Rules for choosing the rainbow sandals

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The holiday period is in full swing and, therefore, it is high time to take care of the beachfront wardrobe. When choosing the swimsuit do not forget to buy fashionable rainbow sandals, that will make your vacation comfortable and add brilliance to your image!

Sandals are quite universal shoes. Undoubtedly, they conquered all the beaches and promenades of the world, but apart from that, many models of these shoes are multifunctional. In comparison with the daily footwear, these sandals are more comfortable and much easier in walking. The legs are not burdened with unnecessary straps, buckles, straps – the complete freedom of action and the great variant for summer holidays. In addition, the cost of beach shoes of this brand is significantly lower then normal seasonal shoes.

Types of the rainbow sandals.

As it was already noted above, the main task of the rainbow sandals is to let your feet rest and relax. Therefore the sandals are in demand not only at the seaside but also in the busy city. Depending on how and with what you are planning to wear these shoes, depends their model.
“Urban” sandals are better suit for normal everyday clothes and are, as a rule, made of more durable materials (leather, polyurethane, dense texture, etc.), they partially replace the everyday summer shoes. However these sandals are not always suitable for relaxing on a beach and more than that can be quickly spoiled because of the contact with water and sand.
Beach sandals are usually made of environmentally friendly materials due to what your feet will not sweat and the skin will not become irritated. The cork is the most suitable material for beach slippers. They are very comfortable and convenient for beach, in addition they have very natural and stylish look.

Today, very popular is the footwear made of rubber or lightweight plastic, which quickly dries, does not slip on wet surfaces (floor or side of the pool) and are not exposed to sea salt and sand. In sandals from the facilitated plastic one can freely move in the water.
choosing the rainbow sandalsWhen choosing the sandals, you have to try them on and make sure they are tightly fitting the leg. Otherwise, you will have muscle strain and discomfort in the heel area. If your sandals will not fit tightly the foot, you will subconsciously hold them with your fingers and as a result – stress and discomfort.

One of the varieties of the rainbows sandals are the slates. They look like ordinary sandals with two straps that go between the thumb and the neighboring finger. Slates are quite popular not only at the beach – these models are in rows of everyday summer shoes.
Despite the practicality and convenience of the slates, doctors say that they can cause muscle strain and lead to deformation of the foot. Therefore it is recommended to wear these sandals for walking to the beach, but one should avoid wearing these shoes every day.
When choosing the slates, please note that they should be very easy not to burden the load during the walking. It is great if they will be made from natural materials. The place of the strap’s connection, which is between the fingers, the jumper, should be treated with soft, pleasant to the touch fabric, so as not to irritate the skin. The jumper, wrapped with plastic – the worst variant. These sandals will definitely rub the skin and cause the constant discomfort.

Open sandals that keep on foot due to jumper which passes on instep and is related with the clamp framing the thumb, are called dianets. The dianets, like the other types of slipper, can be made of fabric, leather, rubber, etc. The dianets considered to be sufficiently original shoes and can with grace highlight the beauty of your legs.
Sandals on the massive thick sole with open heel are called the clogs. The clogs are also made from different materials. Especially fashionable and stylish considered to be clogs with wooden or cork soles. These rainbow sandals are partially open, so the foot, in principle, breathe freely and not perspire. The clogs are very comfortable because they can be easily taken off due to lack of buckles and straps.
Many models of the clogs, decorated with sequins, beads, ribbons and rhinestones, can be worn not only on the beach or the promenade, but for a beach party. When choosing the clogs be very careful while too massive models can be too heavy and cause choosing the rainbow sandals 2discomfort when walking. So you should choose the clogs with soles made of light materials, such as cork.

“Curative” rainbow sandals.

There are special massage sandals that can help you maintain your health, even relaxing on the beach or in the country. The inner side of the foot is completely strewn with small bumps that actively work on biologically active points located in the foot, according to the principle of acupuncture.
For therapeutic effect it is enough to wear the massaging sandals for 20-30 minutes a day and the desired results can be achieved. When purchasing please note, that the massage sandals should not tight the foot – it is better if they will be one size larger.

Children’s rainbow sandals.

Of course, the health and safety of our children – are the main factors affecting the choice of the children’s shoes. On the warm sandy beach for the kids can wait such troubles as rocks, broken glass or sharp sticks. So, you should ensure the maximum security and protection of children’s feet.
Of course, all the kids strive to run barefoot on the warm sand but still it is worth to teach a child to wear shoes in which he will feel more secure. When choosing the children’s rainbows sandals, be sure to give preference to high-quality materials. Today, mainly in the markets, one can meet mass of poor footwear made of hazardous materials, which have the negative effect on the body.
We advise you to visit the special children’s shops, which have the quality certificate or the conclusion of the hygienic examination confirming that the sandals are made of safety materials. Good sandals have to be with two-layered sole – the top cork layer and the bottom – rubber. It is desirable to choose the sandals with small heel – up to 1-1.5 cm – that will ensure comfort and proper formation of the foot bending.

Many children’s sandals are made of materials that prevent slipping, so the baby will be safe being on slippery surfaces, such as the side of the pool. The children’s sandals should be easy and comfortable in order the babies feel comfortable. This brand produces the models with supinator, which will contribute the proper formation of the child’s foot.
Do not forget also about the children’s preferences – they would certainly like the bright sandals, which will always create the desire to wear them. The fashionable slippers with “beepers” are the perfect variant for babies. This model of the rainbow sandal – a real find for young researchers!

Opening the beach season, indulge yourself with beautiful and original sandals, which can easily make your summer look unique and exquisite. For the beach, choose the simpler model, since there they can quickly become unusable. But for city walks you can choose more expensive and exquisite copies!

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