Stylish trend of the season: cocktail dress

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Today the cocktail dress is one of the hits of fashionable wardrobes. A variety of colors and models provides flexibility and the ability to create a festive mood and irresistible look.

This is because the girl, woman looks in it especially attractive, so do not be surprised that the dress for social events becomes popular not only on fashionable hangouts, but on the youth discos, clubs and even on serious events such as going to the theater.

Elegance and femininity – the obligatory rules for cocktail dress. The concept of fashion, fashion tendencies of lengths, finishes and accessories are not so much important, more significant is that the dress have to be perfectly sewn fitting the figure. Hence the fabric is selected the most beautiful, which will emphasize the benefits of the figure: satin, velvet, taffeta, silk. According to its structure the cocktail dress, as a rule, has no collar and sleeves, but there is one secret: the more the dress open at the bottom, the more closed at the top.

Perhaps one is safe to say that in every fashionable girl, who will see what cocktail dresses offer a well-known brands in the coming season, will appear the mad desire to become the owner of the majority of represented outfits. Well, it’s time to get acquainted with the current trends of cocktail dresses 2013.

Fashionable stiles.

To one of the most topical styles of cocktail dresses can be regarded a figure-fitting dress-case with the length slightly above or to the knee, which occurs in the collections of such brands as Alberta Ferretti and Andrew Gn.
In the next season the fashion promoters offered the girl to make their image sexier, revealing not only the legs but the breast. Frank cocktail dresses for bold fashionable women offered the following fashion houses, John Richmond, Herve Leger and Vionnet.

The fans of the business style, for sure, will like strict cocktail dresses with playful cuts in the décolleté. Such models proposed many brands including Badgley Mishka and Jason Wu.

Fashionable women, who choose elegant models that differ in slim designs, have to try on cocktail dresses – trapeze. The owners of similar models with various accessories can add zest or emphasize their individuality.
Stylish trend of the season: cocktail dressThis season especially popular will become amazingly beautiful dresses-bustier – these are an elegant option as in Zoe Jordan and an elegant golden dress from Zac Posen.
Girls who welcome retro style, just have to pay their attention to the original models, and sometimes playful dresses, made in the spirit of the 50’s – a fitting top, lush bottom and thin waist. One can find similar models in such fashion houses as Giles, Christian Dior and Dolce and Gabbana.

Materials and decorations.

For cocktail dresses should be chosen the right accessories: small handbag, better on a chain than on a strap, thin stockings or tights and elegant shoes suitable to the color of the dress. From jewelry universal are pearls. In a cold season the open dress can be supplemented with new accessories such as wraps, but the color should harmonize with a dress or a short jacket.

Creating their cocktail dresses, the famous designers often used the following materials: silk, chiffon, satin, lace, and even leather. While some designers have demonstrated quite laconic models of cocktail dresses, the others do not stint on decoration and finishing. For example, Roberto Cavalli decorated his models with embroidery and sparkling sequins and Blumarine – with glittering rhinestones.


Fashionable colors for cocktail dresses 2013 became black, red, blue and white. For fashionable women some brands offer more bold colors – blue, pink and gold. To create a unique image, you can pay attention to the bright dresses with prints – these are the flowers from Milly and pictures from Giles.

The choice of fashionable cocktail dress is largely determined by style and taste preferences of the women. Knowing what models are the most fashionable you will not get lost among such variety.

Little black dress.

It is not a secret that in the closet of every woman should necessarily be a little black cocktail dress. However, one should not forget that the fashion of the next year will dictate its rules, telling us of lace and fringe. For many decades, black cocktail dress is a real treasure, so all the ladies of all over the world are free to choose it as presentation of their personal style. And in case you supplement your black dress with some accessories, it can become a unique product of your imagination.

Polka dots are back in fashion.

An incredible charm to the female image in spring-summer 2013 can give cocktail dresses in black and white polka dots. These dresses on any girl will look stylish and be appropriate for any party. Dresses can be both in large and small dots. The concept is uncomplicated and very simple, but the result is beyond praise.

Cocktail dresses 2013 – seductive sweetie.

One of the most fashionable trends in 2013 is the blue color in various shades. At the peak of popularity are the following colors of cocktail dresses: heavenly cornflower, blue, aqua, midnight blue, ultramarine, navy blue, cobalt and sapphire. In autumn better will look dresses with greenish blue and in spring cocktail dresses in light blue.

Dress for the New Year 2013.

In winter we do not often have the opportunity to dress nicely and show off the clothes – the cold weather dictates its own rules, so the usual office style unwittingly becomes our favorite. Of course, such clothing can be also stylish and trendy, but it can not be compared with a chic evening dress. So we will not miss a chance to appear in all our glory at the most bright and cheerful upcoming holiday- New Year! Cocktail dress – that’s what will help you to demonstrate all your femininity and elegance, not by chance a little black dress from Chanel is a byword and an example to follow.

The main advantage of these dresses – a good cut and design which emphasize the beautiful forms. At the same time you would not have to flounder in the long hem. For the New Year’s dresses is usually chosen chic and sophisticated fabrics – brocade, velvet, taffeta, jacquard. Decor suitable for these dresses – elegant lace, fur inserts, sparkling sequins and embroidery with gold or silver threads.

Color scheme will be chosen according to the holiday and tastes of the symbol of the coming year – the Snake. So, first of all we turn to the classic black color. The dress can be fully black, but not to look too severe, you may choose a dress made of shiny, iridescent fabric. Looks really amazing the black dress with lace inserts. The girls, who want to show their slender legs, should choose a dress with sequin finishing at the hem. Madly fashionable to combine femininity with brutality, so you should opt for a black leather dress decorated with fur or metallic accessories. Elegant and easy variant is a mini-dress with a corset and a fluffy skirt. But you should pick up the shoes with high heels and silver jewelry. Stunning holiday variant is a gown of gold color. Choosing such a dress you have to be very attentive and to show all your taste, or you will like a discharged doll. The fact is that the luxurious golden fabric in itself is self sufficient and does not require superfluous decoration. Therefore, the dress should be of simple cut, with no pompous finishes and then it will look fine. Looks great the combination of gold with black.

For a New Year you may also choose dresses of blue or green shades, silver and white. Along with the pastel colors relevant are bright orange and red.

Still remain popular the dress-case. Originally and funny look dresses with an asymmetrical bottom; they successfully combine various textures, such as a tight top with a light flying skirt. The strapless dress – this is a very seductive style, especially if the dress is decorated with special cups which lift the bust. Sometimes the top is decorated with ruffles – these visually enlarge a small breast. The “peppercorn” of the fairly strict in silhouette dress will become a deep cut on the back. Decorated with lace or rhinestones, it looks incredibly sexy. No less fascinating are original cuts in the waist.

Take a look at another hot trend – dresses which bare one shoulder. Since the cocktail dresses often open the legs, take care of beautiful shoes. In the trend are shoes in combination with suitable stockings to the knees or slightly above. No less successfully will look ankle boots or high boots made of leather, suede and velvet. May your New Year’s outfit be as beautiful and bright as the rest of the coming year!

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