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If a woman dominates not only in the kitchen, behind the washing machine or in the nursery, with an iron, vacuum cleaner and various hometasks, so, she is the working mom and she needs to know everything about the formal wear. Or until not the mother, but she certainly works! Woman should always remain feminine, attractive and stylish everywhere: on the treadmill, in the theater and, of course, at work. Especially in the office, there most likely, a little more competition than at the ironing board.

So, the office style took place on a very young business style, which in turn took the beginning from the classics and England Puritanism. The direction is the same; the only difference is that the English style does not allow any deviation from tradition and classic – inflexible vector of severity and the official business (office) style – it is a mix of classic and functionality, flavored with fashion.
The same severity of the tailoring, elegance of materials and sophistication of accessories, but practically entirely dictated by the contemporary. If there is a dress code at work – it is appropriate to recall the costumes in the English style. Black and white dresses and the mandatory presence of a jacket. Inherent attributes of the office fashion – classic footwear and strict dresses. Hands, neck, face and legs below the knee may remain open.
If the dress code in the company is limited to strict formal wear – so, it is time of your fantasy! Office fashion can also include elements of country and military style, and even sports. Of course, the raspberry slinky dress or sneakers to the office – it’s not just a digression – it is the pure frivolity. But you should not limit only with the “penguin suit“!

So you are the business woman. Or you have to work in the office that observes strict business dress code. Or you just want to give your style more “business” shade. Let’s consider the basic principles of the office wardrobe. Despite the fact that different organizations can change some elements of the business style under their corporate system, the basic elements are always the same.
The classic version of the office clothes – the suite with a skirt or trousers. Now there are practically no restrictions on the pants for stylish forma wearwomen. So, many business women choose exactly pantsuits as the more functional and comfortable.

Jackets, as the part of the modern work clothes, can be very different: single-breasted or double-breasted, with classical length or up to the waist, with zipper or other original details. The main thing – the business jacket should be made of expensive fabrics, have a good and quite strict cut, but the costumes that allow “frivolity” (bright colors, expressions of sexuality and everything else that is not related to the convenience and the stringency) in the business world considered as not appropriate.
Especially popular are the single-breasted jackets up to the waist which slightly tight the figure. Free cut skirt will be a great addition to the jacket in this style. Although, it is allowed to wear the jacket unbuttoned.

Fashionable and entirely appropriate part of the business suit can become the decoration – stylish and discreet brooch, which is often used as the fastener. Keep in mind that the brooches should not only be in harmony with the color of the jacket, but also made from the natural materials.
When choosing the formal wear, do not forget that the schedule may include the business lunch or dinner. Respectively, your suit should be stylish enough to be worn including the restaurant. It is desirable to have in the wardrobe a few business suits to change them more often (it is desirable to change the costumes every day).

Universally recognized attribute of the business clothes is the white blouse (if the dress code is not strict, pastel shades are possible) with cuffs. However, the modern business lady can afford and other variants of the “top”, including the jacket on the naked body (of course, if the jacket has a small cutout).
When choosing the style of the blouse, one should consider not only the rules of the dress code, but also the peculiarities of the figure. Long blouses allow to visually lengthening the silhouette. If to wear the long enough shirts with an emphasis on the upper torso, for example, with a zipper, it will distract attention from the big thighs.

If you are the owner of the plump waist and hips it is better to choose the loose blouse, which will hide your drawbacks. The shirt and blouse with a collar and a zipper on the strip will visually lengthen the neck.
stylish forma wear 2As for the styles and the lengths of the skirts so, the work clothes have to be very conservative: the most acceptable form is the straight skirt, slightly narrowed at the bottom up to the middle of the knee. However, in the last paragraph can be done the digression, you can choose the skirt a little above the knee or a long skirt. Maximum cut can be 10 cm.
Cut of the pants are also very restrained: straight, slightly narrowed at the bottom. The pipes or, conversely, the wide trousers are not counted to be the business wear. Accessories of the business woman are the watch, good leather bag of the accurate form, stylish accents can be made with a help of a tie or a short light scarves.

Materials and colors.

The business suit, made in accordance with the modern trendy fashion, always looks dignified, as if is sewn from expensive quality material. Cheaper counterparts will look worse and serve less. The clear lines, pastel palette: gray, white, black – are the traditional colors with multiple shades. When adding to the costume the bright spot in the form of the colored blouse, you should always remember that the brighter element, the more modest and more severe it should be.
Having in the wardrobe a couple of expensive quality toilets, you can combine them, by adding elegant variety in everyday business life. Despite the fact that transparency and sparkles in the office suites are unacceptable, each business woman can keep femininity and individuality.

German psychologists believe that the women allow three major errors when choosing the work clothes:

  •  when choosing the clothing they completely rely on fashion magazines, forgetting about their personality and peculiarities of the figure;
  •  they tend to exaggerate the importance of their own attractiveness;
  •  they let their social background influence their style.

Since the business style of clothing allows men less diversity so, they make fewer errors and mistakes, but in any case they also adversely affect the promotion. Business reputation can be spoiled by too careless or slovenly appearance, or, conversely, overly pretentious manner of dressing. U.S. researchers have found that the most preferred, from the standpoint of the employers for job applicants, is the conservative style. The most appropriate is the tailored suit, shoulder-length hair, classic shoes, handbag and the earrings.

Typically, in banks, financial and trading companies the most strictly adhere to the conservative business casual attire for women. However, in some firms it is allowed on Fridays to come to work in the freer and less restrictive clothing. In some companies, working in the field of tourism and entertainment, on the contrary, the strict style is rejected.
Their employees should wear free sports style in order the customers have associations with leisure and travel. American specialists believe that to succeed in business clothes, you must:

  •  follow the code of your firm;
  •  within the framework of the code, choose the color and style that best fit you;
  •  if you wear jewelry, it should be elegant and rigorous, but not flashy, bright or too big. The jewelry should not look like jewelry for the ball gown which is appropriate to wear to a gala evening;
  •  any part of your outfit, from the shoes to tie or bobby pins in her hair should be in harmony with the other elements and kept in perfect form: shoes polished, the folds on the pants or a dress carefully ironed.

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