The belts: fashion trends of the season

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The belt seems to be quite small and not noticeable clothing item. Think about how many times this little thin accessory saved your outfits! Properly selected, it is able to underline and complete the image, making it rich and refined.

Once this accessory performed only the simplest function – to keep the pants or the shirt from falling. Historical records indicate that the first straps appeared around the III millennium BC in Egypt and served for tying special loincloth – skhenti. These belts considered to be sacred and have long been used only by pharaohs and their approximate.
And so it went. The farmers belted the coats with a coarse rope; the Knights defended the vital areas of the body with the wide brown belt. A little later, wealthy citizens became richly decorate them with intricate metal fittings and semi-precious stones and show them to others as the symbol of their high status. Gradually the straps became no longer the prerogative of men, and having appeared in the skillful hands of the women they were completely transformed. They were made of delicate silk and satin, decorated with embroidery and precious buckles with complicated knots.
The materials for the autumn-winter collection are traditional: leather, suede and textile. In the decor there are no occasional buckles, rivets and trendy animal print. The texture of the fashionable accessory in most collections of the season is matt. There are very little varnished belts. The colors are universal – white, brown, black, gray and red.

How to wear?

First of all on its rightful place – the waist. Apart from the fact that the waist itself is the center of attention in many fashion collections of the season, it certainly should be more emphasized with the strap and not only in skirts and trousers, but also in outerwear – coats, jackets and fur coats. Incidentally, this is handy if you are tired of casual outfits. With the help of fashionable purple belt it can be the belts fashion trendscompletely transform. If it seems boring, move the belt on the hips – but not very low. You can also spice up your suit with the belt tied in an unusual way. For some reason, many designers have decided this autumn to tie the additional knot.
First of all should be noted the one-colored tight leather straps. They would suit for romantic and elegant ladies, gently embracing the waist in chiffon dresses or emphasizing the slacks. The main role is played by the color and texture of the belts. They can be made to match the main suit, gently accentuating the narrowest part of the female figure. They can be of bright contrasting color, shiny and lacquered, becoming a colorful emphasis of the dress, in the first place drawing attention. Typically, they are so elegant that do not require additional hardware, limiting with petite buckle or a bow.
Fashion white belt becomes stiff in form, overgrown with decorative details and metal buckles. An infinite number of variations allow you to tighten the maiden waist so as to give the silhouette of the lure. But to rush in the whirlpool with a head, that is, to buy the most trendy instances thoughtlessly is dangerous for the budget, so choose those models that do not lose relevance in the spring-summer season.
For confident women will suit an aggressive variant of any color and size with rivets. It will well complement the monochrome outfit in actual colors: black, burgundy, blue and green. As the accessories you can choose the boots of the ankle length and the leather bag with metal decoration.
For sweaters with large knighting, bulky cardigans and coats made of soft wool or cashmere the perfect companion would be thin but long belt. It should be wrapped several times around the waist to create the silhouette of the “hourglass”.
Strewn with sequins and even decorated with a bow, this belt not only will complement an evening outfit. It will add glamour to the dress with below the knee length or successfully dilutes the dress code at work. On the other hand, the brave fashionistas will enjoy the combination of a brilliant version of the white belt and leather. Black jeans with a high waist and a cute strap with sequins will also be completely organic look together. This version of the belt can fit into any set, so it is especially noteworthy.
The “trick” of the season became the double and triple straps. Once they were worn over long especially women’s clothing in ancient Greece, when for shortening the dress they had to wear not one, but two belts, making the double overlap. Later, the Persians began to wear several belts at once. But if the Greek women resorted to this only for aesthetic reasons, the Persians only because of the functionality – put on together the wider lower waist shoulder belt (belt for arms) and narrower belt for clothes. There were belts in several rows and in the history of Russia.

The choice is really big!

the belts fashion trends 2Without being limited with apparent uniqueness of this accessory the designers decided to go even further. Double and triple straps can be bright, colorful, made of different materials, of unequal widths and textures, with the noticeable accessories. In general, it is the squeak of the season. Do not be afraid to stand out from the crowd – purchasing the fashionable novelty you will not remain unnoticed – that’s for sure!
The thin red belt should be in the every girl’s wardrobe. It makes the bright accent on the waist and highlights the selected style. This may be the retro version with the dress or jeans with polka dots or echo of sea image with clothes in blue and white. It is necessary to add a small piece of accessory and the daytime outfit has the potential to transform into the successfully evening.
The snake-print acquired the new meaning in the accessories. It is a very courageous decision to join the pony fur and painting under the python, but it is not the only option that is worth paying attention to. Cool women belts of the snakeskin can be of different widths and colors. In this case, there are so many combinations to create and almost all of them will be harmonious.
Fabric belts are not as popular as the noted above, but all the same they took place in the latest designer collections. Textile and suede straps, along with leather, this fall belted the dresses, suits, skirts, evening dresses and sweaters – absolutely everything. The main thing – that it was right. Basically the textile belts repeat the basic costume material and fully in tune to it. Their buckles are generally made of the same cloth upholstered or non-existent – then the belt is simply tied with knot.
The super sexy wide girdle appeared in collections of many famous designers. Of course, with such an accessory your waistline will be perfectly fine. It is particularly well matched with the fluffy or pencil form skirt and that is especially pleasant, very wide girdle will fit for women with any complexion.
Of course, all the types of belts on this listing do not end, but all of the above specimens differ from the actual total weight of the accessories that will go with us the next season. This season, if you want to be all the rage, you need to purchase the red belt. After all, the well-chosen accessory – it is a good investment and for the current and the future fashion seasons. The belt is universal and always relevant, if not this season, so in the next. Buy the belts and easily create the new ones, in the most unexpected way!


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