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Sometimes it seems that only on the beautiful half of society is concentrated the fashion. But it is not so, the fashion for men lives its own life. Let’s see what the world designers offer men in the fashion spring. For many seasons, the fashion stylists when creating the men’s designer closing move towards the noble, elegant and understated chic. They propose to break all the stereotypes and learn at first glance impossible, new horizons.

Men’s fashion spring  offers the modern men to replace the bored classic costumes of neutral color with the original bright colors of wool and tweed, wonderfully thin shirts made of suede, colorful turtlenecks, cardigans and jumpers from soft delicate cashmere and knitwear, fashionable trousers of the free cut or popular tight pants.

The usual neutral shades are the popular colors of the men’s fashion closing. But in the modern age the men’s fashion also can not do without bright colors. Yellow and cherry-colored men’s clothing became the hit in the spring season. For the brave men, many fashion designers suggests wearing costumes of bright “candy” colors – from rich mustard to bright pink.
In spring  the undisputed leader will be the men’s designer clothes made from tissues with cages and the strips, but not far behind them are the geometric and floral patterns. Aristocratic and stylish velvet is popular in the new season. It is offered to wear the velvet not in black and brown but in the dark, blue, green and purple shades, which can highlight any unusual bourgeois taste of the stylish men. The designers recommend wearing velvet things in combination with cashmere, tweed, or to emphasize its aristocracy with leather or satin accessories, playing on the contrast of the textures.

designer clothingMore and more men give their preference to shorts, when the thermometer scale rolls over the mark of 20. The new season has proved that shorts can also have the place in the elite corridors of Madison Avenue or bank lobbies of Zurich. In tandem with the direct light color blazer and classic strict shirt the shorts look quite business-like, well, with a free spring jumper or jacket-bomber the young man would feel like a fish in water.

Military style in spring again prevailed in the men’s collections. Moreover, the bomber jackets, coats and raincoats are fashionable precisely in military gray and olive green. Confidently come into fashion and the double-breasted long wool coat with wide sleeves.
One can not admit the awkward trousers made of cotton, linen, silk and satin, decorated with the catchy prints with floral pattern, the bohemian monograms – the strip or cell. Many fashion designers unanimously decided to give the men more freedom of movement in the new season and to allow them to feel more relaxed than usual. Wide trousers in the upcoming season are recommended to wear with the tight-fitting shirt, emphasizing the muscle and the excellent shape. However, these trousers effectively look only on high and slender man – otherwise, they would only accentuate the weak points.

Men’s designer clothing made of denim does not require the ironing, it always look beautiful and without any exaggeration, comfortable at any time! Jeans style is the height of fashion. Actual is almost everything: jeans, denim jackets, shorts, shirts, jackets and caps. Especially popular are the denim clothing with the gradient coloring!

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