Spring clothes for women and men

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This season the designers decided not to make fashion revolution and used, for creation of the collection, old but very effective techniques. Retro images and a wide range of forms, natural colors and contrasting combinations, monochromatic colors and a mix of prints – all this was reflected in the trends of fashion spring clothes.

Styles and fashions. Fashion details spring.

Clothing trends spring  mentally take us to the rain forest and the mysterious Japan, Hawaii and the dunes, and even in the distant 60’s. So, the fashionable details and molded of the upcoming season will be:
Strips and peas. The strips are possible in different variations – narrow, wide and even the “psychodelic”, but the peas are especially relevant in the black and white combination on the dresses a la “Audrey Hepburn.”
Eastern motives. If you want to be at the height of fashion, be sure to wear something resembling Japan or China. It can be amazing prints with dragons or lotus, and even Asian dresses and coats in the form of kimono.
Tropics and safari. Another trend is the birds of paradise, tropical flowers, hibiscus and palms. Especially effective will look the long dress with prints. From the tropical paradise you can easily move to Africa, which will present us this season tiger and snake patterns.
Pleating and fringe. This is one of the most popular and interesting trends. Designers actively use flounces, repeats, ruffles and bumps. Be careful when choosing such clothes: these details visually enlarge the shoulders! But the fringe as if returned to us from the 20’s spring clothesand 70’s and probably for a long time will not pass its positions.

Women’s fashion spring clothing.

Women in spring can safely use the latest fashion details and popular colors to attract attention. Want to become the major fashionistas of the season? Then you should necessarily purchase:

  •  Dress-trapezoid with bright geometric patterns in order to look like the young slender girl from 60th.
  •  Very short mini-skirt – the length “super-mini” at the peak of the season. Tight and flying, different colors and shapes – the skirt will not leave you unnoticed and the admiring glances of others are guaranteed!
  •  T-shirts or dress with flowers. This summer, the flowers will blossom not only on the lawns. Large floral prints were appreciated by designers of different brands. Hurry to evaluate it because the summer is so fleeting!
  •  Tuxedo. The designer experiments by mixing male and female led to the creation of stylish tuxedo. Do not be confused by the excessive severity of the spring clothes: it is stylish and as never relevant.

Men’s fashion spring clothes.

Among the men’s fashion for spring  the absolute leaders are the stripe and geometric patterns. The cells of different types became the favorite. In the collections were seen and Scottish cage, and chess, and cell of different sizes and combinations. Designers are not afraid to go too far and offer the combinations of checkered clothing. This looks unusual, but fashionable. The main thing is to correctly combine it without losing the sense of style. Another trend in men’s fashion is the military style, dark shades and a lot of leather details that help to create the image of sexual and brutal men.
For business people the main trend remains elegance and individuality. You can choose classic or original models, creating your own style. From unusual ideas: business suit with shorts of free style, jackets with short sleeves (or without the sleeves), jacket with asymmetrical details and gradient coloring.

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