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Male sex not so much loves hats at least because it is very difficult to find a suitable one. Many prefer to do without head protection from the cold or the sun. Still, is much more difficult to cope with the last, because the man could momentary loose consciousness due to overheating. And in such a situation, the saviors have become stylish baseball caps that men still favor more than other hats.

Baseball caps wear all the men, as little boys and their grandfathers. They are truly very comfortable and not so hot. In addition, the cap is an accessory that fits almost all the people. You can adjust the visor on your taste and with happiness wear any hat. Many people wear them right from childhood. In addition, it is the most fashionable headwear used even in modern collections of popular fashion houses equally with men’s stylish hats.

A little of History.

Baseball cap was invented in the United States and, as you can guess by the name, it was originally a form of clothing exclusively of baseball players. The function of baseball caps at that time was quite simple – it protected the players from the sun.

For the emergence of baseball hats we should thank the U.S. company NewEra. This company in 1954 introduced a cap with a visor. Comfort and fine appearance did the trick and it very quickly supplanted from a baseball field jockey caps and various thatched boater. Later, in the 70-80’s, baseball cap was no longer only an attribute of sports and became popular with the fans, who wore it as a sign of solidarity with the favorite sports team.

In such a way in the world appeared first caps, the convenience of which, were recognized in another countries and not only United States. And in 1954, thanks to the efforts of New Era, about baseball caps found out even those who do not like baseball. Only after 15 long years these caps began to wear the fans of different teams, sometimes wearing them just in ordinary days. Gradually the baseball hats penetrated into everyday wardrobe of many people, but they did not turn into smart clothes. They were worn only on outings or picnics in the parks.

And among the fashion designers baseball caps have started to recognize only in the 80s – the peak of popularity of sports suits. Fashion designers quickly noticed how ordinary people like baseball caps when sports style became popular. This hat was noticed by leading designers and fashion designers of the time. Thus on store shelves appeared interesting baseball caps with bright prints, text, logos and decorated in various ways – with rivets, sequins, rhinestones and other materials. Baseball hats started to wear with jeans or even with simple trousers. Of course, not all fashionistas know how to combine things of different styles, but there are always those who try.
stylish baseball caps

Baseball caps today.

In recent years the baseball cap has received immense popularity. Many fans of this headdress all around the world were convinced that the baseball cap is really stylish and very comfortable. The most talented and famous designers began to create stunning and unusual models of the caps. Even more, they began to combine them with different shoes and clothes: suits, jeans, skirts, dresses, shoes, Vedas etc. Thanks to such approach the classic baseball hat has gained new colors, textures and shapes, and of course, the jewelry and became one of the most favorite hats not only for men but for women in all around the world.

To wear a cap it is not necessarily to play baseball, snowboarding, to be a skateboarder or to read rap, as it considered being an attribute of the rapping wardrobe. Although, actually, thanks to hip-hop artists baseball cap have got its cult status. As well as it is not necessarily to be a cowboy or a miner to wear jeans. There is only one rule, which is – there are no rules. The most important thing is that the baseball hat should create the image you like.

Among the incontrovertible benefits of baseball caps are:

  • – the ability to create a stylish and laid-back image;
  • – easy to wear;
  • – this headdress fits everyone, you just need to choose the appropriate model;
  • – baseball cap is universal and is easily combined with almost any clothing;
  • – the ability to attract attention or, on the contrary, remain unrecognized.

Baseball cap is one of the most popular advertisements. Baseball cap as an element of corporate identity complements popular t-shirts and sweatshirts. Stylish baseball hats in recent years have become the most important element of the corporate style. Besides the fact that branded baseball cap with the image of the company logo helps to protect from the sun, it also helps to secure the views and attract the attention of many people who lives close to the symbols of your organization.

Unique baseball caps with logos are inexpensive promotional hats, very good gifts for any corporate event and very important attributes for different kinds of PR-actions. Such advertisement can attract the attention of a large number of people. The relatively small cost of a product can bring the company a significant promotion effect.

How to correctly choose a baseball cap?

You should choose the baseball hat according to the following points: its composition, quality of the fabric and density; model, type of the fastener, the shape and size of the cap. As for the quality of fabric baseball caps can be split into three groups: made of cotton fabric, of dense tissue and of the dense fabric with a nap.

The models of baseball hats.

Standard baseball cap is a cross-linked 5-6 wedge, tailored and processed by special technology. Very popular type of baseball hats is five-panel hat. Such caps have no two seams on the front, so you can apply high quality images and logos. Six-panel baseball cap follows the shape of the head, it has less “technological” angles but because of the seam in the front part, it is complicated to apply logos. However, a solution was found, and on the market appeared baseball caps with frontal part rotated relative to visor. But since the technology of such baseball caps is complicated and expensive, the choice color scale is small. Winter baseball cap is a kind of baseball hats that has become increasingly popular. It is made of special material, with additional plates that protect the ears.
Clasp of the baseball caps.

The baseball caps may have only three types of clasps to regulate its size.

  • Metal clip – comfortable, but the cap with such a zipper is more expensive.
  • Hook and loop fastener – easy to use, but not for a long time.
  • Plastic buckle – is the best option: comfortable, durable and aesthetic

The stars in baseball hats.

As we have said earlier, baseball hap has become popular due to the rappers. One of the brightest examples of our time is an American rapper 50 Cent, he is often seen wearing a baseball cap.


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