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Spring fashion for men will be very bright – on the change to brown-black palette comes stylish blue, re-empowered the broad strip and colorful cell, disco metallic adds the youth luster and the classic suit acquires new length thanks to direct shorts up to the knee. Catchy final chord – the red Brogy.

Color of the season.

The dark blue is the new black for men’s fashion spring-summer season. The deep dark blue, fashionable indigo or color of azure mountain lake – all shades are good when choosing suits or shirts for everyday wardrobe. Namely thus consider the main male designers from Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Dior Homme, Fendi, Gucci and Raf Simons. And no wonder, because the blue color simultaneously exudes grace and elegance and is one of the most classic and tested. Blue color looks good in combination with yellow, red and pastel versions, also popular this spring.

For business people the main trend remains elegance and individuality. You can choose classic or original models, creating your own style. From unusual ideas: business suit with shorts of free style, jackets with short sleeves (or without the sleeves), jacket with asymmetrical details and gradient coloring.

Among the fashion trends the absolute leaders are the stripe and geometric patterns. The cells of different types became the favorite. In the collections were seen and Scottish cage, and chess, and cell of different sizes and combinations. Designers are not afraid to go too far and offer the combinations of checkered clothing. This looks unusual, but fashionable. The main thing is to correctly combine it without losing the sense of style. Another trend in men’s fashion is the military style, dark shades and a lot of leather details that help to create the image of sexual and brutal men.

fashion for menЕру casual style varies in expensive brands of clothing. Urban style can be divided into business and output, the so-called urban chic style. To the first one can be regarded not only expensive suits. And to the second – the fitting pullover with jeans. You can safely experiment both in color schemes and in combination of street wear that are normally considered incompatible. Precisely these features attract the attention of the vibrant urban youth in different countries. The urban clothing is designed for self-expression, to demonstrate the individuality and uniqueness. It is not annoying to following this fashion style – each person has the right to wear exactly that clothes in which he feels most comfortable, simple and cozy.

Suit with shorts.

More and more men recently prefer shorts to pants, when the thermometer scale rolls over the mark of 20. The new season has proved that shorts can also have the place in the elite corridors of Madison Avenue or bank lobbies of Zurich. In tandem with the direct light color blazer and classic strict shirt the shorts look quite business-like, well, with a free spring jumper or jacket-bomber the young man would feel like a fish in water. Their vision of the new format of the business suit shown in the fashion weeks Z Zegna, Raf Simons, Moschino, Thom Browne, Gucci and many more.

Metallic color.

In the fashion for men appeared the metallic shades. To say the least, not the most obvious choice of urban dandy, metallic fabrics, however, add the image youth and intensity, becoming an excellent tool in the warm spring evening – bronze satin and neon latex costumes from Versace and Alexander McQueen. Burberry hero, however, do not mind to go and on the business meeting in pink metallic trench – in combination with sunglasses, tight black pants-pipes and sharp-nosed patent leather shoes. It obviously would bring him success!

fashion for men 2In this season very popular will be men’s jackets, which were in vogue in the 90’s – it’s white, maroon, green with slightly rounded shape, the combination of white and black, shiny fabrics. In the new collections of famous brands you will find both plain black and gray suits with long jackets and blazers of freer cut, that look more like warm wool jacket.
Very popular are woolen jackets of gray, black, purple and blue colors. Jackets in military style of dark colors give the special expressiveness. Shortened jacket, made in dark colors, buttoned or completely unbuttoned. The jackets look elegant and unique, if made of the caged or striped woolen tissues. The charm and gentility add the jackets such interesting elements: the shortened sleeve and complex design. Gold and silver colors emphasize the sensuality and originality. It is important to choose the right jacket not only being guided by the fashion trends, but also considering the individual characteristics of the figure.

Wide trousers.

To everyone’s surprise, on the place of the narrow pants came the awkward trousers made of cotton, linen, silk and satin, decorated with the catchy prints with floral pattern, the bohemian monograms – the strip or cell. National, Prada, Gucci and many more designers unanimously decided to give the men more freedom of movement in the new season and to allow them to feel more relaxed than usual. Wide trousers in the upcoming season are recommended to wear with the tight-fitting shirt, emphasizing the muscle and the excellent shape. However, these trousers effectively look only on high and slender man – otherwise, they would only accentuate the figure flaws.

The red shoes.

Without the catchy and attention-getting details this spring can not do any men. Paul Smith, Marc Jacobs, Moschino and many their colleagues have relied on such fashion trends as the red Brogy, which effectively highlighting absolutely any outfit. Red Brogy, both suede and leather, will add sharpness the denim suit and the classic jacket with pants, the bright shorts and relaxed blazers, and noble trench coats. If red Brogy for you it is too bold decision, have a look at the bright sneakers or loafers, and at the very least simply choose the classic light and dark colored shoes with laces. The sense of humor and self-irony in the spring are welcome!

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