Shopping bags: practicality and style in the struggle for the ecology

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The science crazy moving forward and we are no longer surprised by the new synthetic fabrics and materials. However, the issue of environmental pollution is so acute today that the designers were not able to leave it unattended and in the new collections the greater emphasis was placed on the natural fabrics. In these trends 2013, eco-bags are not just fashionable – for several years already they are in fashion – it is a real must have.

Recently, more and more people began to frequently speak about the plastic bags. As a rule they are used for products transportation from the supermarket at home, causing the great damage to the environment. After all, being a garbage dump, the packets will completely biodegrade only after 400 years! That is why in some countries the plastic bags use as the household packages was already restricted or prohibited.
As an alternative to such a convenient but dangerous for the environment means of packing, in a number of countries it was offered to use shopping bags made of fabric or paper – an environmentally friendly material that can not create problems when disposing
The formation of the stable environmental pollution due to the active circulation of plastic bags began to cause serious concerns not only among the environmentalists. The well-known designers took an interest in this issue. The first “star” designers, who gave their response to the global movement towards the non-plastic bags became the duo Dolce & Gabbana, they released the reusable bags for shopping. Well, the most “loud” design event contributing to the growth of popularity of the eco-bags was the project of the British designer Anya Hindmarch 2007, who released the bulk cloth bag with the slogan “I’m not a plastic bag “.

The American company Flip & Tumble proposes for daily shopping to use the shopping bag from the facilitated polyester, which can be folded and hidden in a special pocket. The bags are made in two versions: to be worn on the shoulder and to carry in the hand, and shopping bagsvarious fashion colors. The cost of such bag is 6 and 12$.
But in order to thus deposit the contribution to the protection of the environment it is not necessary to pay money. Any handbag is quite possible to do yourself. All you need is a little imagination and a bit of patience.

Quite recently, the online sites appeared which offer their customers to become the designers of eco-bags for themselves and their children, and to create unique works of art that will delight you and your loved ones every day. All bags are made of natural unbleached cotton, which underlines their environmental friendliness! Thanks to the wide straps, the bags withstand heavy loads and look great in your hand or on your shoulder.
For creating the beautiful and stylish things it is enough to use easy and multifunctional constructor. Upload your favorite photos and pictures, invent interesting and fun labels! In modern society, the eco-friendly shopping bag has become the recognized symbol of harmony with nature. Build your collection on all the occasions and contribute to our common environment-friendly future.

The paper shopping bags.

If with plastic bags nobody will be surprised, then the paper bags – this is certainly the stylish accessory that emphasizes the status of its owner. Any image or symbol of the trademark will attract more attention if their application will be placed on the high-quality paper bags. The most unpretentious gifts for the holiday, packed in gift paper bags would tell the recipient of the special significance for you. And proposed to the participants at the end of the training or conference the paper shopping bags with background shopping bags_2information will make the event positive and memorable.
The manufacturer of paper bags can solve different tasks: to highlight the company’s image, to present a new brand, exclusively make a purchase, it is advantageous to emphasize the importance of a souvenir. Modern companies have mastered the production of paper bags of varying difficulty – from craft paper, coated laminated, textured. All the paper, used as the raw material, has very high density. Depending on the individual goals you will be able to choose wisely packet size, texture, colors and the applied image.

The shopping bags with logo.

The most inexpensive and truly effective method of advertising – bags with the logo of the company. The package must be durable and qualitative, not to go after the cardboard packaging in the trash. Bags with the logo involuntarily attract the attention. People unwittingly fixed in the memory image of the trademark that will later solve their fluctuations in favor of your product or service. Bags with the logo reinforce the positive reputation of any trade mark and help to improve the service levels and provide potential customers with information about your return coordinates.

The production of shopping bags.

The producing of the shopping bags is carried out consistently in the four of the workshops. In extrusion workshop from the granulated polyethylene is received the membranous sleeve, which is treated with corona charge for higher quality paint. In the workshop actually occur applying of the flexographic printing with the special alcohol-soluble paints. Immediately producing batches starts in Bag Making workshop by the contact-heat welding. Here is set the size of the packets, shape and handle options. Machine-shop is designed to repair all the equipment.


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