The most fashionable winter hats 2013

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What accessories are required in our girls’ wardrobes in cool autumn and especially in cold winter? Of course, these are women’s hats, knitted or fur, they care about our health in frost and cold thus giving us comfort. But the way any headdress is chosen not only for its convenience, but also because of the style and beauty, because of the impression it produces. With no doubt, among the great variety of cool winter hats, you have to choose the most elegant and sophisticated variants – we hope that you understand this.

Therefore, this review is entirely devoted to winter hast: beautiful, classic, interesting and unusual. And precisely those models, that would certainly be in the peak of popularity in the coming season. Let’s analyze the trends and see – what are the fashionable women’s hats of the coming year? More over the fashion designer paid much attention to headwear – they are well represented in the popular collections of Diane Von Frustenberg, Hermes and many other designers.
The conclusion suggests itself. The designers tell us that namely these hats would be the choice of the most demanding and exacting beauties. Therefore, the diversity of women’s knitted winter hats worth looking closer – let’s look at the chips, which promise to be vivid and impressive in the coming season. Then we will be able to choose not only interesting, but also perfectly underlines our delicate taste variants of headdresses.
On the wave of success would be knitted ladies winter hats – “stocking”, beautiful girls of all ages would like to wear it. This variant would create an interesting combination of light, underlined youth negligence and unobtrusive charm of a truly self-confident woman.
The designers tell us as well that simple and classic women’s knitted hat with flap will not lose its popularity – it would be also frequently worn. This is the headdress that in the upcoming season represents a practical, but perfectly elegant Casual style.

winter hats 2013But for lovers of the interesting variants we want to advise women cool winter hats with a pompon. They would definitely be noticeable and could distinguish a girl from the crowd. With such a childish positive, cheerful, optimistic, but at the same time in an adult way fashionable and popular hat you would be able easily, effectively and successfully emphasize its originality. Hats with a pompon are the fashion trend of winter 2013. Especially popular are similar fashion knitted hats among extravagant youth. Not every woman would dare to wear a hat with a pompom. Stylists note that the hats of this type better buy and wear girls to 25. Ushanka hat in this season won strong place on all podiums of the world. This model is very cozy and comfortable. It is the best model for creating a spectacular image. Like the ushanka hat, hat-owl would make other people to treat with envy your headgear.

Fashion designers offer the young women to spend this winter in the warm and cozy ushanka hat, which for many years takes one of the top positions among the fashionable hats. This season, in fashion are women ushanka hats in all designs, combined with colored or one-colored textile, with suede or leather top and knitted inserts. But you should find out how to wear this hat, because it does not winter hats 2013_2have femininity and grace. Some designers use the original design.

Original solution for owners of long hair would be cool hats with a hole. You can not only skip the tail of your hair through it, but also diversify the appearance with a beautiful braid or hairstyle. At the peak of popularity are knitted caps with a small pattern or pictures. They fit the most fragile and tiny women. Caps are perfect for almost all types of face and goes well with any thing from the winter woman’s wardrobe.

Flirtatious fur beret or playful cap would approach for lovers of more modest volumes, you should pay attention to a spectacular retro or original mode in the style of East turban in combination with a tight scarf – all this is interesting and fashionable. Fashionable decoration of this season are large buttons, bows or stylish brooches.

When searching the material for cap pay attention to the cow fur!

It may seem unusual but very original! And women’s fashion hats 2013 from the usual mohair or angora have got lacquered visors with the large buttons, in trend are also retro models of vintage thick felt, so do not worry, this year they would not live the podiums.
To the women’s attention are also offered unusual fur hats. Various photos in fashion magazines are full of models simulating real fluffy animals, such as kittens, tigers, panthers and other wildlife. While at first glance such hats look a little bit childish, but at the same time they are very beautiful and feminine. Such a model can be an excellent choice for the brave women who are not afraid to seem ridiculous and bizarre.
In the scope of this brief overview it is difficult to include all nuances of the popular and current trends. The main thing is that it is very easy to do the right choice – if you want to choose one of the cool winter hats, the variety of collections and description of trends shown above would help you. We have made this article so that you can buy the liked headdresses with ease.


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