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Today’s teenagers are not less demanding to their appearance than adults, so the teen clothing can be allocated in a separate section of clothing. There is a kind of fashion trend in clothing for teenagers, which is dictated not only by fashion house that specialize in children’s and teen clothing, but also by the large manufacturers of clothing for teenagers. In addition, the teen’s preferences both in the world of music, movies and sports affect the popularity of clothing.

Among all the diversity of the represented brands, any teen can find something special that correspond his created image. And if to be guided by the criteria that are taken into account when choosing the cloths, then you can easily find the popular fashion brands in the online store. This is not only the comfortable cut and high comfort in wearing, but the stylish decoration presented in the form of fashionable stitching and all sorts of effects of surfaces. This is typical to fashionable jeans – pants, skirts, shorts and jackets.
If to speak about the requirements for fashion, it is not only the labels and all sorts of trim parts, including – rivets and studs, but some indicators that point to the social class. Yes, the accessory to the particular stylish fashion flow for teens is very important. And if earlier one talked only about the bright emo so, today, many girls and boys prefer not only the street style, but thrash or modest minimalism.

Young people appreciate, above all, the practicality – exactly these qualities must be inherent in the proposed clothing. It does not matter, whether it is leggings or shorts – these wardrobe items must be very comfortable and not to lose its qualities already after the first wearing or washing. Contemporary fashionable teenage clothes differ with big variety of textures and colors.
The proposed brands of the fashion knitwear contain the practical elastane – thanks to its presence the things perfectly hugs the body. The purchased underwear sets or proposed sports suits from fashionable knitwear – would great emphasize the figure and create the feeling of comfort throughout the day.

teen clothingJeans, shorts and skirts made of natural materials – this is the perfect solution for those who prefer an active lifestyle. Large selection of the presented trendy leggings and tights – these details of the fashionable clothes for girls will allow adding the whole image more expressiveness and highlighting the beauty of the slender girl’s legs. They can be worn not only with fashionable knitted dresses and the short skirts-packs but with tunics-transformers, which after the transforming can compete with even the most stylish dresses.
Wide selection of fashionable knitwear  is also presented in the form of T-shirts, polo shirts, tops, pullovers, cardigans and boleros. Here are not only the fashionable stripes of all the colors but the popular jacquard, which can be combined with a trendy bright inserts executed from different textured materials.

Turtlenecks are very popular among the young people, which perfectly complement the fashionable in this season layered style. There is not only one colored models but bright colors with prints that imitate the star’s photos, texts, images, animals or cities. They are preferred by trendy hipsters – young people aged 14-25 years, as well as those who are used to appreciate, above all, the individuality and self-expression.

Fashionable  vests and kits are presented by the stylish knitwear – teenagers like all these elements of the wardrobe. Such teen clothing is practical and convenient enough – it can be dressed, going to the gym or planning to spend an active vocation. Wearing fashionable sneakers or shoes with such clothing, the teenager will always look stylish and feel his best.
Color solutions in this season stand out in two distinct directions. The first one is the practicality: the fabrics with military-print, mélange shades of gray. Quite possible are the combinations of bold military glamour, embroidery or bright prints of the rich shades on the gray color.
teen clothing 2The second direction is the freshness and here is a real riot of colors, from white to rich purple. Natural berry colors for girls’ dresses, emphasized-bright shades for boys: teen clothes harmoniously echoes with the general color schemes of this season while placing the growing emphasis. That is, if for adult attire will be appropriate, for example, the soft shade of blue, the teenagers can choose piercing turquoise. The scarves, hats, mittens, gloves and berets are offered as the supplement. This fashionable knitwear always in demand among teenagers and can perfectly complement their selected stylish image.

Clothes for teenagers, due to physiological characteristics of the child organism of this age, should meet the number of specific requirements that must be considered during its design.
Teenage body is in constant state of growth and development. Teenagers in comparison with adults have very thin, delicate skin. Fast cooling occurs due to the thin epithelium and a small amount of blood flowing in the thickness of the skin. So, the teenager’s skin in much lesser degree than in adults protects the body against external temperature variations. As a result, teen clothing should be warmer than in adults, in the cold, and should not create barriers for heat transfer in the summer. The clothing should correspond to the growth and size of the teen.

Teenagers clothing approaches the adult clothing so, it must meet the hygienic requirements for adult clothing. Thin and delicate teenagers skin requires during the designing and manufacturing of clothing to choose soft, hydroscopic and easily removable fabrics. Teen clothing should please the eye with its harmonic proportions, beautiful lines, well-chosen by color, pattern, texture and structure of fabrics and finishes. Clothing should be, first of all, light, does not restrict the movements and simple in use.
Of great importance for teen clothing is the silhouette and the shape, its design should ensure the freedom of movement, breathing and circulation. Outer clothing should be warm, light and does not restrict the movement. Tight-fitting clothing compresses the teen’s body and worsens his health. The models of the teen clothes have to match different physical characteristics, be simple and convenient in washing, cleaning and ironing.

Urban style today is also interesting with the variety of materials. They are no especially stringent requirements. Modern fashion for teens offers a great variety of fabrics, among which the most interesting are knitwear, denim, the mixture of natural and synthetic fibers. The knitwear meets the main requirements for clothes today, that is why the designers work with it with great interest.

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