Men’s sweaters in this season

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Men in the autumn-winter season 2012-2013 may refuse from many things, but the sweater is not exactly one of them. Sweater is an indispensable must-have in the cold season. To buy a fashion sweater it is not a problem, the choice is huge. The main thing is that the sweater should be cozy and comfortable, and, of course, adorned its new owner.

Fashionable sweater №1 – the “high neck”.

The most popular, perhaps, is the style – large knitted men’s cardigan sweaters with a high neck (with flap). By the way, it is great if you can knit. Big home knitting is the new autumn-winter 2012-2013 trend. So-called “geologist’s sweater” or, perhaps, a “tourist” is a very, very warm, soft and cozy. That’s how the “sweater of our dreams” looks. Now, the most important thing is to persuade your man to put it on…

Fashionable sweater №2 – the “king of animals”.

For many decades from a variety of animalistic patterns men chose only one – stylized dears of Scandinavian type. Well, time changed. Now in fashion are images of “powerful creatures” – tigers, lions, panthers. You can immortalize on your sweater and illustration of your zodiac sign, for example, a Scorpio. In fashion are also owls (Burberry firm), dinosaurs (Jil Sander brand), elephants (Corneliani brand) and other strange creatures.

Fashionable sweater №3 – “Mr. Perfect”.

In fashion are several models that look particularly elegant and in an adult way, for example, long knitted cardigan sweaters for men or pullovers with a respectable turn-down shawl collar. And still in fashion vests with V-neck that can be worn not only with shirts and jackets, but also with turtlenecks.

Fashionable sweater №4 – “two in one”.

In order the model of the sweater was not boring, the designers combine knitted fabric with other materials – leather, velvet, suede, fur and denim. Indeed, it looks very original.

Trendy colors of the season.

In fashion are all kinds of colors, the choice is huge. As usual it is gray, blue, black and white. To fashion collections were added burgundy sweaters, khaki, green, orange and red.
mens fashion 2012-2013Favorite of this season is black color. On the second place are shades of gray, brown, sandy and white. Knitted things for men of these colors can be seen in the collections of Lacoste, Alexander Wang, Louis Vuitton and many other prestigious brands.

Some designers have decided to abandon the classical shades and prefer very bright, even provocative colors. I do not know whether there is somebody who would buy these colorful things, as they look really very strange on the representatives of stronger sex. Although, it is possible they will fit for any unusual (very, very unusual) case.

Also in fashion are:

  • – traditional types of knitting – ” braids”, ” rhombuses” and funny “bumps”;
  • – combination of different types of knitting in one model;
  • – graphic pictures;
  • – collar “clamp”;
  • – soft mohair;
  • – fluffy angora.


One of the major trends in men’s fashion this winter became knitted pullovers and cardigan sweaters for men with relief patterns. These endlessly warm things not only give a sense of comfort, but also look very advantageous on the male figure. Due to the volume illustrations knitted clothes can visually enlarge the shoulders, chest and arms, which is extremely good for the stronger half of humanity.

Sweaters have settled not only in the everyday men’s wardrobe, but also diluted business suits. Rich and deep color of the knitwear (mustard, tomato, light-blue) animate trousers and jackets of strict colors by depriving them the inherent stiffness, without extreme brightness. Similar solutions are in the collections of Marc by Marc Jacobs and Ermenegildo Zegna.

Collection by Dirk Bikkembergs would come to taste to picky fashion boys with a perfect figure, which can be emphasized with stylish sweaters. These are translucent models of black color, which harmonize with sport pants and stylish shoes.

For a man, who want to stand out from the crowd, while choosing stylish clothes and thereby creating a vibrant and unique image, should pay attention to collection of clothes from Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger in which were presented as bright men’s cardigan sweaters, as well as the models of simple style that can complement any image in urban style.

For conservative men such designers as Hermes and Tommy Hilfiger offer to combine business suits with jumpers of light or even neutral tones. It is also recommended to combine a jumper with V-neck or sweater with a collar that has a little stretch look with shirts and T-shirts. The image can be complemented with the traditional jeans or any pants made of thick cloth.

