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We recall about cardigans when we want to wrap up in something soft and cozy. This name refers to a knitted sweater or jacket, which is characterized by the absence of a collar and enough free cut. However in the interpretation of modern designers, cardigans 2013 sometimes even have no fastener and more similar to cape than a jacket.
Cardigan is not only a very practical and useful thing, but extremely popular. For celebrations, sports and walks you can choose bold and bright colored cardigans. They can also be decorated with sequins, embroidery, draping and buttons. Cardigan is simply irreplaceable thing that can be worn at home.
It is quite possible that you have not still understood how cardigan differs from usual jacket, as often one and the same thing can be called the same. In fact, cardigan is a kind of jacket, as the jacket is a kind of clothing with a fastener or buttons from top to bottom and with any collar. Cardigan always has a deep collar. So it is not suitable for those who are afraid of getting sick in the cold season. But a scarf, being worn on the cardigan, is capable to perform miracles. Especially trendy is to pick up big knitted scarves. They will warm your neck, while cardigans – your back and chest.
the practical fashionThe majority of cardigans, relevant in the new season, are knitting models. Its main decoration is relief knitting with many convex elements. The same tendency can be seen and on example of sweaters 2013. A peculiar trend becomes very simple and laconic design. This is evident even in the choice of color scheme; it looks quite restrained and cool. According to stylists, navy blue cardigan comes under the category of cult things, but it should necessarily be long and cover the thighs.
Famous fashion designers imagine the feminine cardigan 2013 first of all as a practical thing; the delights and beauty fade into the background. Bright color spots and bright sparkles on sweaters and jackets of this type are almost invisible; perhaps there can be found a few models demonstrated in the show by Moschino Cheap & Chic.
Neutral colors dominate in the design of cardigans, for example, gray and brown in dark variations, as well as beige and blue. Oscar de la Renta prefer to use in his collections maximum light colors, he also likes to experiment with white color, but his personal preferences to large-scale trends have not grew.
Very popular are fashion linen cardigans of ivory color and with buttons made of sterling silver. Women also like cardigans decorated with chinchilla fur or crocodile skin. For the warmer times of the year you can purchase a classic cardigan made of silk or cotton. It is ideal for the office. Single-colored cardigan should be worn with a blouse of contrasting color, simple trousers and a tie, for example, navy blue cardigan, red blouse and black trousers.
Prints of unusual colors, they are very popular this winter. For example, print zebra in blue and brown shades or black and white leopard, as well as bright things with psychedelic prints in the style of op-art, striped and with zigzags.
It is recommended for fashionistas to buy the sets – sweaters and cardigans or jumpers, which fully coincide in style, color and quality.
When choosing a cardigan it is important to pay attention not only on fashion, but also on the material from which it is sewn. Thus, knitted cardigans with complicated patterns are accepted to wear as casual clothes. Knitted models can be worn not only outside, but also in the office. As for your overlook in a new cardigan, try to understand that the reasonable assessment of your own figure would help to choose the most suitable variants. For example, to a plump girl it is preferable to choose the mid-thigh length. And if you are slim, you can wear and a longer models. For women with large breasts it is recommended to choose cardigan with a V-shaped neckline.

With what to wear cardigans in 2013?

Universal design and discreet colors make cardigans the clothing “for all occasions” in the full sense of these words. They can be a great addition to business dress, elegant skirts 2013 and trousers of different styles, including jeans, militaristic, eastern and others.

The very presence of cardigan in the image indicates that the bet is made primarily on layering. Some creative designers like Mulberry do not see anything reprehensible in putting it on light coats, sheepskin coats or short furs. Of course, the talk is not about knitted cardigans but about the models made of drape and cloth. They turn into an interesting and yet not familiar for us addition to outerwear.
Long cardigans are loved by many, as they give vent to imagination in drawing fashion combinations. Elongate cardigans go perfectly with leggings, skinny jeans, slacks, straight skirts with the length up to the knee. For example, a long navy blue cardigan, a stylish light blouse, black skirt and strict high heels are an excellent combination of clothes for work. In general, long cardigans are combined practically with any clothing. You can also wear a dress with high boots and a stylish cardigan with a belt.
As for the top, you may put on shirts, tops, blouses and T-shirts. The choice of shoes is up to you. It may be feminine shoes with high heels or massive shoes in men’s style. Long cardigan which is worn with shorts or breeches will look more interesting, if you will put on tights to match the shorts. In general, long cardigans with a belt help to emphasize elegance and femininity. With an emphasis on the waist, your figure acquires more slender form.

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