Novelties from fashion designers: designer evening dresses

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Evening dress – is the confirmation of femininity and beauty of each woman. Evening dresses are almost always complete the show of fashion collections, as the work on them is the peak of creativity of any fashion designer.
Fashionable designer evening dresses autumn-winter 2012-2013, unlike the collections of previous seasons, are characterized by restrained colors and decor, what does not make them less beautiful.
For these dresses are chosen the fabrics with shiny textures, something similar to “metal”, exquisite lace, gentle velvet, light and transparent materials, draping and pleating, asymmetrical cuts, frank neckline, open shoulders – all these are the features of the charming atmosphere created by the dresses 2013 from famous designers.

Styles of evening dresses 2013.

Traditional styles of evening dresses were presented on the big fashion shows. The main difference between these outfits is the brightness of individual parts and the unusual texture or decoration. Styles of evening dresses 2013 are focused on sleeves and chest area. The sleeves in the form of flashlights, clear full-length sleeves, wide and decorated sleeves allocate these outfits from many others.
Open shoulders – the classical variant of evening dresses, and classic will never die! What if you will have to wear this dress in the cold season? But for this is the fur wraps, something like coat on the shoulders…
designer evening dressesAsymmetry – frequent option in the design of various styles. Evening dress, decorated with asymmetrical details, for example, the skirt with different edges, one-shoulder neckline was presented in versions collections of the year.
In the fashion tendencies of this year is the focus on the hip, and the designer achieve this with the help of drapery, decor in the form of the Basques, the bell-shaped skirt.
The standard for evening dress autumn-winter 2012-2013 becomes the model of the “peplum dress”, decorated with a flounce around the waist. The emphasis on the hips you can create with the help of decorations and mini-parts in the form of crystals.
Beauty and diversity, it is a combination in the models of short and long designer evening dresses. Midi length has not remained in the last position; it represents one of the trends of 2013.
An excellent way to make the dress glamorous – draping and twisted parts as a sign of fashion dress autumn-winter: it looks very elegant and sophisticated.
The dress “mermaid” – tighten model with flared skirt at the level of the knees. This fashion trend will never go away from the podium. Another trend – the fringe at the bottom, it is the characteristic feature of the compositions of Ralph Lauren, this is a feature, that increases the similarity of his models with the creations of the 30s of the last century.
As the fashion additions to evening dress autumn-winter 2012-2013 is foreseen fur trim or accessories – various boa, boas, and others.

Colors and patterns of the evening dresses.

Evening dresses can not include all possible colors, the direction of permissiveness and complete emancipation is foreign to them, but the designers make a winning emphasis on bright colors and a number of associations that they causes.
The prime preference for evening dresses – the noble colors of precious stones, and the texture of fabric supports the idea of similarity. In fashion are – amethyst, ruby, garnet, turquoise and emerald, sapphire. The color of the majority evening dresses is black.
Fashion prints 2013 are the same flowers, animal prints and geometric patterns.

Fabrics of evening dresses.

Not only the finishing, but the tissue can favorably distinguish each dress among the rest. With the help of airy chiffon, light silk, satin and guipure the designer evening dresses gained grace and weightlessness.
The designer often use fur or leather trim, rich jacquard and velour.
The novelties of the season represent the fluffy outfits of the brand Alexander McQueen, sewed from fur. It looks great! If this winter expected the frosts, then all begins for the dresses from this collection.

Decor of evening dresses.

Many creators of fashion tend to focus on the decoration of evening attire and accessories: draping, ruffles, lace of contrasting colors, embroidery of metal color, appliqué, glamorous painting will add advantage to each model.

Designers tend to fantasize with fur and feathers; in the current year it is their favorite pastime.
But it is not excluded that the one-colored dress of pleasant color and laconic cut without any additions would be the best, standing out among the many eye-catching and colorful patterns.


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