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Fashion of the next year will please us with the variety of original ideas, expressed in the form of bends, color variations and design delights. Famous brands and designers have prepared for us in 2013 many stylish models of shoes, which would certainly come to taste even the most demanding fashionista. So, let us see what is the fashionable footwear of the summer?

Summer is the time of bright colors, which should be present not only in nature but also in the dresses of the most stylish women of the city. During the last fashion week were presented the different women’s summer shoes that can be used for everyday and for romantic walks.
The famous couturier offers in the new season the sandals that became the embodiment of unusual designs. For example, Brian Atwood proposes this summer to wear shoes of bright turquoise color with closed-top and without heels. In order to the shoes were comfortable, the designer decides not to fix it on the heel but above the ankle with narrow or wide straps.
This summer the most popular model will be open-toed shoes. Many world-famous fashion designer agreed that the shoes of such type are in harmony with exclusive dresses of the season. And, speaking about the open-toed shoes, we mean not only sandals and court shoes, but boots and knee-high boots. It is well known that the shoes and summer boots of this type began to gain popularity back in the spring-summer  and exactly one year after these shoes will be on the peak of popularity. For example, Burak Uyan offers shoes on a low platform with a thin heel and the classic cut on his toes. Dolce & Gabbana claims that in the new season the most fashionable will be the sandals with multiple straps, the rounded noses and unconventional cuts on the toes.

the best summer shoesThe stylists recommend to choose the colored high-heeled shoes on the platform, on a small thick-heeled or on a hairpin – it is all up to you, as long as it is convenient and appropriate. The question about with what to wear it – do not bother too much, you can choose any shoes to match the clothes, they can be combined with the bag color or accessories and today’s fashion dictates the contrast between the shoes and clothing. Experiment and combine the most incongruous bright colors of shoes and clothing. But if you’re not so brave to experiment, choose the bright shoes and the clothes in neutral colors, it would perfectly accentuate rich color of shoes.
In case you want to buy women’s shoes on the platform so, choose on a high. Many fashion houses use it as the most important decorative element of their pairs. The form of the heel accepts not only traditional forms of studs column and wedgies, but others, including the round. Metal jewelry in the form of beads, chains, butterflies and flowers, buttons and other inclusions can decorate the fashionable summer shoes in different places. Among them can be also find another fashionable trend of this season – many buckles. The platform shoes look sexy and their owner feel more confident. The color palette of such shoes should be very bright. The designers offer a variety of variants of such shoes – with buckles, open-toed, backless, suede or crocodile leather, decorated with ribbons, sequins and mesh.

One more striking trend of this summer is the dainty women’s shoes with abstract patterns or floral print. These shoes look very feminine and original in any style. But one should know how to wear them while unskillfully chosen clothes can turn its possessor into the best summer shoes 2the clown and it is an unenviable role. These shoes will look better in combination with the clothes of the same print but of a larger size, or only one element of clothing can be with print, for example, top and for it you can pick up the plain skirt or trousers.
The studs would never leave the fashion catwalks. Every woman has in her wardrobe at least one pair of shoes with stiletto. In the coming season the stud is still relevant but the designers suggest experimenting with the original form of the stud, for example, in the form of the snake or intricately curved.

In the new collections the designers presented the shoes with trapezoidal and rectangular heels of lacquered or artificial crocodile leather. These shoes are appropriate not only for a dinner party, but also for an interview or a business meeting.
The novelty of the season became the transformers. They are designed to make it easier for the modern woman the matter of comfort and perfect appearance. These high-heeled women’s shoes, which if necessary can turn into comfortable ballerina flats.
This season the familiar to us summer boots will be somehow modified. Now it will be something between high boots and deep shoes. The main difference between them is the very high thin heel. The designer fantasy involves a lot of variants of shoes from suede up to the lace with metal parts and shiny decorations. These fashionable shoes can be worn in combination with stylish jackets, leather jackets and jeans clothing.

In contrast to the brutality of men’s shoes the women’s leg is again decorated with the classic court shoes with high hells or without them. Came back and the sharp, elongated sock, which were seen in the collections of Dior, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, it gives the leg the special delicacy. The sharp iron sock also remains relevant.
The trendy hit of the summer will be soft lace shoes. The owner of these shoes will look especially romantic and attractive. The designers used crystals and stones. They are always relevant for decoration of the festive footwear. They offer the sophisticated models of high heels with thin straps, decorated with rhinestones. These shoes are not intended for everyday use and fit only for special occasions.
We can not but mention the comfortable summer shoes that will allow your feet to rest while exploring the city or traveling. World couturiers have taken care of such footwear and presented on fashion shows the variety of variants of the fashionable and at the same time comfortable shoes for spring-summer. All presented models affect with the novelty and bright designs – these are models with application, made of metallic leather, with a contrasting platform, with a massive décor, with ribbons and many other elements.


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