Another fashionable knitted men’s wear is a cardigan – long wool jacket, fastened with buttons, zippers or belts. It should be noted, that most of the models, unfortunately, turned out to be very similar with the same things from a woman’s wardrobe, for example, in the collection of Paul Smith. However, one can find a sufficiently “masculine models” by Armani and Hugo Boss.

Cardigan became extremely popular due to its versatility. In the 20s of the last century it came to taste to the British as it was very comfortable clothing to play golf, tennis and cycling, and then it firmly settled down in their wardrobes as casual wear. Men’s cardigan with buttons for many years considered to be the most practical and convenient type of clothes. Fair to note that men’s knitted cardigan does not lose its popularity just because it has never been very popular. It rather plays a supporting role, but with this surprisingly easy combines with any style of clothing.

Cardigan is a universal thing and will fit well almost any style. It will successfully fit the set for both work and leisure. Stylish men’s cardigan sweaters without decorations can compete with the classical jacket, if it is combined with a business shirt, for example, a plain strict cardigan of calm color goes well with a conservative shirt, thin tie and classic trousers. In such outfit you can safely go to the office or on a business meeting.

Cardigan is a symbol of ease and relaxation, therefore on outing, friendly meeting or a party cardigan will look very appropriate in combination with jeans, T-shirts or polo shirts. On your holiday you can afford to wear cardigan of the most bright colors and bold styles. Although the cardigan is a very universal thing, yet there are activities for which it is not accepted to put it on, for example, do not wear cardigan for a solemn reception. Elegant cardigan with buttons will decorate any man with any complexion and growth, fit well in almost any chosen style and image. With correctly chosen cardigan you can emphasize your dignities or hide some figure flaws. For example, for men with lean physique it is better to choose volumetric knitted men’s cardigan.

This season the brand John Richmond offered to men stop the choice on stylish cardigans of brown and gray color, which should be worn over shirts and colorful t-shirts. Also in the collection of the brand one can find a sweater with a pale pink pattern on a black background. This model, for sure, will be enjoyed by romantic young people who love stylish clothes. Knitted single-colored cardigans or decorated with colorful prints could be seen in many collections from Missoni, N.Hollywood, Iceberg.

Multi-layering, which is created by a combination of cardigan and a shirt, will help to make slim figure more masculine and add solidness and impressiveness. To a fat man will better fit slightly slinky cardigan of thin flowing fabric, this will help to hide the extra weight thus making the figure more slender. Due to its versatility, cardigans for many years are an indispensable attribute of clothing for most modern men. Elegant cardigan sweaters for men 2013 will come to taste to any man, and will help out in the winter and cool summer evenings. It gives a feeling of freedom, comfort and ease.

The designers not bypassed and vests, already very familiar and beloved by mostly young people. This winter, the designers preferred to decorate the men’s knitted sleeveless jackets with graphic prints: checks, stripes and rhombuses. Moreover, often all kinds of graphics can be combined in a single product. Jackets look good in combination with shirt and tie, which was clearly demonstrated by fashion houses Armani and Kenzo.

Men’s sweater vest differs from other models with more freely cut. Very popular are the men’s knitted vests with bright strips, which this season does not give up its position.

Additional advantage of such a course is the use of the remnants of yarn. If a woman feels the forces in knitting and wants to make more creative model for her husband, the best variant is the vest-transformer with the removable sleeves. In cold weather it will be a sweater, and in warm a fashion men’s favorite vest. In this situation, however, you would have to spend the strength and ability on stitching the zipper on the sleeves, but the final result is worth the effort. Naturally this vest will be more relevant in the youth’s wardrobe.

Is it a walk in the park, fishing or working on a country site? Men’s sweater vest is appropriate in any situation. Soft yarn and favorite pattern will make the manually made vest the favorite thing of your man. And in combination with jeans, turtleneck or even a shirt the vest will be relevant for every day.

By the way, knitting come to Europe at the turn of 12-13th centuries and until the 18th century was an exclusively male occupation. Ladies have started to learn this mastery only 2.5 – 3 centuries ago.

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