The perfect evening dress: how it looks?

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White and black – the most contrasting colors that can not live without each other and complementary. You’ve probably noticed how identically sewed black and white evening dresses are radically different. Of course, you’ll say, white color symbolizes joy, and black – sorrow, but what unites them?
In fact, everything is relative, because in Spain white dresses wear grieving women, and modern brides are increasingly put on the black dresses. The combination of these two oppositions into one looks also amazing. I mean not only the classic black bottom and white top, but black lace on a white dress, white embroidery on the black fabric and many other variations.
If you are facing a dilemma, what evening dress is better to choose – black or white, listen to your mood, consider the requirements of the upcoming celebration and peculiarities of your figure. The classic black evening dress beneficially accentuates your shapes and elegance.
If you prefer things “with a twist”, you should pay attention to non-standard models that attract the eye. White evening dresses with well-chosen accessories will be the best reflection of your impeccable taste.
White dress is ideal for the summer, as you can demonstrate a great tan. In addition, the white dresses refresh and “rejuvenate” their owner, so they will perfect feet both a playful young girl and elegant lady in age.
The major street-fashion stars often choose black and white evening dresses, as even the most simple models look impressive: the Olsen sisters, Lindsay Lohan, Victoria Beckham, Kirsten Dunst, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Nicole Richie and many others. They serve an example for us in choosing the clothes: looking at their images, one wants to create the same look.
The perfect excuse to buy a white or black dress is springtime. If you want to spend a pleasant evening with your family, you should rule out a deep neckline and too short skirt, and turn to a light and feminine element of the decor: soft flounces, ruffles, appliqués. But you should not put on too many decorations – such details should only slightly emphasize the elegance and sophistication of the image.
This confirms the selection of clothes of many stars; a celebrity of any level – from Madonna and Nicole Kidman to the sisters Fanning and Kim Kardashian – have laconic black or white evening dress that perfectly highlights the natural and elegant everyday look.
Evening go out can also be a moment of glory for the well-chosen black or white dress. If a celebration is especially solemn, it is recommended to wear a floor-length black dress with a nice plume or with a feminine silhouette “hourglass”; extremely effective such models look with an open back. In white color looks great midi-length dress-case.

the perfect evening dress
White color is the main in the spring-summer palette and black color is always in fashion.
Black color bears mystique. Many women know this, and fully use the black evening dress as their outfit in order to interest others, especially men. And really, what man does not want to unravel the mysterious woman? A real man will never overlook a restrained beautiful woman in a black evening dress. Though, this dress is elegant and extravagant at the same time, it is not grim, and even sexual because of its dark tone, which emphasizes women’s white skin. Modern designers think much of this color, knowing its incredible strength and power. Black evening dress from any designer is a direct confirmation of this truth. Looking at such outfits you will remain conquered by their beauty and splendor.
The majestic and beautiful are long black evening dress. The girls in such dresses remind us those ladies for who elegantly groomed polite gentlemen in the past centuries. Dark tone is perfectly harmonies with a light skin, adding to the image attractiveness and mystery together. It depends only upon the woman how far to go and how to open her charms. Long sleeveless dress will open beautiful hands. High cut on the dress will force to look at slender legs; deep armhole – at the breast. Dress with decorative straps or strap on one shoulder, with an open back or fascinating cut-outs on the back, shoulders, waist allow to enjoy the charms of the body.
The fact that the black color slims and fits almost to everyone knows many of the fair sex. Therefore the popularity of black evening dress is understandable and explainable. Among the fashions of such attire can be find any. Long slinky black dress will make you look slimmer and more gracefully. Straight dress – will pull the silhouette and hides small problem places. Long black evening dress with a fluffy skirt will remind a wedding dress of the true princess in a distant age.
To find the perfect evening black dress – quite a difficult task. The correctly chosen dress will make your figure perfect. While choosing an evening dress you should pay attention to its length, fabric and trim: black dress should a little visually lengthen the figure.

Short black evening dress is the winning color contrast.

Restraint and elegance of the black color can create a variety of models of the fancy short cocktail dresses in this tone. Short mini dresses or knee-length dresses differ in design of the top and decorative elements, shape of the skirt, armholes and sleeves. Short black dress on one shoulder and strapless is in fashion this year. Beautiful and sweet look black evening dresses with sleeves. Fluffy skirt attracts with many flounces, slinky – emphasizes your forms.

Diluting the black color of the dress.

Black is considered to be a universal color. It is perfectly combined with other colors and tones. Breathtakingly beautiful is a dress in a classic combination of black and white. Such black and white dresses look very elegant. No less impressive is a combination of black and beige tones or pale pink. These dresses are gentle and sweet.
Red and black evening dress speaks about the passion and determination. Today, even brides wear black with red or purely red wedding dresses, in such a way discourage and surprise all around.
Green and black dresses attract with an interesting mix of colors. It is also an excellent option for New Year’s dress. Blue-black and gray-black dresses attract with a smooth transitions of dark and subdued tones. Ornaments of light tones look great on a black dress due to the contrast of dark background and light drawing.

Black evening dress: select your texture.

Variety of textures, from which designers created their evening dresses, makes each dress unique and beautiful in its own way. Reliability and nobility beckon the black dresses of velvet, suede and fur. Attract the attention glitter dresses of the satin. Dresses of a transparent chiffon, organza and tulle – struck by its openness and nude. Tender and unique are black lace dresses, through the ornaments of the lace one can see beautiful light skin of the woman.

Accessories for the evening dress.

Since black and white color is perfectly combined with other tones, it will be possible to add the shoes not only in black and white, but also in red, silver, blue tones. Perfectly looked accessories and shoes in one color, then all the details of dress will be a single set. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets can be made of silver. The girls will look chick decorating the black evening dress with a collar in contrasting white. And of course, you shouldn’t forget about an elegant handbag in tone to the dress or other accessories.

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