The little shoulder bags – fashionable trend

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Today you can choose any bag to the taste. Some people prefer compact clutches, others – bulk bags, which can hold a lot of things. However, the shoulder bag is appropriate in any wardrobe and will become the universal solution for most styles.

Most often these bags are made from lightweight and soft materials. This accessory is quite capacious, but it does not take up much space and frees your hand. However, despite all the convenience, not everyone knows how to bring into your wardrobe this universal model.
Bag over the shoulder is optimally combined with casual style. Skinny jeans, boots, jacket or trench – that perfect background for this bag would be more than appropriate. If in everyday life you prefer the more elegant clothes – high heels, form-fitting tops and tight skirts – just choose the most sophisticated model of the bags, more like the clutch on the strap. If you plan to attend the evening party or the restaurant, just take your bag in your hand or wear the strap over one shoulder.
You should not think that the bag over the shoulder has the limited scope. Appropriate model will look organically like with sports suit and with light sundresses.

If you want to buy the universal model, choose the shoulder bags of leather or suede with comfortable clasps of the average shape. the little shoulder bagsToday, you can find models that have detachable decor – so you can use this accessory for day and evening outs.
When choosing the bag over the shoulder, keep in mind that too large model with a wide strap will make your hips visually more massive. Regardless of the design and size, such accessory will give the whole image a certain carelessness and ease. When going to the business meeting one should wear such bag on one shoulder.

The size of these bags is not fixed; there are quite large “oxford” and small graceful models. The first one designed for study, work and rest: they are spacious enough and the rectangular shape allows you to conveniently place all the documents, notebooks and textbooks. Despite the presence of the long strap this kind of the bags can be attributed to the daily, the function of the portfolio allows it. Since these shoulder bags are preferred mostly by the young people, forever students and cosmopolitan people, then the color can be anything – from pastel, ending with neon and metallic shades.
Small bags with the shoulder strap are necessary for creation an ensemble with the cocktail or evening dress. For daytime outs the designers recommend choosing plain leather handbags decorated with the buckle or harness on the locks, completely covered with prints, two-colored or multi-colored.

And for the evening outs such bag should have rich decoration. Fashionable trends autumn-winter 2013-2014 offer bags decorated with rivets, colorful ornaments, stones and heavy metal adornments.
Men are not far behind the women, trying to keep up with the times and follow the fashion trends. Trying to meet the growing demand, more and more designers create new models, catering to their needs. Today’s the men’s shoulder bag is an integral part of the male image and a very original accessory.

Meanwhile, the British researchers in cooperation with the Association of manual therapy, suggest that with the increasing popularity of the shopping shoulder bags a great number of the stronger sex appeal to the chiropractor because of the back pain. The results of the social poll showed that those young people who did not want to ask for professional help, often suffer from the back pain. The organizers of the research determined that the average mass of such bags are more than six pounds. And with regular wearing of such cargo the spine is provided with the constant pressure on one side. And this causes the constant pain.
the little shoulder bags_2The doctors strongly advise men to wear the shoulder bags only with the most essential things, without burdening the wearing with the conventionally required weights. Also, when wearing this bag, you should regularly change the shoulder.

Materials and design.

The most popular of these bags are those that contain metal chains of white or yellow colors. The designers of the popular brand Dolce & Gabbana was one of the first which proposed to wear them with summer clothes. They presented their models in classic colors – black and white.
They looked very organic with the feminine lace dresses from the latest collections of this brand. However, they can be easily combined with fashionable tunics 2013, which at times are also very similar to the short-cut dresses. Some fashionistas have given the small shoulder bag the English name – “crossbody bag”. These “stylish things” were quickly released by the popular accessory manufacturers Armani Exchange, Banana Republic, Botkier, DKNY, Dooney & Bourke and others. Their value, according to the proposals of the online stores, varies from 150 to 300 dollars.

The sizes of the menaders sometimes look much more modest than the clutches 2013. Sometimes they have the size not more than the feminine hands, which, however, do not detract from their dignity and gives them the further refinement.
In fashion are as the leather small shoulder bags as well as textile. If you know how to knit, do not miss the chance to get the fashionable “hand-made” bag- more over the hand knitting is now in a special price. From the decor you can choose the leather and textile flowers, however, the skillful needlewoman may well make something similar from threads. Quite often the menaderies are decorated with pockets in the form of classic purses and long fringe, tassels, ribbons or drapes.
You can wear this small shoulder bag with almost any style of clothes, but they fit especially well with light summer dresses and leather skirts, jeans and shorts. For example, a good basis for combination with the shoulder bag can become the shorts and chiffon tunic or jeans with a fitting top and bolero.


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