Stylish cape coat will adorn any woman

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The cape coat is the absolutely free silhouette, suitable for everybody, regardless of size or age. Sometimes the models are equipped with original collars, sometimes with buttons or original hem. Originally this coat was the peace of clothing of warm fabrics with the whole for the head.

Comfortable, stylish and elegant coat is in daily wardrobe of almost every progressive woman who is not only looking for the popular trends, but also seeks to highlight all the indisputable advantages of her own figure. And since someone has not yet have in the daily luggage such beautiful coat, then looking through the collections of famous brands, you will probably find something to your taste.
It is impossible not to note that various models of the coat have been proposed almost in any collection of spring-autumn. Demonstrated models distinguish with elegance, style and ability to emphasize the natural femininity. Another undeniable trend of the coming season will be the model of the coats, creating the kind of extraordinary cape coat.
The demonstrated models not only decorate any specific figures, but also emphasize the elegant sense of style of its owner. Luxurious look and cashmere cape coat of the free cut that can be worn unbuttoned and, if desired, they can be emphasized with the belt. For example, Jil Sander combines similar models with three-quarter sleeves with evening dresses and leather clutches that certainly create the image of the strong lady.

On the big podium can be seen and other more elegant styles of the ladies’ coats: the same form of the O-shaped pattern in the collection of Acne or straight cut by Elie Saab. The leader among the popular styles of the coats, as before, remains the model hourglass, with the emphasis on the narrow waist. These models offer nearly all the brands such as Burberry, Christian Dior, Alberta stylish cape coatFerretti.

In vogue is the coat  with stand-up collar. Designers have also prepared and other cute surprises for the admirers of the retro style – double-breasted models with lapels, epaulets and buttons in 2 rows and also the model with stand-up collar, which resemble the army greatcoat.
Creating their own masterpieces the artists demonstrated imagination and respect of colors. In spite of this, on the podium there were also plain models, both of light and dark colors. Some designers have added the classic version the “distinctive sound”. For example, the brand Versace decorated the coat with embroidered crosses, the popular house Prada with stones and Dolce and Gabbana with gold embroidery. The coat  was decorated with diverse prints – in the form of flowers – Antonio Marras, art sketches – Dries Van Noten, animal prints – Ralph Lauren.
In addition to the classic fabrics that have been used by the designers for the fashion coats – whether it is cashmere, wool or tweed, the masters shown on the large podium the abundance of the knitting patterns and the fashion cape coat  corresponds with this trend. Comfortable knitted models primarily with the belt not only emphasize the benefits of the figure, but also emphasize the femininity of its owners.
While choosing the fashionable coat, you can safely carry out an experiment with the length – fashionable can be and stylish coat and refined maxi model, and the comfortable model with the length to the knee.
As long as you do not have a cape coat, you have to buy one of the models! Never before the fashion struck us with such a huge selection of models, as in this season! This, nothing else similar thing, that came to us from the era of Westerns, will be appreciated by everyone. Choose the cape coat made of wool, knitwear, cashmere, leather, with fur inserts or made of thin suede.
What models of the cape coats do you prefer? Do you like cape coat or do you think that it is the clothes for full people or ethnic lovers?

With what to wear the cape coat?

It is believed that the cape coat is suitable for both full and skinny girls. But you should be very careful when choosing this outerwear. Full girls should abandon bulk models with horizontal patterns and prints. The cape coat will help to hide the flaws of your figure. It is better to wear the poncho with simple elegant things, because in itself the cape coat is the bright clothing. So, it is better to wear this coat with narrow pants or jeans, the form-fitting dress or skirt to the knee. It is advisable to choose the shoes with heels or wedge heels, to visually add the growth, while the cape coat “eats” a few centimeters. If the coat is long, it is enough to wear the leggings with high boots. Add to the image the high gloves or wide hat.

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