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A few years ago, they re-appeared in the collections and since that time women can not part with their fashionable and extremely comfortable big bags! Designers willingly go on about their fans and do not release the big bags of the trend. The large bags gained their popularity for a reason: they are really easy in use and allows you to bring not only the phone and makeup, but also the full set of all necessary things that every woman needs. The small bags, for all their beauty, are for “public events”. While the large bag – the variant for every day, comfortable and functional.

The most popular version of the large bag is the bag with several compartments and two wide handles, designed to be worn on the shoulder. As a rule, it has the overhead outside pockets, employees, first of all, as the part of the design and, then, to hold small things.
However, there are also the models without pockets. They usually have very nice texture of the leather and smooth surface of the bag allows you to see how it should be. Also a very practical variant may be reticule or suitcase.
These are traditionally traveling bags that the designers have long noticed and taken into account. Now, the stylish suitcases with interesting finishes are worn by many urban fashionistas. Also remain in the trend the feminine backpacks. Although, the backpacks are traditionally associated with the sport, it has found its place in the modern fashion.

These convenient bags have undergone their evolution and now you can easily find the stunning feminine fashion collections of the backpacks. By the way, the backpack is the most convenient form of the bag and, moreover, provides uniform load on the back. Another type of the fashion large bag is the so-called courier bag.
They are preferred by the girls who like the casual style. The courier bag allows freeing the hands and putting into it everything possible. Large bags are traditionally made of soft leather or suede. Remain relevant various inserts and unusual texture of the leather.
However, the textile and knitted bags are also very relevant and in demand: many fashionistas want to diversify their style with bright stylish big bagsunusual items. One of the essential elements is the bright accessories. Larger bags always have interesting and beautiful locks and buckles.

Often, they are decorated with metal elements and buttons. Also popular are the elements made of lace, rhinestones and decorative inserts. Rich varieties of jewelry allow even the large bag look stylish and emphasize the feminine image.
The most popular colors for this season are all shades of brown and red palette: chocolate, orange, terracotta and brick. However, if you really want to, you can always find the bright bag or plain black. The color of the accessories – it is completely your choice, dictated by the color gamut of the wardrobe and your personal preferences.
Fashionable carry bags – it is the choice of practical modern women who value convenience in everything and want to look at the same time stylish and to be in the trend. When choosing the big bag, you have to consider the following factors: its capacity, the number of branches and additional pockets and, of course, the texture of the material.
The large bag is an everyday variant, so it can be combined with most of your wardrobe that the image remained fashionable and stylish.

Why do women prefer the big bag small?

The women’s bag is the subject of men’s ridicule. The point, of course, is not in compliance trends. Men are in terror when they see you are trying to fasten the tiny handbag stuffed top to bottom with, of course, necessary things. We, in turn, do not understand how man can do without the bag, displaying into the pockets the most important things – keys, phone and wallet.
The reason for this controversy is the purely feminine feature to take an endless number of things from home. One would think, why? Well, you go to work and going to stay there for eight hours. All you need is the phone for communication, the keys to get back home, purse to pay for services and a couple of women “knickknacks” – men considered so. But in fact, any woman will go to work with this set of things; she will take with her everything she could carry. Men consider this feature the insanity, but in reality, it is only the women’s foresight.

Makeup can go bad, the hands can get dirty, the head might get sick – makeup, wet and dry wipes, tablets. Pen, if suddenly you will need to write something, headphones for the player, if you would like to listen to music, jacket to keep warm, deodorant, to be always up to date. Personal hygiene items, a bottle of perfume and of course the jewelry.
And here you already stand in front of the big bag, which is full of things worthy of being carried away from your home. You have to stylish big bags_2sacrifice something to fasten the bag. Eventually, there comes the moment when necessary things are not at hand to help you out in this situation, because you left it at home.

That’s why every month the large handbags rapidly gaining the popularity. Especially appreciated are the spacious bags which at the same time will not look at your fragile shoulders as trunks. Practicality and beauty – it is the ideal formula for the bags. Depending on how you prefer to wear your mini luggage – throwing the straps over the shoulder or in your hand – you need to choose the bag with short or long handles. The most common choices are the adjustable handle which allows depending on the situation to adjust the desired length.
Of course, the big bags have drawbacks. For example, this is so familiar and yet each time wildly annoying situation – small things like flash cards or chewing gums are lost somewhere in the bottom among the a variety of things so you can not find it.
Moreover it often occurs at a time when lost somewhere at the very bottom object is needed at this very moment. In addition, even the large bag has a limit and if you do not want the handles would broken after a week of use.
However, the presence of disadvantages does not diminish the value of the large bags. Incidentally, most star personalities who have to constantly posture for the cameras, choose exactly the large cool bags, because there can be put awfully nice decorative dog – the necessary attribute of the secular lioness. Anyway, the capacious bags are ideal for ordinary working day, walking, trips out of town.
But what about the evening outs to the party, and even more so, in the reception you would not be able to roll up a huge bag. It will be uncomfortable and also vulgar. And then, how many things you need to take with you to restaurant or the theater? In this case, large bags will inevitably retreat and allow the tiny evening bags go to the podium. Of course, they will provide the sophisticated elegant look.

Elegantly dressed girl with a tiny bag in her hand will look really great. And at the disco it is also very convenient. While, you are not going to jump on the dance floor with the big bag, that will beat you on the back after each jump. The small bag is not practical, because it can hold only the minimum of things. And indeed, they are often used as an accessory to complete the image and not as the device to move things. They should not contain the sufficient number of things, but what a delightful way they create.


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