Rockabilly and hip hop clothing

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Modern fashion is quite diverse and absorbs a lot of directions. Among the today’s youth especially popular is the hip hop and rockabilly style of clothing – a little crazy, a little flirty but very bright and with its own original character. This fashion is able to make light even the most overcast day.

Rockabilly clothing appeared due to the eponymous musical direction. Everything that relates to this style, whether it is music, clothing, hairstyle or makeup, should necessarily be catchy, bright, expressive and carry the positive tone. Rockabilly – the style that is characterized by the brightness of the clothes, make-up and the image as a whole. That is why it is still actively used on theme parties, corporate events and even weddings. Violence of paints and rich palette of colors themselves create the festive mood, excellent and elegant addition is the funny and catchy music. But today it has penetrated into the fashion and culture. This is the love for the life style of the last century.
The fans of the rockabilly style prefer dresses, skirts and blouses. The dress (or blouse) should be feminine and highlight the breast and the waist. The skirt must necessarily be wide, to have the sun-flared cut in order to flutter while dancing around the legs.
Often the rockabilly clothing finds the fans among women of all ages. After all, they invariably emphasize the femininity and elegance of the ladies. No wonder that some elements of fashion of the fifties do not disappear from the designer collections – skirts, tight bodices-corsages, bows, as an element of the decor, deep necklines. Small and large polka dots, sea motifs and floral patterns – are the popular patterns for this style.
For men is appropriate the element of “informality” in the form of unbuttoned top of the shirt. The shirt should necessarily be bright and colorful, with patterns and embroidery. Ideal variant is the tweed jacket. The jacket of any other tissue will be also appropriate, but always of bright colors. It should not be of the classic cut, the preference is given to the tight-fitting jacket that looks as if a little tight fit in the shoulders. Rockabilly style involves flared or narrow pants.

How to create an image in the rockabilly style?

rockabilly clothingYou have to start looking for vintage shops. In almost every town you can find a few places with rockabilly clothing from 40s-50s. If you are unable to find the shop that specializes in selling vintage clothing, try to find the suitable second hand things.

  •  Having come to the store, carefully study the entire range; do not miss a single shelf. The priority for women – to find an appropriate dress in the spirit of that time, the man has to choose the right shirt.
  •  Only two models of women’s dresses can create the right image in the style of rockabilly. Ladies can opt for the skin-tight dress, the length of which will be just below the knee. You will look sexy and seductive in it. The second variant is the dress with fluffy skirt and the form-fitting top.
  •  The short is an important part not only of men but also of women’s image in the style of rockabilly. The checked shirts are the most typical for this style. For men it is allowed to wear shirts with a slightly raised collar. By the way, jeans are also the distinctive feature of this humor clothing.
  •  The hairstyle is equally important when creating the image in the rockabilly style. Men have to grow a little the hair to make the hairstyle a la Elvis Presley. This variant will be a win-win.
  •  Women should have the long hair in order to make various hair styles. Rockabilly style is also characterized by the big curls, which can be obtained through special curling tongs.

Hip hop clothing – as the way of life!

It is not a secret that the modern fashion world is composed of various streams that do not similar to each other. It should be noted that the ordinary robe, in which the prisoners were dressed, is the father of the hip hop clothing.
For those who know nothing about the culture of hip-hop may seem that this style of clothing consists of caps, jeans and bulky jewelry. But it is not enough to buy the hip hop clothing; the matter is that every detail and every decoration in the style of hip-hop has a great importance, which is generally tied to the origins of this unique culture.
The whole style is the lawlessness, various protests and riots. All these factors are reflected in modern clothing of the hip hopper, the voluminous robes and wide jeans borrowed from the general prison uniform. But it is all in the past, if to look at today’s hip-hop stars; they all look quite respectable and stylish. Quite recently the famous hip-hop idol P. Diddy has made the real sensation in the world of hip-hop by creating his own unique style; he combined the chic costume with the standard set of hats, shoes and bulky jewelry.
Today, the clothing of the represented style is released by many well-known companies. The most important thing is that such clothing is now getting more and more popular. Earlier, people just bought the clothes several sizes larger, but today there are specifically designed things in the style of hip hop, which, by the way, are not cheap.
To be exact, the hip hop clothing is a squeak of fashion for many years among the young people who want to stand out from the crowd and show their individuality. Based on the above, we can conclude that the hip hop fashion has its own characteristics. For example, pants with lots of pockets, loose spectacular T-shirts, sweaters “kangaroo”, sweatshirts and more dominated in this style. Speaking about the colors, it is beige, blue, black and green. By the way, the hip hop clothes, as well as clothes for yoga, every day becomes more popular.

hip hop clothingFor sewing of such clothing the following fabrics are mainly used: nylon, jersey and velour. Massive jewelry with large stones emphasizes this style of clothes. So, let’s talk a little bit about the shoes of this style. The representatives of such shoes are wide gumshoes and shoes in the form of work boots. Among the most common manufacturers of such shoes can be distinguished: Adidas, New Era, Phat Farm, Puma, Akademiks, Sean John, Clinch, Marithe & Francois Girbaud.
Of course, the style of the hip hop it is not only the clothes and shoes of the certain direction, but also the special accessories. Hip hop can be easily called a kind of culture that has evolved over the years. It should be noted that this culture is represented not only by clothes, but also drawings, specific music, graffiti, films and, of course, the special slang. For young people, the funky clothes are above all, a great way to express the feeling of the world and to emphasize its original image. Such clothing is popular among both men and women who want to look modern and impressive.

Male hip hop clothing.

  •  Wear the T-shirt a few sizes larger. The T-shirt should be long enough to cover the entire torso. The perfect variant is the plain white shirt.
  •  Choose the dark jeans. They should be low-slung and baggy. The belt is not required, although you can complement the image with the textile belt with buckle.
  •  Purchase the appropriate for this style cap. Color variations are permissible. Under the baseball cap you can wear bandana or hair net.
  •  From the shoes you can choose boots or sneakers. If you decide to purchase the sneakers, then stop your choice on Nike.
  •  Add to the image a little luxury. Platinum chains and watches with diamonds will emphasize your status.

Female hip hop clothing.

  •  Turn the male hip-hop style into female. When this style is just born, women often wore the same clothes as men to add their own image rigidity.
  •  Wear the dark blue jeans, tightly fitting at the top and loose from the hips. Very popular are the short denim shorts.
  •  To the hip-hop club, you can wear a very short tight skirt. Any things, that emphasize the hips line, are popular.
  •  Wear the Tank-tops, shirts with halter-loop or just sports bras. As for the color, it is better to choose white.
  •  Choose the most feminine footwear. For example, shoes and sandals with high heels.
  •  When creating the image use the bright and flashy accessories: big earrings, rings and lots of bracelets.


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