Stylish knitted hats of this season

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Knitted hat is an essential part of the wardrobe of modern active women. Wearing fashionable knitted hats you can easily give your external appearance a certain zest. Knitted hat can be perfectly combined with the fur coat and down jackets. Besides, this is almost the only accessory that can warm us in the winter and protection from cold and wind. Properly chosen knitted hat would never spoil the color and the proportions of your face. This season the designers propose us stylish knitted hats 2013.
Even the most beautiful hat can decorate or ruin everything. Incorrectly chosen headdress would not highlight the proportionality of your figure because it reduces or increases the size of the head. When trying on a headdress, you should look attentively in the mirror to see how it matches. The mirror must be full-length.
When choosing a knitted hat you have to be very attention to the color. The main colors of the autumn-winter season are white, gray, black, beige, mustard, green, blue, pink and purple. The color of the hat should be chosen strictly individual. This winter fashion patterns on hats often correspond to Norwegian and jacquard style. Animalism is on fashion peak. Images of different animals and birds decorate fashionable beanies hats. Horizontal stripes can again be seen in the collections of famous designers, only now they are large enough with not strongly expressed contrasting colors.

This year hat with flap and hats-caps are actively decorated with crystals and sequins. Have not gone unnoticed and brooches. Just one brooch can liven up even the most unattractive knitted hat. For tender and romantic women ideal variant would be the knitted hat with a flower. It must be necessarily knitted from the same threads as the rest of the product. The shade of the flower can be different, stylish knitted hats of this seasonbut not too bright. To this image you can add knitted scarf of bright threads.
Hats with a pompon are the fashion trend of winter 2013. Especially popular are similar fashion knitted hats among extravagant youth. Not every woman would dare to wear a hat with a pompom. Stylists note that the hats of this type better buy and wear girls to 25. Ushanka hat in this season won strong place on all podiums of the world. This model is very cozy and comfortable. It is the best model for creating a spectacular image. Like the ushanka hat, hat-owl would make other people to treat with envy your headgear.
Original solution for owners of long hair would be a hat with a hole. You can not only skip the tail of your hair through it, but also diversify the appearance with a beautiful braid or hairstyle. At the peak of popularity are knitted caps with a small pattern or pictures. They fit the most fragile and tiny women. Caps are perfect for almost all types of face and goes well with any thing from the winter woman’s wardrobe.
In the 20th of the last century male small-caps enjoyed a great popularity among women. Fashionistas of that time quickly trimmed their luxurious long hair. Caps-klosh suddenly appeared in all wardrobes. They are characterized by a deep and rather high top. This beanies hat is as a rule made of a fine material with a circular section. It is more than just a hat and is suitable for autumn. There are variants of such hats made of cashmere and angora. Decoration of this hats-klosh can be leather band with a bow or buckle.
Many fashion designers offer the young women to spend this winter in the warm and cozy ushanka hat, which for many years takes one of the top positions among the fashionable hats. This season, in fashion are women ushanka hats in all designs, combined with colored or one-colored textile, with suede or leather top and knitted inserts. But you should find out how to wear this hat, because it does not have femininity and grace. Some designers use the original design.
Christian Dior in this season offered our attention knitted beanies hats made of angora. This model is in a minimalistic style, is close to the head and without any decoration. Winter collection of hair accessories Anna Sui is full of various shades of colors. Knitted hats are decorated so abundantly that look as a real work of art. Anna Sui as well proposes to wear knitted hats. She is sure that it should not only warm you but also add mysterious image with its funny elements.

How to choose a stylish women’s knitted hat?

The most important criterion for choosing a knitted headdress is its convenience and the ability to warm in the cold. This largely depends on the composition of the yarn. Particularly preferred are compositions of wool combined with the synthetics. The product of this yarn will be pleasant to the touch and permanently retain its original shape.
By the way, knitted hats and styles should be chosen, focusing on the shape of your face. Thus, volumetric models are suitable only for high girls, while tiny and fragile girls can lost. Girls with a narrow face should pay attention to hats of geometric shapes and with a wide – on the models with a large breeding. You can hide the wide cheekbones with the help of the ushanka hats or any asymmetrical elements.
Thus, the properly chosen women’s knitted hat would not be always appropriate, but would become a stylish accessory and highlight the advantages of your appearance.
It should be noted that you should not unthinkingly adopt all fashion trends. This rule is important when choosing a style and color of the hat. Even the most beautiful face can spoil the wrong color of the hat. And shortcomings which arise from incorrect chosen beanies hats could negatively affect your entire clothing and accessories.
Unusual in its form knitted hats 2013 would necessarily become a great helper for you in creation of your own unique style this winter. With their help you would gain more confidence and real style.

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