Men’s Clothing: Black Shirts in history of fashion

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Fashion shirts are in wardrobe of any man. However, not always men’s clothing and shirts were like today. Over many centuries shirts had been changing, acquiring different forms and reflecting the men’s attitude toward this clothing.

The origin of the man’s shirt gets lost at the dawn of civilization. Residents of the ancient world, who had written the economic reports in cuneiform on wet clay, knew nothing about the suits and ties. They wore snow white shirts, as if foreseeing the development of modern corporate dress code.

When did men’s shirts appear?

Genealogy of modern man’s shirt starts from Roman tunic, which was worn under the toga as underwear. During the Renaissance, occurs the fashion for thin and elegant shirts. Fashion shirt were exposed through numerous cuts in the jackets’ sleeves. White color of the men’s shirt was an indicator of wealth and high “morals” of its owner. At that time, one even could not imagine the black shirts.
Not everyone could afford to buy a men’s shirt. In addition, fashion shirt lost its white virginity with any kind of physical work, and the majority could not afford continuous washing, ironing and starching. Qualitative tailors’ work was too expensive, and as a rule, the men’s fashion shirts were ordered dozens.

Fashion shirt of colorful fabrics.

mens clothingFrom colorful fabrics men’s shirts began to sew in the 20th century. At first fashion shirts were regarded with indignation, their owners were suspected in the desire to hide the lack of cleanliness. The prejudice has passed when to colorful shirts began to sew on white collars and cuffs. In such a way appeared the shirts, the design of which was between looseness and formal. Its sophisticated form is deservedly appreciated even now. Another invention of those times – collars that are fastened, they were invented to less often change and wash the men’s fashion shirts, as form-fitting as well as classical.

How to choose the fabric for the men’s shirts?

You can buy a short of any color. The main thing is that it should harmonize with a suit and tie.

  •  As a rule, the smoother the fabric, more official is the shirt. Smooth dense ribbed tissue with its wonderful natural luster on which are clearly seen colors and patterns, looks the most official.
  •  Less strictly looks weaves, which alternate between light and dark fiber. It gives the small cells, that from a distance the fabric seems to be of one color, and in close – textured, but in fact it is neither one nor the other.
  •  Shirts of the black fabric always look grained, elegant and stylish. This color is more suitable for evening events. The designers offer many options for combining black shirts. For example, an exquisite combination of a black shirt with a white suit.
  •  White fabric is recommended for formal suits and special occasions. White shirt of fabric in a small rib is the most strict, which can be safely worn with any suit and match with any color and ties. Any shop of man’s shirts will offer a great selection of clothes from white fabric. The exception is children’s shirts. For everyday wear for children is better to order shirts of other colors that are less get dirty.
  •  Blue color of the fabric is the same classical as the white, and is the most universal of all colors. It is not as flashy as the pink or yellow, but not too strict as white. Gives warmth to a light skin and makes colder the swarthy. Good supplement to jackets and ties of all colors, looks good with a suit, with jeans, goes well with gray, black and blue, creates a formal atmosphere.
  •  Lilac color of the fabric is recommended for people with a matte skin, but it does not suit people with the pink skin, which in this case gets a reddish tint.
  •  It is not recommended to wear frilly shirts of the red apple candy color, electric blue and emerald green, old gold and so forth.
  •  Single colored fabric preferable for everyday wear, it is permissible to wear a shirt without a tie. Striped fabric is more democratic and practical.
  •  Striped fabric is more democratic, but it is hard to find such clothing by visiting the usual store of the men’s shirts. You can buy a men’s shirt of the striped fabric in the Internet-studio “Shirt-in-order”, there is a large selection of qualitative fabrics.
  •  Welcomes the combination of the trouser belt with the color of the shirts, ties or patterns. If the belt buckle is not big, not too protruding, or not necessary in your opinion for outside eyes – let the shirt hanging a little over the belt.

How to choose a tie?

When selecting a tie to a shirt or jacket, remember two key points – the color and formality. Today, one can choose any shirts with any collar, which gives more freedom to the shape of the node and the color of the tie. A tie should be combined with a suit and shirt. If you do not trust your own taste and intuition, use the classical rules.

General rules for choosing a tie to a shirt.

  •  Tie with a pattern – self-colored shirts.
  •  Plain ties – shirts into a cell or stripped, and moreover the color of the tie should match the color of the stripes.
  • If a tie has two basic colors, then at least one should match the color of your shirt or jacket, and others – not contrast with them.
  •  Dark suit and dark shirt – a lighter tie (better on tone lighter than costume).
  •  With a dark suit and light shirt – dark tie match the suit or shirt.
  •  With a black suit and white shirt – light tie with small patterns.
  •  With bright suit and dark shirt – bright tie match the suit.
  •  With a light shirt and a light-colored suit looks better the tie of the same color as the shirt.

Well-dressed men change the tie’s colors according to the season: they wear bright and vibrant colors in spring and summer, in autumn and winter – more muted dark. Dark ties considered to be more formal than light. White tie is perfect for black shirts.


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