without them.

Midi cocktail dresses win the hearts of female fans in this season. If you decided to choose such a dress you have also to pick up stylish accessories, for example, bright handbag, clutch or long gloves in tone.

Dresses with fluffy skirts and elastic corset will emphasize your femininity and romance. Such models are made of light materials in bright colors. Also popular are the plant and floral prints. In this dress you will be able to emphasize your wasp waist and slender legs.

Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton presented at their shows unusually light and feminine dresses-trapeze. Decorated with feathers, lace and flowers, they attract the glances, the free cut does not restrict the movements and allows you feel comfortable and relaxed.

The color scheme of this year is unusually large. To look more fashionable and stylish, you have to choose a dress of gold or silver, blue, olive, pearl-gray or coral color. And, of course, in fashion are classic white, black and red. Striking trend of this season is a combination of black dress with golden details.

If to speak about the materials for dresses, we advise you to choose a light knit, velvet, satin, lace or silk.
Choosing the cocktail evening dresses pay attention to the fact that it must not only fit your style, but also match the color of your skin and hair. Also, do not forget to give your image the integrity and completeness by selecting suitable for the occasion accessories.

You may need a dress absolutely unexpectedly. And sometimes vice versa – you know the date to which it is needed. But in all good shops cocktail dresses are so expensive. Yes, they are beautiful, well fit, but it is sometimes hard to tear off half of the salary for a single event. After all you will not wear this dress more than three times.

Something is very hard to wear such beauty; from time to time you look at it and think that once you will put on. To cheaper things we treat a lot easier.

Texture and finishing.

The basic materials for cocktail dresses of this season are brocade, silk, lace, jersey, taffeta, organza, chiffon and velvet.
Embroidery, beads, metallic threads which create strange shapes – decorate the cocktail evening dresses of this season. Designers create stunning cocktail dresses by mixing fabrics of different textures and the same color. This allows to save a single color, but to create an unusual texture.

Color trends fall-winter 2012-2013.

Cocktail dresses  absorb the more traditional color palette of black and white, all shades of gray and blue, green, beige as well as elegant and saturated: seductive bright red, cheerful and bold color of honeysuckle, elegant blue-green and all shades of silver and gold. The color of coffee along with bamboo are put forward as an alternative to black, which will help to muffle the no less fashionable and shiny parts of your dress. Cocktail dresses with animal and floral prints will look incredibly stylish.

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