Popular trends of summer clothes

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In fashion is the all conquering femininity! Therefore extremely popular are the skirts and dresses. They can be short and long, straight and wide, plain and with bright prints. The most popular skirts are of lightweight organic cotton lush, with the extension to the bottom.

Fashion summer clothes will be bright and feminine. What but the dress helps the weaker sex to look glamorous and feminine? Models of the dresses from the collection of summer are very diverse so, that every fashionista will find the suitable dress according to her preferences. You can buy women’s clothing from the collection summer both wholesale and retail.
The fashion of the summer  focuses on women’s waist. Designers use lace belts to emphasize the waist. White color is the hit of the season. It can be rightly called the queen of fashion. White color is present in fashion collections of each season, than certainly pleases those fashionistas who prefer the classics. White dresses, tunics, blouses and skirts all this will be at the peak of popularity in summer.
The second trend of the season summer  will be the trendy orange-coral. And this is exactly the color that you like the sun will give us the energy and life throughout the year.

The third trend of the season summer  – it is blue and blue-indigo or blue denim. The blue color burst into the fashion world completely unexpected so, not everyone have the time to open all the doors of their wardrobes. In the season summer  all have the opportunity to catch up and get a few things in blue shades. Denim does not leave the list of fashion trends and still is one of the most popular materials. Thanks to fashionable trends our designers had to reproduce this effect on cotton.
Experiments was ended up that all the fancy colors were reproduced on cotton in the form of worn denim. The designers used the new technology of coloring for the summer clothes  while creating the effect of the exclusive color.
summer clothesThe fourth trend of the season summer  is the turquoise or aqua color. Clothing of this shade brings only positive moments and the joy that is associated with the sea, the ocean and the rest. Good mood is guaranteed!! In fashion are blindingly white, pastels, bright neon colors – red, blue, cyan, yellow, green, coral and fuchsia. Everything is very bright, catchy, impressive and joyful!
Lace is another fashion trend, which does not leave the designer collections of the summer season. Only now the models with lace became more airy and romantic. Dresses of translucent lace, blouses with embroidery and tops with cutwork will make your image feminine, romantic and at the same time elegant.

Do you want something gentle and airy?

Sewed dresses, blouses and skirts – it is the great idea for a hot summer. Thin cotton in all times was valued of the weaker sex for its convenience. And if the cotton fabric is decorated with embroidery, it looks so soft and elegant, that the woman of almost any age and body type looks elegant and tasteful. Sewing is the versatile natural material, which is the basis of many styles and in the summer wardrobe is simply irreplaceable.

The effect of “degrade” – the new round of the old trend. In the collections of clothes still present many beautiful fabrics with transition of color. But this season the fashion focus was made on “degrade”, while the colors in the range should not necessarily be similar. “Degrade”, built on the contrast, looks particularly feminine and bright.
In the new season, the flowers have blossomed on dresses, skirts and even on shoes. Flowers and women are almost inseparable concept so, in the brightest time of the year – in the summer, the floral prints are especially important, while creating the perfect harmony with nature.

Million red roses and chrysanthemums, irises, tulips and other flowers will be presented by the designers in the summer season. In fashion are the floral prints. Luxury flowers scattered on the tissue on the white and black background – this is one of the main trends of the season. The use of coupon fabrics with floral pattern is the sign of fashion women’s summer clothes.

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