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Have you ever noticed how sometimes the borrowed from the past things undergoing the second birth turning into the trend, again repeat their “finest hour”? The same happened with the retro style. The revival of the fashion trends of the past era has brought to our wardrobe cute and feminine models, carrying with them the charm of eternal values and refined taste. Delicate style and refined luxury of the suits of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s now are combined with exquisite sensual of the 60s and 70s. No less important is the combination of retro clothing with modern design and accessories.

The decadent charm of 20’s and 30’s.

The women emancipation in the last century did not hesitate to have an effect on the style of their clothes. Long voluminous skirts were quickly narrowed and shortened, corsets confiscated from use and the rough tights replaced by thin stockings. Mankind was finally able to see the real women’s figures, who, for greater effect, even had their hair cut.
Thus appeared the first signs of fashion “retro”: with regular style dresses, bulky accessories, long pearl necklaces, hats with high feathers, stockings with garters, capes with fringe and short wavy hairstyles. The lovely ladies, intoxicated by the freedom, decided to go even further and impudently dressed up in men’s suits and loose shirts, trousers with the high waist, large jackets, vests and coats.

The color palette of that time was filled with pale pink, white, black and gray. Bright colors were more present in the accessories and shades of the lipstick. By the way, in the 20-30’s the retro fashionistas for the first time began to use juicy red color of the lipstick, which previously could only afford the ladies of “easy virtue”. Another ex-symbol of “obscenity” – the fishnet stockings – still holds retro clothingthehonored place in the women’s locker room.

Discreet charm of the 40’s and femininity of the 50’s.

The beginning of the Second World War made some changes in fashion trends. In place of luxury and looseness of the past decades have come ascetic austerity and modesty. The retro clothing gained dark shades and instead of small and elegant hats, women began to wear big wide-brimmed hats which darkened the upper part of the face. Then there were strict suits consisted of jackets, narrow skirt up to the knees and tightly buttoned shirt.
In that severe period there was no question about deep decollete or bright colors. War and postwar years brought into fashion sweaters and turtlenecks with high double collar. They also determined the style of women’s shoes – with laces and rounded toe, in the style of Mary Poppins.
The 50’s were marked by the glamour of the legendary actress – Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Their natural elegance and sensuality still inspire the designers to create the unique retro collections. Clean, vintage lines immediately transform the fair sex into the film stars of the bygone era.

The close-fitting dresses in the form of a bell, lush wide skirts below the knee and with a high waist, deep decollete, long gloves, wide patent leather belts, small velvet bags, fur capes and guipure, pearl earrings and necklaces were the basis of the female wardrobe of those years.

Golden age of 60’s and 70’s.

retro clothing 2These years can be called the modern version of Renaissance. In everything including retro clothing, was felt the joy of returning to the normal, stable life. Bright colors and large “flashy” prints became fashionable: floral, geometric, abstract and with polka dots. Dresses and skirts turned into mini, they were complemented with the wide belts and high-heeled shoes and the wooden platform. Then there were the Bermuda shorts, which did not go out of fashion until the end of the 90’s.
Very young designer Yves Saint Laurent sheepishly presented on the podium his first transparent blouse, through which “accidentally” was seen the bust of the models. The scandal, caused by his show, instantly brought the young couturier the worldwide popularity.
Icons of the style in those cloudless years were unbeatable Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Catherine Deneuve and the sex symbol of the 60’s – Brigitte Bardot. The shoulder dress became the trend, in combination with luxurious fur capes and bandanas skillfully tied on the head. The bright large glasses served as the supplementation of the bohemian image.

The color palette of the clothing has never been so bold and rich. Blue, pink, green, bright yellow and red clothing swept the catwalks and streets, creating the festive atmosphere.
At the same time became fashionable the form-fitting bell-dresses with the three-quarter sleeves, blouses with a high collar and large bow, sweaters with sequins, leather jackets with fringe and wide pants with the high waist. 70s became the cradle of the hippie style, traditions of which are still honored by his loyal followers. It is characterized by long dresses with ethnic patterns, embroidered kaftans, loose blouses and skirts made of natural fabrics with African motifs, men’s shirts and bell-bottomed trousers with high waist.
As the decoration hippie use the large jewelry of colored beads and wood, colorful headbands, small bags with fringe and a long strap, bracelets of beads and metal – usually a few on each wrist.

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