The Cocktail Style: cheap cocktail dresses

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Cocktail dress appeared in the twenties of the last century in America; where on the private parties were served cocktails very popular among young girls. At that time in fashion were glittering tiaras, bright makeup and shiny glass beads. Especially popular was the twist, but it was very uncomfortable to dance in a dress with a long train. For this reason, dresses of fashionable women were shortened to a comfortable, but still a decent length just below the knee.

Cheap cocktail dresses were mostly made of shiny light fabric. Top of the dress was made using a small amount of fabric. At the beginning of the last century, flat-chested girls could afford such audacity. Cocktail image was supplemented with long beads and obligatory handbag made of shiny material.

The famous cocktail dresses.

One of the most famous cocktail dresses is the “little black dress” by Coco Chanel, which was created in 1926. Thanks to Coco Chanel the fashion has gone a completely different way. Elegant black dress, quite modest, without many details, with a shallow semicircle neckline was suitable for both parties and work.

Referred stile “little black dress” is relevant in our time, as women love to put on a little black dress for receptions and cocktail parties, the beginning of which is not later than seven in the evening. With the stability of the dress code, the design of the dress has changed its original features. Cocktail dress, above all, must be balanced, and if one zone is open, another zone should be covered. Modern fashion, however, increasingly recedes from this rule; it was shown on the fashion shows of cocktail dresses 2012-2013. Modern cocktail dresses can be not only self-colored, but also with various prints or with technology degrade.

The Cocktail Style: cheap cocktail dressesWith great popularity of retro style, today, it is quite possible to wear a dress stylized to “golden” twenties – a gold or beige regular style dress decorated with sequins or glitter. Desiring to have a more elegant dress, you should pay attention to the outfits from the fifties or sixties. At that time the dresses were with clear silhouette in the form of “hourglass”, with strict architectural forms, in deep and dramatic black or very relevant today – purple.

It is worth recalling the popular for many years the style “Babydoll”. Cocktail dresses 2012-2013 in this style, but without the unnecessary and frivolous details, with a trapezoid silhouette or just with a belt under the breasts, will perfectly approach a cocktail party.

In the wardrobe of every modern woman the cocktail dresses should be together with other basic things, such as, for example, jeans. It can be as cheap cocktail dresses as well as expensive designer. A classic cocktail dress is the short self-colored dress without collar and sleeves, elegant and similar to a little black dress from Coco Chanel. But as well as in all the other dresses, the designers constantly make some changes to the classic look of the cocktail dresses. In the autumn-winter 2012-2013 the fashion designers proposed very interesting and renewed models of cocktail dresses.

How to choose a cocktail dress 2012-2013?

When choosing a cocktail dress from the variety of models, first of all, you have to think about your figure and its peculiarities. Very slim girls will perfectly fit mini dresses, like Gucci. If you want to hide a wide bottom, you should pay attention to the dress with flowing skirt. To volume the bottom you have to select the cocktail dresses in the style of “Newlook” architectural forms. With all the love of designers to classic styles, the style “Babydoll” with its semi-transparent dresses in Greek style is ideal for those who want to mask a wide waist.

The legendary cocktail dresses.

The Hollywood actress of the sixties Audrey Hepburn was a big fan of cocktail dresses, she even appeared in a little black dress in the famous movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” In this film Holly Golayti, the heroine Audrey Hepburn, was dressed in a simple black dress with a necklace of pearls, which became the most legendary outfit in the world.

How to understand that it is a cocktail dress?

Cocktail dress is elegant but practical dress, the length of which can be up to the knee or slightly above. The cost of the cocktail dress is usually lower than the cost of the evening dress. But cheap cocktail dresses usually do not concede both in quality and design. This dress should be in laconic black or any neutral color, with simple cut and without unnecessary details.

What length should be a cocktail dress 2012-2013?

The length of the cocktail dress is one of its main characteristics. Though today, the designers represent a variety of models of such dresses with absolutely different length. The classic cocktail dress should be a little above the knee. Telling the truth, this is not a strict rule, and a cocktail dress can be up to the knee, and even up to mid-calf or ankle.

If you choose a cheap classical cocktail dress, remember that it may also be elegant and without unnecessary details.
Well-chosen accessories can help to fill the simplicity of the cocktail dress. One of the main accessories of the cocktail dress is the handbag – evening and shiny, it can be of bright color, unusual design or decorated with luxurious ornaments.

Shoes play an important role in the cocktail ensemble. Shoes can be of the same color as the cocktail dress or laconic black. Completely unacceptable is untidy and dirty shoes – such nuance as ugly and old shoes can spoil the common impression of the cocktail ensemble.

For the cocktail dress will perfectly approach as the classic high-heeled shoes, as well as low and even ballet flats. Usually, guests at cocktail parties spend much time standing up, therefore the choice of shoes is one of the most important, and if your legs are not accustomed to high-heeled shoes, do not wear them!


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