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Some people believe that they run a risk when buying clothes on the fashion websites. However, you can not know from what material it is made and moreover, whether the size is suitable. That’s why we do not recommend purchasing clothes online without trying them on, as there is a high degree of probability that it can not mach you. In particular, this applies to shoes. Often happens that the footwear is of the wrong size, or the size is ok, but it is uncomfortable to walk. Therefore, if you have any doubts – it is better not to buy clothes online, especially abroad. Otherwise, then it will be extremely expensive and long to send thing back and return your money back.

What attracts the customers on the fashion websites?

Answering this question, we will miss the technical details and look at the most important for the buyer benefit. So, what attracts the customers in the online store?

  1.  The price. Quite logical is the fact that the product in the online store is cheaper: the owner of the site does not have to hire a large number of employees, rent a huge room and pay for its repair and maintenance. Respectively, there is no need to raise the price.
  2.  The diversity. Despite the fact that every man has his own taste, the internet has everything. Starting from the chewing gum and ending, for example, the car.
  3.  Save time and effort. For all the variety of products and services to buy clothes on the fashion websites does not require much of your time and effort: it is enough to sit at home or work behind the computer and type in the search engine Google or Yandex the search phrase such as “to buy bathrobe” and before you will be the list of Internet stores that sell the gowns. While you will be able to shop at any time of the day.
  4.  The information. Full description and characteristics of the product, its image, the customer reviews and the cost – all these is an integral part of the online store.
  5. The convenient method of payment. You need not, as in the regular store, carry with you, just in case, a lot of money that might not be enough. You determine the amount of your purchase and can pay cash upon the receipt or bank transfer (bank transfer, electronic payment systems, payment cards VISA and MASTERCARD).
  6.  Free delivery throughout the country. While in any way: by courier, mail or one of the many transport services (Autolux, Intime, Gunsel).

The most popular fashion websites.

the fashion websitesIt is very easy buying things on the clothes websites, especially in foreign. After choosing the favorite model, as a rule, you will have to register on the site or without registration point your address. Then pay the goods with the most convenient method. It could be credit card or electronic money. You can pay for purchases and through the conventional terminals that are everywhere.
In order to find good online stores it is desirable in the search engines y to indicate what you are looking for. This means you should not write “women’s clothing” but to clarify, for example, “online store of women’s jackets”. On the site pay attention to the conditions of delivery. Somewhere it can be free shipping when ordering the certain amount, but somewhere fee delivery. Then, when viewing the range it will be easier to navigate, how much it will cost plus the delivery.

More often the purchases are made not in the native clothing websites but in foreign. Indeed, the clothes in the online stores abroad are often cheaper. In addition, the majority of foreign stores operate according to the rule of “free delivery”, but the majority – not all. Therefore, when searching for foreign online stores do not add to the searching phrase – “free shipping”, if you want the free delivery. Shopping at online stores abroad is difficult because it requires knowledge of foreign language at least at the minimum level. Most the fashion websites 2online stores operate on English, so if you know English, the search and shopping will be easier.

The information you have to know.

  •  It is much easier and more convenient to buy clothes on the fashion websites, if the site has the good and thoughtful clothing catalog and the search engine – so you can save even more time and effort.
  •  The size often cases doubt even in the most experienced shoppers. Be careful, the dimensions vary depending on the type of clothing: shirts, pants, suits, underwear, outerwear, and from the manufacturer. Therefore, study in details the proposed store size charts. You can also take advantage of the serious online stores – delivery of goods in two sizes.
  •  When ordering show the maximum attention and if you will have any questions, please contact the store manager at the same time you will be able to clarify the good’s status.
  •  If you order in the first time, it is best to provide yourself with extra security. First off all, choose the courier delivery, and secondly, pay when receiving.
  •  Remember: if you do not fit the size of the ordered clothes, you have found any defect or you just did not like the product you have the right to return the it but not later than 14 days. You may also request the proof of the purchase.


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