The most fashionable winter clothes

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With the advent of each new season absolutely all the women begin to experience chop: what will bring the winter fashion for this time? We hasten to reassure you: the winter clothes  turned out to be extremely soft and pliable. In favor are the long and short coats, all kinds of fur – both artificial and natural, hats for every taste and color. Even the shoes will not put you in a strict framework. Neither in boots nor in leather boots without heels you will not look old-fashioned.

Fashion winter clothes  is designed for mostly on the slender and tall women, because they look ideal in the narrow pants and tight leggings. It is supposed to wear them with boots without the heels and with high leg. However, wearing these pants with studs, you just add the scores and will show to others that you are incredibly sexy. And what do the rest of the ladies, who, unfortunately can not boast of such model parameters? Cheer up!

Fashion stylists have taken care about the trousers by adding them into the list of this season’s classic. These beloved by many pants are slightly flared from the hips. They visually make the figure more slender, and its owner – a little higher. Another good variant of the winter clothes – is the straight trousers with high waist. Just do not forget that they should not be worn with short jackets – it is better to choose extended model, mid-thigh or even lower.
Sweaters, jackets and vests, what can we do without them in the winter? The only question is what kind to choose. So, the winter 2013 suggests that in the closet of every fashionista should be major long sweaters with the large knitting.
Collar of the middle size and the pastel colors: blue, pale rose, pale-green and ivory. The truth, if you are the supporter of the brighter palette, do not worry, the loophole was left here. This is the merry strip of all the colors of the rainbow.

winter clothesWhat jackets are fashionable this year? Without no doubt it is the jacket with large buttons. They can be made in the form of some animals, sea shells, stars, and letters of the alphabet. The largest – on the body, a little smaller – on the cuffs and collar.
It is good if the motif of the buttons coincide with the motive of the image on the cap. Let us assume – everywhere is the little golden key or panda. Vests in this year are highly desirable in any wardrobe. First of all, it is convenient: you can wear the vest on the work and on the walk in the snowy woods. In general – wherever you go, as an outer garment over the warm sweater. Secondly, it is stylish, whether the fur vest belted with a wide leather belt, leave someone indifferent? In short, you should hurry for the right purchase!
Taking into account the weather features (cold, wind, snow and rain), it’s better to give preference for warm long skirts. After all, they are at least partially will preserve your health. However, the most fashion designers do not walk and they do not know, how it is – wait for half an hour on icy bus stop. So, perhaps, and offer the weaker sex to wear short skirts in winter. Well, for some holiday this advice can be followed. For example, on the Christmas party one can put on a terrific mini skirt with studs and long leather coat. But in everyday life it is better to take care of yourself.

Designers have decided to prevent us from depression and offer the most extraordinary colors and their combinations in the entire winter clothes. Electric blue, crimson tones and bright gold – it’s so unusual, but extremely trendy.
Preference of the silhouettes remains the same – hourglass, that is, with an emphasis on the waist. Many people enjoy the leather. So, the leather pencil skirt is one of the favorites. Give preference to black color. Fashionable will be models made of fabrics with winter clothes 2reproductions of paintings, murals and photographs.

The most fashionable winter clothes.

Be sure to buy the sweater or pullover of the cold blue shade. You will fall into the top if you decide to refill your wardrobe with a knitted dress. Young ladies in winter can continue wearing colored pants and tights. If you feel a single drop of heroism, buy gothic suit. Drapery, embroidery and animal print – all this appeared in the clothes of the stars. You can do the same.
Jeans of the narrow cut (skins) are, as always, the most popular. The waist can now be not only too high, but low. The shortened jeans, in the winter season, maintained their popularity. They may be narrow with a low waist or a free cut with a belt. On many podiums were seen straight classic jeans that looked like regular pants. Would not give up their positions and returned to the fashion the flared jeans. Jeans  very in colors: khaki, navy blue (with vertical small scrapes), blue and white-blue.

The lovers of the classic would appreciate the geometric pattern on the dark background, in any attire. Creative natures will be able to give preference to the cool clothes with abstraction. At the peak of popularity are the fur waistcoats and velvet jackets.
For those who see the force in fashion, there is a military style. Be sure to pick up a sweater with jacquard pattern. In any clothes the military style will occur with square pockets and epaulets with gold buttons. Shiny leather – it is also the military trend. There are so many jackets in military style made of leather, as well as of fabrics of unusual colors: olive green, khaki, dark green and black. The obligatory attributes of such things are – expensive small pockets, buckles on the buttons, large belts and buckles.
Fashionable in this season is the jacket, made in oriental style. Chinese or Japanese style is shown by the young designer Jason Wu. These jackets can be made without a collar, narrow lapels and with blind fasteners. Very popular has become the model without fasteners and quite shortened.

And for romantic persons the skilled designers have developed many beautiful wool jackets with the ruffles and sequins. Very popular are the jackets made in men’s style. Such jackets have a strict and discreet look. This is just a classic! As a rule, they are buttoned on one button, or made with narrow lapels. And only its form-fitting will speak about its belonging to the female wardrobe. In no case do not hesitate of direct, strict shoulders of the jackets, in such cool clothes you can look feminine, independent and fine.

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