The Perfect Little Black Evening Dress

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For a long time the little black dress has been more than a dress – it is a perfect standard of elegant clothes. The etalon of a little black dress – a small knee-length dress with long sleeves and a semi-circular cut-out. This little black dress does not need a sophisticated style and cutting: simple lines make it a universal dress. The little black dress has a lot of advantages: on a black dress looks good jewelry, it makes the figure visually more slender, such outfit with different accessories may be appropriate for work and for public events.
Coco Chanel – is a creator of the little black dress. She created her legendary outfit in 1926. The model of a black dress was very simple: laconic silhouette, long dress covering the knees and no decoration in the form of ruffles, collars and buttons. Since its creation, the little black dress glorified Coco Chanel and become an eternal bestseller.

Since the time of the Coco Chanel little black dress, the most famous designers of the world never bypass the black color in their collections. Black color appears in different variations. Black wedding dresses decorated the new collections of Vera Wang. Tight black skinny jeans were first invented by Calvin Klein in the early 70’s. We cannot help recalling aristocratic luxury of a simple black dress by Hubert de Givenchy in the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” In this film Audrey Hepburn appeared in two black Givenchy dresses in several different scenes. Each time the black dresses looked different due to various accessories: hats, scarves, gloves and pearl necklaces. Dresses of black color and black and white versions of dresses regularly appear in the collections of Karen Millen. Transparent black lace dresses became a hit of the last fashion shows.


the perfect little black dressAlong with the popularity, the cloth of black color is no longer only a symbol of mourning. Now, the most beautiful and expensive suits and evening dresses are made in business black. Fashion on the black dresses continues: just look at the black wedding dresses from the new collections of Vera Wang. Black, black and white, black and beige dress with lace, intricate silhouettes and layered drapery decorated the autumn collection of Vera Wang wedding dresses.
If you are looking for a black cocktail dress not for one night, it is better to choose the model without unnecessary decoration: the less a cocktail dress decorated, the more universal is this dress.
To find the perfect evening black dress – quite a difficult task. The correctly chosen dress will make your figure perfect. While choosing an evening dress you should pay attention to its length, fabric and trim: black dress should a little visually lengthen the figure.
You are tall and slim girl – feel free to choose any style of black evening dresses: the short as well as the long dress will look well. If you are not very tall, you should definitely add shoes with high heels. If you do not want to wear high heels, it is better to choose a knee-length dress. To owners of big bust will fit the evening dress with V-neck. To girls with magnificent forms and low growth, it is better to choose black dresses up to mid-calf. Owners of plump figure should not choose shiny black dress – it is better to stop on the dress of brushed fabric. Slinky black lace dresses will look very effectively on such a figure.

Of course, besides the fact that black dresses smooth out the figure flaws, the significant psychological role plays even its color. It is the color of a certain peace of mind, a kind of defensive reaction, confidence, and sometimes neutrality, sometimes – sexuality and arousal. Such evening dress is extremely multifunctional in that sense. From the mood of a woman can depend reason for which she will wear this dress. The same little black dress can be combined with a variety of colors: red, blue, yellow and green – in general, with any.

Therefore, such evening dress can always be decorated with a scarf, jacket, belt, new jewelry, even decorations and then evening dress will become a brand new suit, kind of like a brand new evening dress.

From the economic point of view it is very convenient and cheap, extraordinary beautiful and stylish. Always stylish! The very form of the black evening dresses can vary greatly depending on the preferences of the women and designers who created this little dress. So every girl can choose a black dress according to her own preferences. In itself, this style of an evening dress is really perfect, and therefore always spotless.

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