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People have already missing the warm sun and tired of the onerous shackles of the winter clothing. Collection of women’s stylish clothes will delight fashionistas with their bright colors, easy and free models. Women’s clothing is the way to express their emotions and feelings. It is not enough to dress beautifully; you need to follow the fashion trends and to translate them into reality. And in order to look like a million you should go with the times, pre-prepare for the season. In the modern world there is enough information that support the initiatives and that will help you to sort out in fashion trends.

Women’s fashion provides maximum flexibility in the choice of the style. This is the “ethnic” style, which serves not only for decoration but contrasting monotony. “Safari” emphasizes the femininity with their muted tones and loose robes, caught up with the belts. Very relevant is the careless style, as if you are dressed in a hurry, being late for the meeting of your life. The color scheme varied from pastel shades to rich and vibrant colors emphasizing individualism of each of the fair sex.
The designers of the entire world remind the fashionistas that they should not rely on other people when choosing the classy clothes because what suits one person is unlikely to fit the rest. Be unique and create your own image, without becoming the common imitator.

the most stylish clothesNo clothes can be really stylish, if it is not appropriate. Cocktail dresses are not suitable for a picnic, jeans, with rare exceptions, should not be worn for wedding and the high-heeled shoes out of place on the beach. Do not dress too pretentious or too modest. When choosing the clothes for any event, consider the weather, the company and the occasion – all this will have an impact on how you will look. For example, deep décolleté at a business meeting is not the best idea, as well as the sneakers with jeans and the t-shirt in a nightclub.

Avoid questionable combinations.

Unless you are a real expert in matters of style, do not try to combine, for example, the striped clothing with green polka dots. If in doubt about any combination, it is better to put on the solid color bottom with patterned top. Stripes, polka dots, floral and leopard prints are very nice, but with incorrect combination can look terrible. So, try to avoid all combinations in which you are not completely sure.

Vests as well, do not leave the fashion positions. They are decorated with sequins, embroidery and appliqué, strict and plain, in military style and casual, safari and glam rock. The designers have found the new forms. They extended the shoulder line, made it the most stylish clothes 2tough. One can achieve this with the help of the fabric or shoulder pads. Therefore, its best companions are the tight pants, shorts and skirts of the famous clothes brands.

There is a great variety of shorts. They made their way on the podium, shorts are everywhere the shorts – the clothing for leisure and sports. The fact is that the trendiest of them are not mini. They are similar to the cutoff up to the knee classic pants. It is the wonderful replacement of the office skirt. The most fashionable variant – all kinds of leather and cushy materials. They help to easily create the dandy style, which is suitable for both work and leisure. The length and cut allow to wear fashionable shorts not only girls. When choosing jumpsuits and shorts, the fashion houses offer the modern women to pay attention to such colors as neutral, black and white palette, rich turquoise, fuchsia and yellow.

Flowers and women are almost inseparable concept so, in the brightest time of the year – in the summer, the floral prints are especially important, while creating the perfect harmony with nature. Red roses and chrysanthemums, irises, tulips and other flowers will be presented by the designers. In fashion are the floral prints. Luxury flowers scattered on the tissue on the white and black background – this is one of the main trends of the season. The use of coupon fabrics with floral pattern is the sign of women’s stylish clothes.
Stylish fashion has touched and the styles. In the fashion returned loose and broad cuts. Wide blouses and tunics, hidden until the better times, may switch back to life and good housewives for their versatility and free form. Such models are complicated with fashionable in this season wide belts to accentuate the waist. Do not forget to complete any model with accessories, without which any outfit will look incomplete.

The collections of women’s stylish clothing did not leave unattended the feet of the lovely ladies. It is important in the new season to open the toe and it does not necessarily have to be shoes and sandals, even the boots have the open socks thus intriguing others. Fashionable will be the flip flops to which the master has attached the high heel, and in general, the heels will be very popular, as it will be decorated in various ways. It is desirable to purchase the ankle boots on square stable heels, shoes are out of competition. You can buy sandals with satin ribbons that are gracefully tied under the knee. Gaining the popularity shoes with rubber tires, they look elegant and interesting.

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