The summer gothic boots

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Whether it is the same heavy gothic boots? What the Goths wear in the summer during the heat? Everything is very simple – the same as the ordinary town fashionistas: sandals, shoes and the ballet flats. Fashion is for all.

The fans of the gothic fashion are the Goths – they are representatives of the Gothic subculture or addicted to Victorian style of clothing. It is believed that the Gothic subculture brings the negative, but this is false. Gothic style – is, above all the self-expression, the desire to stand out from the crowd and not be like everyone else. Often, the Goths are quite artistic natures, so their images can look theatrical.
The Gothic style is quite recognizable and gloomy. As a rule, in their image they use mostly black clothes, sometimes diluting it with splashes of red, purple and white. In general, the image preparation is finished depending on their preference: it can be both long skirts and dresses, or, conversely, short skirts, pants, shirts, jackets and all kinds of robes, and, of course, corsets and corsage. In Gothic style is widely used the openwork fabric – grid with various ornaments, such as in the form of the web, leather and latex.
A special attention is paid to the Goth shoes. Probably one of the main elements of the gothic style – it is heavy solid shoes, usually on the platform with metal buckles and rivets. To date, the choice of the Gothic shoes is quite large: high-boots, boots, shoes and sneakers – women’s, men’s and unisex.

The earliest of them, at the beginning of the last century was just covered up the ankle. But now there is a great variety. One can say gothic bootsthat the Goth boots are the very useful shoes – they can be with the open heel and the open toe. Aggressive gothic decor – metal elements, black, red and black, a lot of straps and buckles, high heels, rings and studs. All this creates an image of the mysterious, vivacious and confident lady. The distinctive feature of the gothic shoes is the closed ankle. The new models of the ankle boots are a little shorter than the previous. They are similar to in-depth shoes. These ankle boots look simply luxuriously stylish with the jackets or leather jackets.

Neither Gothic fashionista can resist the stylish boots decorated with skulls, rivets, bows and all sorts of different gothic accessories. And she would certainly not do without convenient gothic ankle-boots in which she can go not just to the party, but also to work.
In the wardrobe of any girl simply must be graceful, as she is, shoes! Well, what’s the summer without charming Gothic shoes? The admirers of lightness and weightlessness in the image it is recommend buying very thin studs for summer shoes, but what for the fans of the thicker heels. Here are those shoes that match almost everyone.

Heavy gothic shoes – the ankle boots.

And of course we have not forgotten about those who whom in the summer is not enough the gravity. Especially for them we offer such gothic footwear like the ankle boots of the brand Demonia. The collection includes the variety of models both with convenient high heels and the platform. However, some of these charming gothic boots can focus on imperfect feet. So be careful with this.
In such a variety of boots one can get lost. First you have to decide whether your image fit the shoes that you like, then – where you will wear them – how comfortable you will feel. Shoes should show your strengths and hide weaknesses. And the most importantly, the shoes should be the reflection of your soul, your inner world, charm and fascination.

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