To be the queen of the night!

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Do you want to attract the men’s attention? Then choose a dress with an open back – the perfect outfit that emphasizes your sexuality. Naked back always inspired the opposite sex. Today, there are many variations on the theme of sophisticated silhouettes, shapes and original cut. Who is more modest – bared only shoulders, who dared – bared back much lower. Many celebrities choose backless evening dresses, the stars look in them just charming, impressive, intriguing… Among the brave temptresses are: Eva Longoria, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Kim Kardashian, Irina Shayk, Zoe Saldana, Miranda Kerr, Heidi Klum, Amber Heard.
Fine dresses, created from light, flowing, luxurious fabrics in bright or classical colors, form-fitting, flared or multilayered fashions various in length, pattern and decoration, with different elements such as jewelry and elegant lace or numerous interweaving shoulder straps – will give each character elegance, romance, personality.
The idea of a backless evening dress belongs to the famous Spanish fashion designer Cristobal Balenciaga. He was inspired by antique statues dressed in tunics, which falling down from the bare shoulders and opening the sexy back of the model. Thus fashion designer used the notorious principle – “all new – is well forgotten old.”
Since that time evening dress with an open back is very popular among the bohemian elite. Therefore today, there are no any social events without the “invention” of Balenciaga. What variants of this style offer modern designers?

Advantages of the dress with an open back.

to be the queen of the nightThe open back gives the image a certain spicy temptation. It looks not so challenging, for example, as too deep décolleté, and only hints at the hidden sexuality.

If we have the maximum backless dress so there should be no décolleté. Thus, the dress looks completely different: in front it is too modest, in the back – super sexy. Moreover, such a fashion emphasizes the dignity of perfect figures.
It is also possible to combine deep décolleté, open back and shoulders. This is called the bustier dress. However, the cut-back in the dresses of this kind is not too low, and approximately parallel to the bodice line. In such dresses is often used corset (Kate Beckinsale at Cannes Film Festival). In addition, the bustier dress is a very popular type of wedding dresses today.
Dress with a “drop”.

One of the most elegant cutouts on the back is “drop” (in the form of a circle, oval). This is the most closed version of this style. Open back is not always looks good with open shoulders. One of unsuitable variants – dress with bare back and long sleeves. Especially original this model looks on lace fabric.

Short dress with an open back.

The majority prefers the maxi-dress with an open back (or the floor-length dress). However, rather peculiar looks short dress (above the knees) with a bare back. Such dress can be used as a cocktail, and as an evening variant.
Backless evening dress can cause an absolute success in any reception secular, dinner, ball, etc. Although it is difficult to argue with the words famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, “The most important detail in the dress – the woman who wears it”.

How to choose the right color of the evening dress?

Color of the dress – crucial part in choosing the dress, improper color can underline your main drawbacks but not sexuality, and divine beauty. Girls with a glamorous appearance – light pink skin, beautiful green or blue eyes, and red and bright honey hair – more suitable will be light and delicate colors: pink, yellow, blue, peach and beige. For the girls of summer type with white skin, blue-gray, gray-green, and brown eyes, with the color the hair from blonde to dark-ash more suitable will be blurry color. Bright colors like red or yellow categorically not work. Girls with the dark eyes and hair best suited the color with cold shades: black, gray, red, blue, purple.


  1. backless evening dresses looks perfect on the owner of a slim figure;
  2. under the frank outfit you need to choose a special underwear, for example, silicone bra;
  3.  do not forget about the proud, royal posture.

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