The facts about the discount clothing

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The European traders for the first time began to use such commercial tool as the sales in the late 18th century, but since then, in principle, almost nothing has changed. Their popularity is due to the fact that they are beneficial to both – the seller and the buyer.

In addition, the discounts for the traders are beneficial as they allow them to get rid of excess production or stale goods. Also the discount clothing allows attracting more customers to the store. By the way, for many shops it is much more profitable to sell the goods from the last year with a big discount than keeping them in stock or utilize.

At present there are several kinds of sales, each of which is held by its specific purpose:

  •  The seasonal sales. The main purpose of the discounts is to sell the old things and make space for the new. It is the most popular form of sales, which is used by almost all the famous international brands;
  •  The liquidation. There are two types: the real, when the product is really sold with virtually no extra charge and “the fake” – firstly there are rumors about the closing of the store and then the sale is organized;
  •  The presentation of the new thing on the clothes shop. it is perhaps the most pleasant variant of sales, as really at very minimal cost you can buy the qualitative product, in addition, you can often get some discounts on the purchase of goods of this brand in the future;
  •  Disposal of non-liquid goods. It is organized in order to sell the products that are out of fashion or inferior to similar products of other brands, and therefore can not be sold at the original price. Typically, in order to attract the customers there is the additional advertising of the hot commodity that can be bought at the discount and not those goods that have to be sold, the price remains the same;
  •  The pseudo sales. Usually they are organized if the goods are not sold over a long time. In order to improve its promotion, the pseudo sales are arranged. The prices usually increase by the end of the season and then there are discounts, but often the cost of the goods at a discount even more than it was at the beginning of the season.

discount clothingTherefore it is recommended when making any purchases during the sales to study the proposed range very attentively.

Beware of, you can be tricked!

We all know all the sellers tricks about the clothes sale. And in spite of mutual understanding, we continue to peck at one and the same. The last place in the charts of the tricks gets the logo where you can buy two units of clothing for the price of one (of course at the price of that which is more expensive). In fact, it is 50% on the entire collection of old, but still the second thing is often limited to the certain items. Today it is widely spread to lure the clients only with discount. Frequently the discount progresses depending on purchased goods. The first product – 100% of the cost, the second – 70% and the third can be already less than 50%.
I think many of us have seen the fashion stores that sold out everything due to the closure. You have only three days, and then the shop will move or close! We hurry there, try the discount clothing on and buy. In a week we pass the same store and there is the new collection or even worse – the total sale.
VIP sales or private sales for owners of the gold cards. In fact, it is just the good option to test the demand for certain products in order to reduce the price. You are a wealthy man, if you have been invited to such an event and you are likely to buy something, if you already have come here – the situation requires. And tomorrow, these all will be available for everybody – no exclusivity. But you will be able to tell that you bought this suit on the “private sale” and this is a very significant plus.
Very often the old prices are crossed. It may happen even more than twice. But how nice to buy something for almost half the price! It is not necessary to trust the sellers who tell that everything that they have is in the room. This is often not the case.
Discounts on the boutique clothing are 70% and more. Does it seem unbelievable? Indeed, it is very rare. And it says only that the cost of the clothes was so high that the entire store is filled with pantry items to the eyeballs. Having bought the thing here, remember, in this shop the price of the product is over-prohibitive.
Remember, that exactly on the sales one can approximately estimate the real cost of clothing. It is worth mentioning and this kind of trick, as the announcement that the clothing, footwear and accessories, purchased during the sale, can not be returned or exchanged. This is the fiction and it is illegal. Moreover, the unscrupulous dealers often sell the low-quality products in these days.

How to resist?

discount clothing 2First of all, make a list of what you need to buy. It is not necessary to keep in mind. Write it down on the sheet of paper or on the phone. If it is the shopping before the holidays, you can make a list of people and what kind of gifts you are going to buy for everyone. Also try to isolate yourself from the euphoria caused by an avalanche of favorable offers. By doing this you will protect yourself from impulse purchases and save money for immediate celebration.
Another important and long-recognized way to save money while shopping – do not use the credit card. It is better to take the money that you have planned to spend and count only on this amount.
Do not think that buying discount clothing on the sale now, you save money for the coming months but buy the bunch of things. This is the wrong approach, as you run the risk in the future months to repay debts or to limit yourself to the usual things. The good opportunity to buy the qualitative cheap thing happens almost every month.
Do not make the purchases because of politeness. It can be difficult to refuse the seller who, as the mites digs into your pocket and persistently beat out your money, bringing new jackets, sweaters, dresses, shirts and skirts. Learn to say “no” – but without the coarseness. It is better to just laugh it off. And considering the level of professional skills of the majority of our vendors, you can easily enough get rid of them by saying you came just to see.
A good tactic of confrontation of the impulse purchases is to “spend the night” with the idea of thing that you wish. It is possible that in the morning the coat or dress will not seem so attractive. And if you will look on the internet and compare the prices in other stores – you can make the unequivocal opinion about whether you need this purchase.
Be sure to carefully inspect the bought thing. If you have any doubt of its quality and the seller persistently says that now all the clothes is of this style – feel free to turn around and look for another thing. The range, nowadays, is great. And do not think that the words of one or two vendors reflect the current fashion trends.
It is worth mentioning about the fashion boutique clothing. When buying the thing on sale of the last season, you risk not getting into the new fashion. And if suddenly it the following winter these boots will be considered as vulgar? Our advices: do not take the trendy things and do not take what is already wearing half of the freshmen. For men, generally, the best variant would be the classic.

What is the closed sale?

In recent years, much widespread became interesting private sales. In the West they have long been popular. Such private sales are considered an integral part of the shopping experience on the Internet. Stores that arrange the closed sales rather frequently update their catalog of products and make the huge discounts. The distinctive feature of these sales outlets is the limited number of things on offer. Discount is usually availably for a short period of time. For example, it may act night. However, the discounts on different categories of products can be found all the time.


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