The most fashionable pants of the coming summer

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With the coming summer, the fashionable ladies vigorously start looking for pants that can give them the ultimate comfort without making compromise with the style. After all there is a need for guaranteeing that their favorite style will remain the same. In this article, we want to tell you about the models of pants, which will be the hit of this summer.

Perhaps there is no such a figure on which one can not pick up trousers that will excite the men’s hearts. If you have thin legs or full hips so, the pinstripe pants will hide it and accentuate your silhouette. That is the magic of women’s harem trousers. Due to its bulk form, all the women can wear them. Extra layer of fabric will protect against the sun and keeps the temperature due to good ventilation.
The variety of popular colors and fabrics are presented in many collections, but nothing replaces the direct hit – white harem trousers of cotton. White color is the universal, which gives the broad flight to your imagination. Try to wear white trousers with the light green or dark maroon vest or flower tunic. You can also make a bold move by wearing the T-shirt. From the shoes you can choose ballet flats, open sandals, flip flops or sandals. Everyone can find harem trousers to taste.

Jodhpur pants.

The Indian royal Jodhpur pants at first glance are the slightly modified versions of the harem pants. But it seems only due to their traditional lengthy form. In fact it is the oldest form, which combines the finesse and appeal of the East. This model will look superb on the woman with the seductive body forms and athletic legs. However, the purchase of the Jodhpur trousers is quite a dangerous game for the owners of large forms. Such women should choose the traditional large models, which will make them more attractive. With Jodhpur trousers are perfectly combined jackets with designer jewelry. In combination with cotton shirts, tunics and t-shirts you will look very stylish. Combine them with the shoes – high heels or sandals. Use contrasting colors for the top.

Stylish baggy pants.

fashionable pantsToday, a lot of young girls have in their wardrobes modern baggy trousers that look good in combination with tunics and short jackets, lacy tops, chiffon blouses and long scarves. But before buying, you should carefully consider the model, because in some cases, women’s baggy trousers are in an unfavorable light show the figure drawbacks.
Thus, to the owners of wide hips the designers recommend to purchase black baggy trousers and wear them with airy white blouses. One should avoid knitted tops and baggy shirts. Some baggy trousers narrows down, others have the same width along the entire length, and there are very long baggy trousers, as well as shortened version. Raising or lowering the cuff, you can vary the length of the trousers. The choice of fabrics is also diverse: for fancy trousers – silk, velvet and chiffon, for everyday wear – cotton, jersey and viscose. Accordingly, you can wear these baggy pants anywhere, even on the celebrations.

Pants with a cuff.

Girls, who love to be in the forefront of fashion, should look at this a style of trousers. Pants with cuffs are sewn from flowing knitted fabrics. The shoes should begin where ends the trouser’s cuffs and only with a few exceptions these pants should be tucked into boots.

Pajamas pants.

If you have muscular, athletic figure, this summer you have to buy pajamas long pants that will definitely become one of the most popular trends of this summer. Do not be afraid that they will give you the “sleeper” look. Today, there is a variety of colors and types of fabrics, but the best considered to be the pants, made of 100% or mixed cotton. But it is better to avoid in the summer trousers made of linen or wool fabric. Pajamas pants are suitable not only for walking and shopping, they will look great in the office. You only need to select the model which will be more suitable to a formal style. Wear it with colored short shirts, long tunics or T-shirts. Wear sandals for walking and high heels when you go to the office.


Such model of trousers is another popular trend of the 60-ies of the last century. In the new season layering will be in fashion, which will be a good addition to the fashionable pants-pipes. Such models of fashion pants can be worn with tunic or with a light dress. Pants-pipes look great in combination with the jacket and blouse, thus creating an unusual and at the same time elegant image.

Shortened trousers.

Yes, namely shortened trousers are very popular. This style of trousers more than once was in the hit and not just in this season. The huge popularity of these pants can be explained only by its beauty and practicality. Fashionable trousers  can be worn in summer and in winter. When choosing this style women are not afraid of the cold and slush. Striped pants of this style are declared one of the main trends of the season. Scale and the color of this or that print can be chosen according to your principles and interests, courage or austerity.
The designers also give place of honor in their collections to this style of trousers. Mostly the designers include such models in the summer and spring collections, but you can find them even in winter and wear with boots. Shortened pants  firmly took place on the pedestal of fashion and more than one year will be on the top.
Fashion pants  of the shortened style are suitable not only for a hike in the coffee or for a walk with friends – it can be the office variant as well. To the office you can wear the beautiful shortened trousers with the classic style and it will look very harmonious. Hollywood fashion and style icons like shortened pants  thus emphasizing that they are in the trend. Let’s listen to the opinion of fashionable pants 2Victoria Beckham, because she was seen wearing shortened navy pants, and in her latest collection spring-summer  she introduced the number of shortened classical models.
Among the designers there is the opinion that the classical style of trousers has to be revised and the fashionable pants  should become a little shorter. And it is this style should be fixed in the future as the classic. Vey soon all the pants will be slightly shortened. So, be ready to change your opinion on such fashion, sooner or later you will have to do it.

Fancy pants with nicely overestimated waist.

There is one more new direction or new perspective on fashion designers pants. Now, according to designer’s opinion the pants with nicely overestimated waist are the most beautiful. Namely these styles of trousers will appear on the storefront of boutiques during the whole new season. And the new pants  will be overestimated and a little shortened.
This direction is gaining its momentum in the old days and this season simply became the peak and the top of its popularity. The designers recalled retro style and make this in the new style and as the result got such interesting pants. Especially notable in designer collections were overestimated navy pants.

The wave of popularity of this style of trousers came to us from America and to be more precisely, the designer Furstenberg became the legislator of this trend in the world of fashion. Fashion pants in the collection of the designer took the most important and key role and thus attracted a lot of attention.
Overestimated waist of pants  should not be ignored, it is better to emphasize them with the beautiful belt of bright color. Let the belt will not be as wide as the waist, but still it will look better. Fashionable trousers  with such a belt will even more emphasize the peculiarities of your style.
If you have already decided to buy overestimated waist pants, it does not mean that they should be only narrowed or straight. Pants  are not limited by any boundaries. Trouser legs can be wide or in the style of riding breeches. One important thing is that all the hip and waist lines should smoothly come into each other and then the fancy pants will truly look beautiful on any figure.

Fashionable leggings.

A good solution for creation of the beautiful female image in this season will be the leggings. Bright and shiny material, bright prints allocate the leggings from the fashionistas’ wardrobes. The most important thing, when choosing leggings, is to choose the right panties, in order to have the most seductive look.

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